Tamil New Year Day April 14, 2022

Tamil New Year Happy New Year to all celebrating Tamil New Year today : https://www.hindustantimes.com/lifestyle/festivals/puthandu-2022-significance-and-rituals-of-the-tamil-new-year-101649678061193.html#:~:text=Celebrated%20as%20the%20Tamil%20New,Tamilians%20all%20over%20the%20country. Vishu Happy Vishu to all celebrating the festival. Significance of Vishu : https://www.timesnownews.com/spiritual/vishu-2022-know-the-date-significance-and-more-about-the-kerala-new-year-article-90785054 Excerpts : "Kerala New Year, also known as Vishu is the festival of lights and prosperity. The Hindu festival falls around the equinox date, as per the solar calendar. It marks the first day of the Medam month as per Malayalam calendar. It is also considered as the second most important festival after Onam. As per the mythology, it is believed to be the day when Lord Krishna killed the demon Narkasur and warded-off evil. It is also believed to be the day of return of Surya Dev, as pr some other mythologies. On this day, Lord Krishna idols are placed on the traditional Vishu Kani, flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables and new clothes. This day is also said to bring prosperity and is considered as the beginning of new aspirations and growth. People celebrate the day with spiritual grandeur and zeal." Tomorrow we'll wake up for Vishukkani 🙏 M G Warrier


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