Warrier's Collage April 17, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On SUNDAY April 17, 2022 Padmanabhaswami Temple Arattu Procession 2021 https://youtu.be/6277SVockNg Good Morning Happy Birthday to All Readers Having Birthday During the Week ending Saturday April 23, 2022. Best Wishes and Ayurarogyasaukhyam. Nice Day M G Warrier A Collage Cover Story* Billionaires syndrome: Wealth wise there are 2668 billionaires* globally. The first ten are seen below-all figures in billions of the US dollars 1.Elon Musk------ $219 2.Jeff Bezos------ $171 3.Bernard Arnault-$158 4.Bill Gates-------- $129 5.Warren Buffet---$118 6.Larry Page-------$111 7.Sergey Brin----- $ 107 8.Larry Ellison---- $106 9.Steve Ballmer----$91.4 10.Mukesh Ambani - $90.7 USA has some 735 billionaires. There is a Sanskrit saying that “Oceans are never content with its waters, nor a scholar with his knowledge, or a man with a sight of his lady love". There is no satiety with billionaires either. The famous economic law ‘the more you have, the less you want’ does not apply to wealth acquisition. Nothing special happens when you become a billionaire. There isn't a red light that flips on at IRS/Income Tax headquarters. All billionaires know that making the first billion is quite arduous like ‘ a small step for a toddler thence a big leap’ far beyond. Puritans declare that a debtless person is a millionaire and a diseaseless person is a billionaire. God has endowed each man as a millionaire if not a billionaire in that in one ejaculation he discharges 75 million of sperms out of which one and only one is needed for fertilization. Adding whatever material wealth you have acquired --ultimately what you carry is a wooden coffin or two bamboo poles and a bundle of manila rope. An Average full-time worker makes about Rs 12 lakh per year –he must start working in the Pliocene Epoch – 5 million years ago when hominids had just started on two feet! - Sankaran Subramanian **************************** *Received from V R Chittanandam via Group Email. Thanks Know more : https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2022/04/05/forbes-36th-annual-worlds-billionaires-list-facts-and-figures-2022/?sh=15f8f90d7e30 🙏-Warrier B Messages 1) C V Subbaraman Happy Vishu Musings On this auspicious Vishu Day For brighter future as we pray And bid the bygone year its leave, May we happy tidings receive! May in all homes peace prevail And nowhere shall there be travail May there be happy families To enjoy ever supreme bliss! May not nations gird up for war But become friends, near or afar, Let nations of world all unite And together fight, day and night, Diseases, want and poverty And strive for world prosperity! 15.04.2022 2) V T Panchapagesan Vishu Greetings and Very best wishes to all from a Nonagenarian…. Happiness gives us courage to face the present with confidence and the future its expectancy. 3) S Thyagarajan Respect The Private Sector* Tata Group has 7,50,000 employees. L&T employs 3,38,000 people. Infosys has 2,60,000 employees. Mahindra and Mahindra have 2,60,000 employees. Reliance Industries has 2,36,000 people. Wipro has 2,10,000 employees. HCL has 1,67,000 employees. HDFC Bank has 1,20,000 employees. ICICI Bank has 97,000 employees. TVS group has 60,000 employees. Just these ten corporations together employ nearly 25 lakh Indians and give them very respectable salaries. These 25 lakh Corporate jobs are more than half of the total central government jobs created over the last 70 years in India (48.34 lakhs)! It is also 5 times the total government jobs created in a big state like Karnataka over the past 70 years! Respect the Private sector. Appreciate the big companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. Cheer for job creators, who reward innovation, quality and hard work. They are creating livelihood for millions of Indians and ensuring fast track growth for high performers S Thyagarajan shared this message in group mail. 4) Book Review : Business Manager https://www.businessmanager.in/restoring-trust-in-governance.php/ Restoring Trust in Governance by M G Warrier was reviewed by Business Manager last year. C Babusenan's Column : Vyloppilli "Manassilundavatte Graamatthin velichavum Manavum mamathayum Itthiri konnappoovum" (Let there be, in the minds of all, the light, smell and affinity , special to the villages, along with a tiny bunch of kanikkonna flowers) This was how the famous Malayalam poet Vyloppilli greeted Keralites on a Vishu day. Keralites