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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On TUESDAY April 26, 2022 Sarvapriyananda : All of it, or None of it! https://youtu.be/Cmtju1pUBLg Music Recitation by Vathsala Jayaraman's grandson Aditya Anandan (US) https://m.facebook.com/aditya.anandan.9/videos/511007247134533/ Responses : 1) To keep the cultural touch though in a foreign soil alien to these is laudable. Full marks to the parents. Greater reach is visible. Wishes to Master Aditya. ..... S R Badrinarayanan 2) VERY DELIGHTFUL RENDERING BY ADITYA. MAY HE CAPTURE GREATER HEIGHTS. MY BEST WISHES. P P RAMACHANDRAN That old tree* https://madrascourier.com/art-and-poetry/that-old-tree/ *From Madras Courier Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier World Book Day : https://www.livemint.com/news/world/world-book-day-2022-know-its-significance-theme-history-here-11650716058672.html A Faith/ Spirituality Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1517944676384669696?s=20&t=-lMiMhM2BJ-bWy0L57R5rA Unity in Diversity - 231 सतगुरि दयालि हरि नामु द्रिड़्हाया तिसु प्रसादि वसि पंच करे The kind Guru made me firmly commit to Naam of Almighty because of which five vices were brought under control, with blessings of the Guru Bard Kal Sahar, 1397, SGGS B Collage Essay* : By Raghuram Rajan (Published in October 2019) https://sabrangindia.in/article/diversity-tolerance-make-india-strong-divisiveness-makes-us-weak-raghuraman-rajan 'What makes India strong is its diversity, debate and tolerance. What makes it weak is narrow-mindedness, obscurantism and divisiveness' *Link Courtesy : Reshmy Warrier C Books Book by M G Warrier https://www.kobo.com/in/en/ebook/chasing-inclusive-growth-reforms-for-financial-inclusion https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07B527VZY/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_N7E59F54JQPZPE2ZXTRW Description Chasing Inclusive Growth: Reforms for Financial Inclusion is about the common man’s perceptions, anxieties and aspirations about the 21st century India growth story with focus on resources management in the Indian context, by policy interventions in the structure and governance of the financial system. This is an area well researched and documented by several scholars, politicians and many in social media. The difference this book claims is the commonsense approach backed by a learning experience of the author spanning half a century. This book dispassionately analyzes the progress in economic and financial sector reforms in the context of initiatives taken by GOI and RBI to (a) provide better environment for doing business and (b) equip institutions in the financial sector to cater to the changing needs of society. It also tries to flag issues needing policy support in areas like gold management, social security systems like pension schemes, healthcare and education. M G Warrier D What's Collage Reading? Mainstream Weekly : Earth Day : April 22, 2022 http://mainstreamweekly.net/article12252.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email E Random thoughts (Shared by Vathsala Jayaraman) Five Fingers Once the five fingers, which normally shared a warm friendship, got into a serious argument. Of course, the subject is the same old one that has been plaguing all living things since the dawn of Time - namely who is the biggest of them all. The Thumb responded first with a contemptuous look on its face and with a perceptible sneer wondering why there should be an argument at all about it.“Without me", the thumb said, “you guys are powerless. Try doing anything without my support and you will know!” The middle finger laughed out aloud at this statement and said : “You pygmy! I am the tallest here and strategically placed at the middle. Haven't you seen that in any group photo, the most important person occupies the middle seat? Do I need to say anything more?” The ring finger listened to all this with a disinterested yawn. He looked around him with the kind of authority that only the affluent could afford to exhibit and, flaunting his expensive diamond ring set in platinum, said,“You guys seem to forget that I give you all the status that you enjoy. All of you get noticed only because of me!” The mercurial index finger was furious at this preposterous statement.“Status, my foot”he thundered.“Don’t you guys know that when our man is roused to fury, he uses me to put his adversary in his place? And when someone seeks his direction, he uses me again to show him the right path to take. I am the symbol of his power and authority", he said. All fingers now turned to the little finger to hear what he had to say. The poor fellow who was listening to all others had now shrunk to half of his size with shame and remorse. He could feel the look of ridicule around and he started crying. Next morning, the owner of the fingers went to a temple and stood before the Lord in prayer with folded hands. As the ringing of bells and drums reached a crescendo, the Lord appeared before the little finger and smiled at him.“The other fingers may be big in their own way but you are the closest to me when your man stands before me with folded hands. Do you want to be bigger than that?” He asked the little finger smilingly. The little finger's heart overflowed with joy and when he wept this time, it was with tears of joy! This is a familiar story. Of all the human faculties, the most important is the awareness of one's place in society. “Every individual has a place to fill in the world, and is important in some respect, whether he chooses to be so or not” Thumb shows the man's refined nature of diplomacy or orthodox approach to life, the first finger is of jupiter shows about his status and connection in life,; The third finger is the finger of the heart and the 4th one is of cheerfulness with out which man may be not smile at all ; and it is the little finger the business finger of a man, one can make out how shrewd he would tackle people with. It is said that Kalidasa was a dumb fool to start with. The king's daughter was a very learned lady and said that she would marry the person who would defeat her in `shaastraartha' (debate on the scriptures). Anyone who got defeated would be black faced, head shaven and kicked out of the country on a donkey. The pundits took Kalidasa, whom they apparently saw cutting a tree branch on which he was sitting, for debate. They informed the Princess that he only accepted mute debates. The princess agreed and showed him one finger saying `shakti is one'. He thought she would poke his one eye, so he showed her two fingers implying that he would poke both her eyes! She accepted it as valid answer, since `shakti' was manifest in duality. She then showed her the palm with fingers extended like in a slap. He showed her the fist. She accepted it as answer to her question. She said `five elements' and he said 'make the body' but in reality Kalidasa thought that she was threatening to slap him and retaliated by showing his fist implying that he would smash her face! So they got married and she soon found out that he was a dumbo. So she drove him out of the house. He straightaway went to Kali's temple and cut his tongue at her feet. Kali was appeased with him and granted him profound wisdom. Comparisons are tricky things. I have seen that many parents breed sibling rivalry by making unfair and uncalled for comparisons among their own children. People tend to compare themselves with their peers in professional hierarchy and feel miserable. Over a period of time, such comparisons breed jealousy and acrimony. People who suffer from a superiority complex exhibit that feeling only towards people who are placed below them. I am reminded of the legendary "Swamimalai" story. Here Lord Muruga is seen sitting on his father's lap, Lord Shiva and explains the meaning of Pranava mantra OM. He tells his father that he can explain the meaning only if he is accepted as a GURU and Lord Shiva should listen to it as a disciple. As children, we used to have our small fights which would spread to the elders of the respective families. While we would have buried our hatchet in no time, the elders' hostilities would continue for days. If you point a finger of accusation at others, remember that rest of the fingers are pointing towards you". " The world moves not just by the mighty heaves of its heroes but also by tireless sincere hardwork put by millions". But let's go a step further. Let us learn to quit thinking that we are a mere cog in the wheel. Every cog is important and even if one becomes dysfunctional, the wheel stops. This thought should make every cog feel not only important but highly responsible too. A person is important or not is very subjective and it is originated in the mind of someone. If we lift that veil, every being is created equal. The world will cease to exist if we do not have the diversity that we all experience every day. Outer shell is different but the core is one. We need to see that unity in the diversity of personalities. The collective actions of everyone is what makes the world vibrant. I like all five fingers the way it is and if they were identical, they would never get noticed. I am happy however small I am and I am also happy about the way others are. "Not all fingers are same in length, but when they bend all stand equal...life becomes easy when we bend and adjust to all situations when we are needed to do that." Vathsala Jayaraman F Leisure 1) Ethnic Wisdom* The Malayalee ELBOW A Malayalee grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson who is visiting her, with his wife for the first time. "You come to the front door of the apartment. I am in apartment 301. There is a big panel at the front door. With your elbow, push button 301. I will buzz you in. Come inside, the elevator is on the right. Get in, and with your elbow, push 3. When you get out, I'm on the left. With your elbow, hit my doorbell." "Grandma, that sounds easy, but, why am I hitting all these buttons with my elbow? .........." "What . . . .. ... You coming empty handed?" *Received from Dr Chitra Nashik 2) K Balasubramanian Coimbatore BF* So touching : A little boy said to a little girl: - I'm your BF! The little girl asked: - What is BF? The boy laughed and answered: - That means Best Friend. They later dated, the young man said to the girl: - I am your BF! The girl leaned lightly on the boy's shoulder, shyly asked: - What is BF? The boy replied: - It's Boy Friend! A few years later they got married, had lovely children, and the husband smiled again and told his wife: - I am your BF! The wife gently asked her husband: - What is BF? The husband looked at the lovely and happy children and replied: - It's Baby's father! As they get old, they sit together and watch the sunset on the front porch, and the old man tells his wife: - Honey! I am your BF! The old woman smiled with wrinkles on her face: - What is BF? The old man smiled happily and gave a mysterious answer: - Be Forever! When the dying old man also said: - I am your BF. The old woman replied with a sad voice: - What is BF ?? The old man answered and then closed his eyes: - It's Bye Forever! A few days later, the old woman also passed away. Before closing her eyes, the old woman whispered by the old man's grave: - Besides Forever,🌱 *As received in whatsApp by K Balasubramanian Coimbatore G Quotes on creepers https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/creepers.html In short, Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her. Beauty is character and expression. Well, there is nothing in nature which has more character than the human body. In its strength and its grace it evokes the most varied images. One moment it resembles a flower: the bending torso is the stalk; the breasts, the head, and the splendor of the hair answer to the blossoming of the corolla. The next moment it recalls the pliant creeper, or the proud and upright sapling. Auguste Rodin François Auguste René Rodin was a French sculptor, generally considered the founder of modern sculpture. He was schooled traditionally and took a craftsman-like approach to his work. Rodin possessed a unique ability to model a complex, turbulent, and deeply pocketed surface in clay.


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