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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On SATURDAY April 30, 2022 Origin & History of Sanskrit Language https://youtu.be/fqEA12oolxI Water Metro in Kochi https://www.cartoq.com/indias-first-water-metro-service-starts-in-kochi-watch-it-in-action-video/ (Link Courtesy : K N Rajan Kochi) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier Tomorrow : Sunday Collage A Messages/Responses 1) V Babusenan Thiruvanantapuram About Puranas : "Ashtaadasa puraanatthil Vyaasan chonnathu randuthaan Paropakaarameh punyam Paapameh parapeedanam" (Through the18 puraanaas Vyaasa gave us only two messages:helping others is good and tormenting others is evil.) Esteemed readers may like to know what the great Malayalam poet Vallathol had to say about the puraanaas: " Bhaarathavarshatthile Poorvaraam risheendranmaar Paarithin adikkallu Paarthu kandarinjavar Yogaika nirathanmaar Bhoga nisprihar pari- Thyagaika dravinanmaar Avarthan vaasangalo Patcha pullukalkondum Sushka patroukham kondum Ketti menjavayaaya Paazh kudilukalatthreh Enkilum avayilninninnukittiya Manitthankangal Mahaarkhyangal Mattengum alabhyangal Thatva chintodyogatthaal Engaanum addhanyrku Vistheerna thirunetti Viyarthaal appozhellam Prema vihualayaaythan Pormulakkacha thumpaal Komalam veesipponna Vaagadheeswari thanteh Manju kaitthandil Thingi vingiya valakalthan Sinjitham puraanatthil Ninnu naam innum kelpoo" (The sages of yore in Bhaaratha: They had seen the very foundation stones of this world. Immersed in yoga, they abjured sensual pleasures and found pleasure in sacrifice. They lived in hutments thatched with green grass and dry leaves. Yet what we got from these modest hutments are of pure gold, invaluable and not found elsewhere. During intense philosophical thinking, sweat drops would form on the broad and sacred foreheads of the sages. Seeing this, the goddess of words would most lovingly fan them with the loose end of her upper garment. Whenever she did so, the bangles in her delicate fanning wrist would make a jingling sound. This heavenly jingle is what we hear in the puraanaas.) 2) Dr T V Gopalakrishnan Thank you for including my article on inflation in Collage. This write up is a reflection of my idle thoughts based on my reading the Chapter "The individual and Society" from the book "The Krishnamurti Reader' where he states wonderfully that 'A fact can never be denied. Opinion about facts can be denied'. While reading this chapter my mind was somehow lingering on inflation affecting the society at large and made me to think of the theory of inflation and how the facts of inflation, opinions on inflation and measures to contain it do not match and the outcome is this article . The whole task of education is to awaken the mind and I thought why not I offer something to think about differently and find out some innovative ways to come to the rescue of the poor from the clutches of inflation. (Thanks. In a sense publishing articles @moneylife.in has some positives. They don't remove posts later and links are easily accessible. During the decade ended November 8, 2016 they have published many of my articles. Sucheta Dalal used to pay some token remuneration also during a period. I discontinued sharing articles @moneylife.in once I became regular presence in The Global Analyst. In 2012 I had posted an article on Inflation in moneyife. Link given below : https://www.moneylife.in/article/taming-inflation/30250.html Since June 2021, I have not been writing articles on finance for publication. Incidentally, I read the online comments under your article including one senseless one, which you can ignore. I have also posted brief online comments* : To view my comment on website please click on : https://www.moneylife.in/article/why-the-theory-of-inflation-needs-to-be-relooked-into/67033/115910.html -Warrier) *"The article is well structured and written in a language without complicated economic jargons or quoting research figures. Whom inflation affects and who benefits from uncontrolled inflation are also brought out clearly. It is also stated with no ambiguity that there's a felt need to take a diversion from traditional inflation control strategies. The new approach will include drastic changes in taxation policies and resources management. This much in response to Chandragupta's online comments. To be specific : New avenues to mobilize more revenue need to be tapped without hesitation : Taxing Agricultural Income beyond a threshold level, reintroduction of wealth tax, expenditure tax on certain types of luxury expenditure are all areas open for exploiting. The point is, the inflation elephant cannot be managed by bimonthly statements from RBI alone. Conscious policy intervention from GOI after arriving at national consensus is the need of the day. Tapping idle domestic gold stock will ease pressure on foreign exchange." B Communication 