have two major festivals:Onam and Vishu. The latter is a Sanskrit word meaning 'equal' in the sense that, on that day ,the durations of the day and the night are equal. It is also the day on which Medam, the first of the Malayalam months, starts. What a Malayalee sees first in the morning, when he or she opens his or her eyes, is called'kani' which, on the Vishu day ,is particularly significant. That is called' vishukkani'. Golden hued cucumber and a bunch of the golden flowers of the Konna tree('lauburnam cassia' or golden shower tree) are unavoidable ingredients of Vishukkani.He who chose these flowers for the Vishukkani deserves a Nobel Prize as they are the handiwork of Nature ,the Goldsmith nonpareil. Kerala's family structure being matrilineal in olden days, Vishu was the day on which each member of a family got a gift ('kaineettam') from the head of the family and naturally everyone eagerly looked forward to that day. Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon(1911-85) was a highly respected poet who happened to be of the same age and of the same place as the legendary Changampuzha Krishna Pillai(1911-48) who died quite young. Vyloppilli outlived him by about four decades and powerfully represented the transition in Malayalam literature from romanticism to modernism. He was greatly concerned with the harsh realities of life. His best poem 'Kudiyozhikkal' based on the eviction of hapless tenant and the later poems 'Kannikoithu'(harvest in the Malayalam month of Kanni, soon after the Onam festival) and 'Makara koithu(harvest four months later) are examples of his realism. But his most popular poem was a short one 'Maampazham'(the ripe mango) which consists of only around a dozen stanzas. It was written in1936 when he was25 and it, almost immediately, shot him to fame. In those days, every village house had a mango tree either in front or back of it. When the mangoes were ripe, a somewhat strong breeze would cause them to fall and it was the pastime of children to rush to the spot where the mangoes had fallen: " Ankana thaimaavil ninnu Aadyatthe pazham veezhke Ammathan nethratthil ninnu Uthirnnoo chudu kanneer". (When the first fruit fell from the small mango tree in front of the house, hot tears started rolling from the mother's eyes.) There was a reason for that. When the mango season began, her small son broke a branch full of tiny, tender mangoes, which would have become big mangoes in due course, and showed it to her with triumph. He expected a smile and a hug, but she scolded him instead for his foolish act. Out of grief and anger, he threw it away and walked off. Alas! he died a few days later. It was the thought of her dead child that made the poor woman sad. She picked the mango and placed it on the heap of sand marking the place where he was buried and told her son softly: " Varika kannaal kaanan Vayyatthoren kannaney Sarasaa nukarnaalum Thaayathan naivedyam nee." (I can no longer see you, my dearest , with my eyes. Please taste with pleasure my offering to thee.) Thereupon a gentle breeze blew and hugged her! (No direct relevance. But remembered : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/mango-season-9044/🙏-Warrier) D Spirituality/Faith 1) Sunday Collage : V T Panchapagesan Mutual Trust Takes us to Reality of Existence SUNDAY COLLAGE THOUGHT PROVOKING WHAT MUTUAL TRUST MEANS…….. It is an acknowledgement and appreciation playing an important role in building MUTUAL TRUST and maintaining good relationships. Differences in life are bound to happen but when it comes to national interest this incident tells us how everyone of us has to act with conscience motivated in letter and in spirit. Once India was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1991. The then Congress Prime Minister Narsimha Rao called Finance Minister Manmohan Singh and asked how much money* is there in the treasury. Manmohan Singh said, very little to enable us to run the country for about 09 days only. Narasimha Rao asked how to deal with this situation? Manmohan Singh said that the value of the country's rupee should have to fall by 20%. (Devaluation) Narasimha ji said, okay call the cabinet meeting and we will seek approval. To which Manmohan ji said, if we arrange cabinet meeting, we will not be able to take these tough decisions. All ministers may not agree to it. So as the PM, you have to take this critical decision. Narasimha ji paused for a while. After 20 minutes, the PM's secretary went to Manmohan ji