Warrier's Collage April 29, 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On FRIDAY April 29, 2022 Kapilavastu https://youtu.be/K9NceuAk4Bo (Documentary by Archeological Survey of India) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier Tomorrow in Collage : Written Communication A Responses/Messages 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Here is an interesting anecdote involving Swami Chinmayananda: Those were the early days of automatic opening and closing of pipes and gates. Swamiji was being escorted out of the airport of an European capital. A gate automatically opened while the group approached it. Someone said smilingly to Swamiji"Swami, see how our gates automatically open to welcome our visitors." Returning the smile, Swamiji said: "But not your minds." 2) Jyothylakshmy Anil Kumar It's always a delight reading pieces from your/Aunty's life. It amazed me that Aunty taught for 20 years as a KG teacher!! This much duration spent with the super adorable and crazy league is an achievement. Handling this age group is a difficult task. So kudos to her for those 20 years !! 3) Vathsala Jayaraman Kudos to Babusenan That was a wonderful take by Shri Babusenan starting from Koodal Maanikyam extending upto the nuances of Kathakali with intermediate interpretation of both Malayalam and Sanskrit renderings with music in between. A multi talented vision is pictured everywhere in his essay. A great delight indeed! Sanskrit is a language where the vocabulary is so vast that the stalwarts could play a pun. Here are three amazing verses. The first is an astonishing verse using only one consonant and vowel, while the next two are palindromic verses. These are from the wonderful book, “The Wonder that is Sanskrit”. sans5 sans6 sans7 sans8 Vathsala 4) V Babusenan What compliments? Was the article written by me? I doubt. Kindly convey my thanks and regards to Vathsala Jayaraman. Please tell her that I marvel at the examples given by her. (That was about your write-up titled Unnayi Warrier. I think she might have also remembered the content of another link from Website added by me at the end of your article. There was more about Kathakali in that. Anyway, the interaction is interesting-Warrier) B Current Affairs Why the theory of inflation needs to be relooked into : Dr T V Gopalakrishnan https://www.moneylife.in/article/why-the-theory-of-inflation-needs-to-be-relooked-into/67033.html Excerpts : "To end this write up, I would like to quote our famous cartoonist RK Laxman, on the issue of price rise: "True, our reforms have caused inflation, unemployment, increased debt, and sent prices soaring. But you will be happy to know that we have taken all these into account. We had to increase the prices on account of the fact that the cost went up because we put up the prices which was due to our hiking the prices". (The best of RK Laxman page 50,51) As the taste of the pudding is in eating, the result of various measures to contain inflation is to be judged from the people's happiness in procuring essential consumption items for survival within their affordability." Bonus : From Collage Archives Bertrand Russell on India* https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/bertrand-russell-india/ Introductory paragraph : "Dear Sirs: The Indian situation is dangerous, and if it is to be wisely dealt with, clear thinking is very necessary. I find in some quarters a lack of clear thinking which may increase the dangers that we all wish to diminish." *I think, if Russell is asked to write about India today again, he may retain the introductory paragraph unchanged. It's said that the elephant doesn't know its strength. If we are where we are, with all the resources and cumulative talent of Indians worldwide, we cannot shift the responsibility to any external reasons-Warrier C Indians, NRIs and Indian Origin Global Citizens (No need to be over-concerned. They are all what they are either by choice or by compulsions. Leave them to live their lives peacefully. Say Hai when you meet them 😉-Warrier Indian Origin CEOs and Indian Companies* Everytime a person of Indian origin become a Global CEO, we either embark on Self loathing or feel as is we now control the American corporate and the person will focus on Indian Interest! FACT is from Pepsi to Google to Microsoft to Twitter CEOs first KRA is their respective corporate Interest and the ugly truth, they are of Indian origin only.... NOT INDIAN None has Indian Citizenship. They surrendered it long back So grow up and feel proud of folks in India or who carries Indian Passport. Indians love to take pride in CEOs of Indian Origin based in other countries. But the same tribe is most hated