Humanity survives because...

Humanity survives because... Forward received from Gopi Kottoor A beautiful message on being self satisfied and not greedy for other people's share. (From a special Aunt) I was waiting at the bus stand to go to my hometown. The bus had not yet arrived at the bus stand. I was sitting there reading a book. Seeing me, a girl of about 10 years of age came to me and said, "Sir, please buy these pens, I will give you four pens for Rs.10. I am very hungry, I will get to eat something." There was a little boy with her too, maybe her brother. I said, "Well I don't need a pen." Her next question was very sweet, "Then how will we eat something?" I said, "I don't want a pen, but you will definitely eat something." I had two packets of biscuits in my bag. I took out both the packets, and handed one to each of them. But I was surprised beyond limit when she returned one packet and said, "Sir ji! One is enough, we will share it." I was utterly surprised to hear this! I said again, "It's okay, you keep both. It doesn't matter." *That girl's reply shook me to my core, my soul. She said, "Then what will you eat?" In this world, where people earning crores or billions keep humanity aside and rob people wildly in the name of success, a hungry girl taught me the ultimate lesson of humanity. I said to myself, this is what soul-satisfied people look like... Don't take so much from someone out of greed that we eat their share as well..!!


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