and handed over a letter, in which it is written, "Done"! Manmohan ji got surprised, how could the PM gather the courage to say 'YES' even without getting nod of cabinet ministers? That could upset many top leaders of Congress. He rushed to PM's office again and asked what happened in 20 mts. Narasimha ji said, it was quite easy. I just spoke to the opposition leader, Atal Bihari Bajpai ji, and he said YES. Manmohan ji asked, does that mean you look at Atal ji more than your own cabinet? Narasimha ji had said, I know he is the only person who will speak in the interest of the country. It happens that after the announcement of this drastic decision to firefight bankruptcy, the Atal ji led opposition team never organized a protest movement, but supported the government to bring the country's economy back on track. Today we must bring back such constructive politics of grace. The wisdom of Rao ji and the patriotism of Atal ji. Remember, NATION is above any political PARTY. If only we learn what real Democracy means , we can do wonders and every citizen will become real citizen of the country making India great. V T Panchapagesan *I think at that time the issue was depletion of forex. We pledged gold : https://www.cnbctv18.com/economy/backstory-the-forex-crisis-of-1991-and-the-pledging-of-indian-gold-12574152.htm 2) Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1513970623491768320?s=20&t=ZUJef2SLZWP4hDIfIvsJog Unity in Diversity - 220 इह संसार ते तब ही छूटउ जउ माइआ नह लपटावउ माइआ नामु गरभ जोनि का तिह तजि दरसनु पावउ Only when clinging to Maya will stop, can be released from this world Maya is another name of womb (rebirth): renounce Maya & get to see God Namdev, Dhanasri, 693, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1514688399302889474?s=20&t=TgwK-T6fxF5AW2GVIf6mqw Unity in Diversity - 222 कहत कबीर चेति रे अंधा सति रामु झूठा सभु धंधा Says Kabir, oh blind man, meditate (remember Almighty) All pervasive master, God, is Truth or permanent, rest everything is false or transitory (entanglements) Kabir, Gauri, 326, SGGS https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1515001457443246080?s=20&t=uvvgehk9U_6yLK-52LEO2w Unity in Diversity - 223 हथु न लाइ कसु्मभड़ै जलि जासी ढोला Oh dear, don't touch safflower (attractive color but short-lived), your hand will get burnt Temptations (looking beautiful & attractive) can make you suffer Farid, Suuhi, 794, SGGS 3) Spirituality makes a person into a better human being https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/decoding-spirituality/how-spiritual-awakening-makes-a-person-into-a-better-human-27213/ E My Story So Far Chapter 7 : M G Warrier https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/my-story-so-far-chapter-7-moving-on-with-common-cause-42566/ Excerpts : Those days, trade unions in the Railways, Posts & Telegraph and Audit & Accounts were relatively strong. But the approach of government to trade unions was similar to the treatment meted out to the freedom fighters by the Britishers before independence. Voices of dissent or agitations were handled with iron hand. This attitude, irrespective of colours of the flags or election symbols, is guiding Indian Political System even today. Perhaps, meaningful working of democratic institutions including legislatures is getting delayed in our country because of intolerance of dissent inherited from the British. F Leisure THE PRODDING WORLD* The world never lets you just be. You may think you are satisfied, With nothing more to now achieve, And you want to be left in peace! The world will not let you just be, It deputes someone to prod you, Who digs an elbow into your ribs, And makes you jump up and scream! The world likes no one to be at peace, And deputes agents provocateur, Who mostly take the form of spouse, Or that other tyrant called boss! If you think you have arrived, You, my friend, are sadly mistaken, You have to exhibit some drive, And always try to be some place else! *Contributed by Dinesh Gopalan, shared by K Balasubramanian Coimbatore via Group mail. G Mother Teresa Quotes 1) On Smiles https://www.freshdentalcare.co.uk/post/20-quotes-that-will-make-you-want-to-keep-on-smiling Like : Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.’ -Mother Theresa 2) More Mother Teresa Quotes : https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/mother-teresa-quotes Like : "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop." Mother Teresa


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