Books and Relationships

Books Bookstores : Ashmita Badani Excerpts : "One of my favourite memories of school days is when we had a free period and I used to run to the library. I then used to imagine how it would feel to go to a bookstore. Living in a small town, we didn’t have many big bookstores. But when I visited my first bookstore in Dehradun, I was awestruck and happy to see so many books all around me. While the Amazon and ebooks feel great, and easy to access, going to a bricks-and-mortar store is a completely new experience. I keep returning to the (The English Book Depot, Book World) stores to relish the way a good bookshop makes me feel — welcomed, relaxed, excited and connected." (Real life experience of being with books and the role of books as friend, philosopher and guide brought out excellently well. The role played by libraries, reading rooms and bookstores in building relationships and connecting people during the last century is an area which is waiting for deeper research 🙏-Warrier)


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