by folks in India? Ambani, Adani, Tata, Birla.... They stayed in India and created Indian products, companies for Indian people, created huge shareholder wealth for the common man, revolutionized the digital space, renewable energy sector, O&G, food supply chain, clothing, telecommunication so cheap so that headless chickens can abuse them free of cost, defense backbone, Shipping, etc etc FACT IS, We Indians are just bunch of Emotional fools. Nothing else. Ambani-Adani have generated more Wealth & Jobs for the Nation than - 20 Nadella's, 200 Pichai's & 1000 Parag's multiplied by 10 times, yet Ambani-Adani only get Hate in India from... We are a Nation that Worries about Brain Drain & Abuse the Wealth Creators in the Nation... It’s not US and China anymore, India is becoming the world's fastest-growing startup ecosystem with over 70 Unicorn ( A startup company with valuation of more than 1 billion dollars) Startups, 40 in 2021 !!! ....but people have problem with Adani becoming the richest person in India! Tata Group has 7,50,000 employees. L&T employs 3,38,000 people. Infosys has 2,60,000 employees. Mahindra has 2,60,000 employees. Reliance Industries has 2,36,000 people. Wipro has 2,10,000 employees. HCL has 1,67,000 employees. HDFC Bank has 1,20,000 employees. ICICI Bank has 97,000 employees. TVS group has 60,000 employees. Just these ten corporates together employ nearly 25 lakh Indians and give them very respectable salaries. These 25 lakh Corporate jobs is more than half of the total Central Govt jobs (48.34 lakhs)! It is also 5 times the total government jobs in a big state like Karnataka! The govt.provides jobs to one crore plus people( 1%) and private and organized sector provide 6-8% and rest 92 % are employed in unorganized sector. Respect the Private sector. Adore millionaires and billionaires. Cheer for job creators. They are creating livelihood for millions of Indians! Do not listen to the failed socialist politicians who ruined the economic potential of 3 generations in India. If you want bright future for future generations, India needs 1000s of new corporations which create 1000s of high paying jobs! *Received via Group mail from S Thyagarajan http://ccrtindia.gov.in/readingroom/nscd/ch/ch13.php D Books 1) Prasthanathrayi http://vedantastudent.weebly.com/the-three-sources-prasthanatrayi.html Vedanta philosophy acknowledges the Prasthanatrayi as its three authoritative primary sources. The texts comprising the Prasthanatrayi are the Upanishads, the Bhagavadgita and the Brahma Sutra. The Upanishads are the sruti prasthana, the revealed texts (sruti - that which is heard); the Bhagavadgita is the smriti prasthana, composed by sages based on their understanding of the Vedas (smriti - that which is remembered); the Brahma Sutra is the nyaya prasthana, the logical text that sets forth the philosophy systematically (nyaya - logic/order). No study of Vedanta is considered complete without a close examination of the Prasthanatrayi . 2) Puranas https://www.learnreligions.com/what-are-puranas-1770567 The Puranas are ancient Hindu texts eulogizing various deities of the Hindu pantheon through divine stories. The multiple scriptures known by the name of Puranas can be categorized under the same class as the 'Itihasas' or Histories - the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and is believed to have been derived from the same religious system as these epics that were the best products of the mytho-heroic stage of Hindu belief. The 18 Major Puranas There are 18 main Puranas and an equal number of subsidiary Puranas or Upa-Puranas and many 'sthala' or regional Puranas. Of the 18 major texts, six are Sattvic Puranas glorifying Vishnu; six are Rajasic and glorifying Brahma; and six are Tamasic and they glorifying Shiva. They are categorized serially in the following list of Puranas: Vishnu Purana Naradiya Purana Bhagavat Purana Garuda Purana Padma Purana Brahma Purana Varaha Purana Brahmanda Purana Brahma-Vaivarta Purana Markandeya Purana Bhavishya Purana Vamana Purana Matsya Purana Kurma Purana Linga Purana Shiva Purana Skanda Purana Agni Purana 3) Indian Cultures As Heritage : Romila Thaper https://booksnmyself.wordpress.com/2018/07/29/book-review-indian-cultures-as-heritage/ Besides two chapters of general nature, there are five chapters that focus on one thing at a time. These include Time, Science, Women, Discrimination & Education. These might not be the essential constituents of Cultures but Romila Thapar manges to convey the essence that makes it Indian. And she is clear about her intention in the beginning itself. E Geography & Mythology https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/gk-current-affairs/story/indian-mythology-311159-2016-03-12 