1) Word of mouth wisdom https://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/wordofmouth-wisdom/article2211063.ece You can find tons of information on the Internet, but what about tacit knowledge? It’s quite critical that the flame be turned off precisely at the point that orange frothy things appear on the surface. If turned off before that point, the rasam will taste of uncooked rasam powder. If turned off even a bit after, the rasam will taste like dishwater. The timing, as it always is with fine cooking, is the taste. The potato, after being cut into small pieces, must be soaked in water and squeezed with the hand to remove the surface starch. This will ensure that when it’s fried, it will not stick to the pan. These were bits of kitchen wisdom handed down to me by my mother a little before I was to go for a long-term assignment in the U.S. (some 10 years ago). Like every boy before me, I had fancifully grand notions of cooking at home every day. I noted these tips down in a diary and also asked my grandmother what the ingredients were for what I consider to be the greatest form of dosa ever invented, the venerable adai . Her reply: “Lentils, oil, and a lot of patience”. 2) History of written literature in India https://thediplomat.com/2019/07/the-story-of-indias-many-scripts/#:~:text=The%20oldest%20writing%20found%20in,of%20use%20by%201500%20BCE. India has a long history of writing. While India has been a literate culture for millennia, it has also greatly valued oral knowledge. The ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, the oldest of which dated to around 1500 BCE were memorized verbatim for at least a thousand years, if not more, before being committed to writing. The oldest writing found in the subcontinent is the as yet undeciphered script of the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC), which seems to have been somewhat logo-syllabic in nature. The script fell out of use by 1500 BCE. 3) English : A Language with borrowed alphabet https://www.daytranslations.com/blog/origin-english-alphabet/ Excerpts : "Old English The combination of the Latin alphabet and the runic alphabet of Futhorc resulted in the modern English alphabet. Some of the additions from the runic alphabets were ‘thorn’ that had a ‘th’ sound and ‘wynn’ that made a ‘w’ sound. Remember that there was no letter ‘w’ in the Latin alphabet. In the Middle Ages, when the people in Britain ceased to use the old runes, the letter thorn was eventually substituted by ‘th’, and the runic ‘wynn’ became ‘uu’ that later evolved into ‘w.’ Later in the same period, the letters ‘j’ and ‘u’ were added and brought the number of letters to 26. However, the letter combinations like ‘æ,’ ‘œ’ and the symbol ampersand (&) were included in the alphabet." C A Writer's Progress : M G Warrier https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/a-writers-progress-10304/ Excerpts : "Here, let me analyse my own progress in putting together my thoughts in black and white and getting them across my “target audience” In school, during our time (the 1950s), we used to have “Manuscript Magazines” in classes 7 to 11. In each class, the class teacher will coordinate the periodical “publication” of Class Magazine. The “Magazine” was a notebook in which articles, stories and poems by talented students will be artistically presented by the student whose handwriting and presentation skills were good. The Magazine used to remain in circulation for months and was read by scores of students and some teachers. I too got a chance to contribute to the magazine." D Media Response https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article65366485.ece April 29, 2022 Restorig trust in cooperatives* This refers to the article "Invigorating co-operatives" by PVS Surya Kumar (April 29). All the 10 suggestions are relevant in the present situation. If implemented, these will infuse confidence among genuine cooperators and give another lease of productive existence to the ailing cooperatives. It may be recalled that when NABARD was established in 1982, one of the tasks given to that institution was rejuvenation of Cooperative Sector. Over time, commercial interests and the dual supervision/regulation prevented cooperatives from modernization and adoption of best practices of business. Intelligent entrepreneurs circumvented cooperative principles and established commercial interests and the dual supervision/regulation prevented cooperatives from modernization and adoption of best practices of business. Intelligent entrepreneurs circumvented cooperative principles and established commercial organizations under the guise of cooperatives. There are several models among cooperatives which have survived and are worth emulation, minus their negatives. To mention two, the Kerala Bank and the Uralungal Labour Contract Society, both from Kerala. There must be many successful cooperatives or organizations working on cooperative principles like Amul in Gujarat, across India. The role of the central ministry of cooperation becomes relevant in this context and can play a significant role in reviving cooperatives in India. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published on April 30, 2022 E Spirituality/Faith Akshaya Thritheeya : Vathsala Jayaraman Akshaya Tritiya is the Shukla paksha Tritiya of the Chaitra month.It is stated that the benefits of Charities given on the day rise multifold. Akshaya Tritiya is stated to be 1. The birth day of Lord Parasurama 2.The day on which river Ganga arrived at the earth . 3.The day on which Tretayuga commenced. 4. The day on which the poor Sudhama was transformed into a rich man by Lord Krishna. 5.The day on which Vyasa started writing the epic Mahabharata! 6.The day on which the Sun gave akshayapatram to the Pandavas. 7.The day on which Adi Shankara composed Kanakadara Stavam.! 8.The day Lord Kubera retrieved all his lost wealth and so on Akshaya Tritiya had been there in the annals of the ritualistic and the religious since long.But the holy intention of giving charity has metamorphosed into a novel idea of 'gifting oneself' with more awards very recently for the past 30-35 years. What a noble vision!! Gold captured their attention because Indians are crazy about the glitter of the yellow metal. Man's craving for gold has a mesmerizing effect on everybody at home. Every one gets up early, finishes off break fast within minutes. MIL-DIL conflicts get vapourized into thin air; With great plans, they make a bee line in front of jewellery shop of their choice. They are in a jovial mood of selection process. They are never bothered about the huge fees to be paid into University, the very next month. What a great planning Akshaya Tritiya has evolved in getting people into debt traps.! Contrary to expectations, nothing has grown all these years except the price of gold. Within 15 years it has increased more than 10 times. We do not buy gold alone. Fear, insecurity and tension too are thrust on us. My friend, a staunch believer of auspiciousness lost her cash and credit card in the mad rush and is still to learn a lesson. Not only the jewellers but all the Super markets, with modern communication devices, Car and Finance Companies ,specifically Real Estate Promoters are encashing on the beliefs of customers! From a day of GIVING, Akshaya Tritiya has turned into a day of CONSUMPTION. It has transcended all religions, castes and communities. A way to establish SECULARISM? It is a multimillion SUPERSTITION Industry. Zero laws and Zero Loss and windfall returns! Dont blame Indians alone. It is FENG-Shui in China.There are Feng Shui Masters everywhere in China to guide( misguide) people under the name of Psychology. Along with mega scientific advancements, there is an equally strong explosion of many religious beliefs among all the nations. India tops the list! Be proud! The earth revolves around the Sun. It didn't change. The scorching summer did not change; people are born, live and die. That too didn't change. But purchase of a gram of gold on Akshaya Tritiya is going to bring a radical Change. Wah! Business giants employ more pundits as their advisers for ascertaining more events on the calendar! There is religious fervour attached to every business, even of those people branded as RATIONLISTS Realtors simply magnify unimportant facilities like Gym, Swimming pool, Club house etc undermining the genuineness of Title deeds. The faith on the 'DAY' mars it all. What is AKSHAYA, that is UNDIMINISHING is--becoming victims to cheating. After all GOD is hidden in GOLD also. Once that 'L' denoting LUST is removed, the eternal GOD shines. Vathsala Jayaraman V T Panchapagesan added : Fourth Avatar is Nara Simha reminds this also… Narendran, Simhendran, Yogendan are three Gunas… Prahlad is symbolic to these while his father , Hiranyan Is Gold with Egocentric desires…. We suffer because of this. Not understanding The Reality of Truth….. Buying Gold with 18 Carats ornaments losing its value in due course again buying / replacing again and again….. V T Panchapagesan F Jiddu Krishnamurthy https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/jiddu-krishnamurti-quotes Like : "There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning." Jiddu Krishnamurti (After reading Dr T V Gopalakrishnan's response today, thought it apt to invite readers to recall JK's thoughts.) G Quotes on written communication https://www.writerswrite.co.za/12-inspiring-quotes-about-writing-to-communicate/ First, when given a choice, 80% of people preferred sentences written in clear English… and the more complex the issue, the greater that preference. But second, it found that the more educated the person, the more specialist their knowledge, the greater their preference for plain English.”


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