Excerpts : Nine unexplained miracles in India Some evidences of Indian mythology that exist in the real world.Mythologies are the most important feature of every culture, religion, country and historical events. There are traditional narratives, which may or may not be related to nature or some natural events. Indian mythology refers majorly to the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Puranas, Sangam literature, Periya Puranam, Vedas etc. Some evidences of Indian mythology that exist in the real world: Vimanas: As mentioned in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, Vimanas were flying palaces and chariots which were flown by the Gods. In the past decade, archaeologists have found many evidences which suggest the truth in the existence of 'Vimanas' and many references have been made in the popular culture as well. F Leisure 1) Mother* "I Am A Mother" The Officer At The Driving License Counter Asked The Lady, "What is Your Occupation ?" The Woman Seeking Renewal Of Her License Seemed To Be Puzzled. So The Officer Said, "Ma'am, Are You Employed....Have Your Own Business Or...." The Woman Replied, "Oh, Yes !! I Have A Full Time Occupation. I Am A Mother" Officer : "We Don't Have 'Mother' As An Option For Occupation. I Will Write It Down As 'Housewife'. That Takes Care Of All Questions." This Had Happened Long Ago, And Was Forgotten. Years Later When I Went To Get My License, The Public Relations Officer Was A Somewhat Pompous Woman. "Your Occupation ?" She Asked in A Rather Authoritative Tone. I Just Had An inspiration And Replied, "I Am A Researcher in The Field Of Child Development, Nutrition And Inter-Personal Relationships." The Lady Officer Stared At Me in Amazement. I Calmly Repeated My Statement, And She Wrote it Down Verbatim. Then, Unable To Conceal Her Curiosity, She Politely Asked, "What Exactly Do You Do in Your Profession, Ma'am ?" I Was Feeling Good About Having Described My Occupation So Calmly And Confidently. So I Replied, " My Research Projects Have Been Going On For A Number Of Years (Mothers Never Retire !!). My Research is Conducted in The Laboratory As Well As in The Field. I Have Two Bosses. (One is God and the other is my entire family). Have Received Two Honours in This Field (A son and a daughter). My Topic is Considered To Be The Most Difficult Part Of Sociology (All Moms will Agree!!). I Have To Work More Than 14 Hours Every Day. Sometimes Even 24 Hours b Not Enough And The Challenges Are Tougher Than Many Other Professions. My Compensation is in Terms Of Mental Satisfaction Rather Than Money." I Could See That The Officer Was Thoroughly impressed. After Completing The Licensing Formalities, She Came To The Door To See Me Off. This New Viewpoint About My Occupation Made Me Feel Much Better On My Way Back Home. I Was Welcomed By My 5 Year Old Research Assistant At The Door. My New Project(My 6 Month old Baby) Was Energetically Practicing Her 'Music'. I Had Earned A Small Victory Over The Governmental Red Tape Today. I Was No Longer 'Merely A Mother'. Instead I Was Now A Highly Placed Functionary in A Service Vital For Mankind - Motherhood !! 'Mother' - Isn't it A Great Title. Fit To Be Added To The Nameplate On The Door !! By This Standard, Grandmothers Deserve To Be Called Senior Research Officers, And Great Grandmothers Qualify As 'Research Directors'. Aunts And Other Ladies Of That Age Group Can Be Called 'Research Facilitators'. *Received from Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady 2) Longevity and Lifestyle* Copied below is a message received from my friend Shaji Kurup : The life expectancy among the Warrier community appear to be above the normal. I asked a warrier friend about this. His reply 👇🏻 " It is linked to the lifestyle. Old generation invariably attended to Kazhakam (including me). Stringent discipline in life is a requirement. Corona period disciplines of hand wash, bathing on return from outside visit, etc existed in the name of അശുà´¦്à´§ം (Ashuddham). Mostly food twice a day, second one before sunset, simple veg meals. Such a regime is unknown to the present generation even amongst those who attend Kazhakam duties. And most of the families had an Ayurveda practitioner. Mainly Warriers were confined to three professions : Temple, Teaching and Ayurvedam"🙏🏻. *Please don't get stuck to the name of the community or English. Go by the lifestyle aspects and job profile🙏🏻-Warrier G Quotes on Cultural Heritage https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/indian-culture.html India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only. Mark Twain


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