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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday July 22, 2022 🙏 1) Traffic Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/9zMGB1coGr8 (Malayalam) 2) A talk on Sanskrit Language https://youtu.be/fqEA12oolxI Good Morning 🌄 Nice Day M G Warrier https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/presidential-election-live-updates-droupadi-murmu-vs-yashwant-sinha-counting-of-votes-3178604 Presidential Election : Droupadi Murmu Is India's New President A Select Messages/Responses 1) Excerpts from Shaji Kurup's comments on Collage : Elaborate, Vivid, Exquisite.. 🙏🏻 2) P V Mohan Krishnan Shared a write-up : Ramayana Masam Ramayana : Analysis of Ravana's character Scriptures exist to transform lives. From lives of misery and agony to lives of enlightenment and contentment. This happens only if scriptures are lived, not read. If one is immersed in the messages that emanate from the scriptures, acquisition of knowledge from scriptures, without internalising to transform, has no value. We learn from the Ramayana how refraining from doing wrong is required, but insufficient. Doing what is right is equally important. This message is amplified by analysing the rise and fall of Ravana in Valmiki's Ramayana. Reading Ravana's amorous and demonic exploits as he traversed the three worlds means nothing. Unless it provokes us to reflect deep within our psyche of our own inherent and prevailing demonic tendencies. Unless we deeply regret, having hurt someone emotionally through harsh words, felt a tinge of envy seeing others better than us, entertained lustful thoughts, showed utter disregard for pain endured by others. With that sense of deep felt regret and remorse we reach out to the divinity within and seek forgiveness from the core of our heart. Lord Rama's arrows that killed Ravana in person is available to us in His name to kill the Ravana within us. Through sincere and consistent chanting of His name and constant remembrance of His form, qualities and pastimes, the arrows that killed Ravana will gradually kill the Ravana within. What is important is not merely refraining from doing what is wrong, but actively pursuing in doing what is right. Pushing a plastic ball into water only temporarily keeps it out of sight, only to emerge once we let go. Likewise, refraining from doing what is wrong, only subdues demonic tendencies temporarily. We need to actively deflate the ball for it to sink. Likewise we need to actively and consistently chant His names and share His glories to eliminate altogether demonic tendencies within. Only then a positive transformation for the better will take place. Only then, will reading the scriptures bear the fruits it was meant to share. 3) C V Subbaraman Of the four purushaarthhaas, Moksham is the most sought after and the most elusive too. Is Moksham a yearning for those who are tired of life or desperate or dejected? Is it possible to attain Moksham? If Moksham is freeing "oneself" from the cycle of birth and death, there are some assumptions and fallacies which we have to face. Continued at H1 4) Sitendra Kumar An ocean of knowledge, that's what your blog is. There is a proverb in Hindi, Gagar mein sagar i.e. to express too much in a few words which is your speciality. In "New Hope", I have recognised Reshmy Warrier who's speaking on the virtues of hope and optimism but can't understand thoroughly as my power of hearing stands diminished with the result that either I require sound at high decibels or the verbal communication accompanied by subtitles in English. The views of Ramaubramanian on outsourcing in forex management supporting the review as suggested by you merit attention. The article by Madam Vathsala Jayaraman on Moksha differentiating between material and spiritual goals is worth reading. The names of the illustrious villages make us proud. This time Mumbai rains must be alluring. London is experiencing Delhi summer and Mumbai, New York rains. India in this respect is comparatively better, at least for this short period. Thanks for the blog, Regards, Sitendra Kumar 5) R Jayakumar I refer to Shri C V Subbaraman's comments on the ongoing debate on Manu Smriti. I agree with him that the growth of civilization of the human society through history, and the progress man has made in science and other discoveries have not made him feel safe and secure in life at any point of time. And this is due only to the false ego, false pride and unending suspicion in the minds of the people who assumed the role of leading the society. Continued at H2 6) Bonus : A recipe* using roots https://oventales.com/thiruvathira-puzhukku/ Puzhukku is a dish made of boiled/steamed root vegetables flavored with seasoned coconut paste. Thiruvathira Puzhukku is such a healthy dish made with a mix of different seasonal tubers and beans. *Shared by Warrier B Current Affairs Media Response July 21, 2022 Sri Lanka, get well soon This refers to the report "New President Wickremesinghe calls all parties to come together for Sri Lanka's recovery" (July 21). The message is loud and clear. Primary responsibility for setting right the economy of the island nation is with the people of Sri Lanka and options are limited. This is no time for sentiments and earlier an all-party consensus acceptable to the agitating majority emerges, sooner will be the return of normalcy in Sri Lanka. The feeble tweet from the Indian High Commission quoted in the report is just a "Get Well Soon" message and much more has to be done by India in the region's interest. The message from Sri Lanka facing chaos today should be an eye opener for all countries following democratic or near-democratic systems of government across the world, where people forget their responsibilities once they exercise their voting rights. M G Warrier Mumbai C Collage Books 1) Discovery of India The Discovery of India https://amzn.eu/d/6QsIqbh Jawaharlal Nehru wrote the book ‘The Discovery of India’, during his imprisonment at Ahmednagar fort for participating in the Quit India Movement (1942 – 1946). The book was written during Nehru’s four years of confinement to solitude in prison and is his way of paying an homage to his beloved country and its rich culture. The book started from ancient history, Nehru wrote at length of Vedas, Upanishads and textbooks on ancient time and ends during the British raj. The book is a broad view of Indian history, culture and philosophy, the same can also be seen in the television series. The book is considered as one of the finest writing om Indian History. The television series Bharat Ek Khoj which was released in 1988 was based on this book. About the author: Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. He was a freedom fighter and a central figure before and after independence. He was against the caste discrimination and establishes secular India. Apart of this, very few of us knew that Jawaharlal Nehru was a prolific writer as well. He had written various books such as The Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History and his autobiography, Toward Freedom. Besides, Nehru was honoured with Bharat Ratna Award in the year 1955. About the Author About the Author: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is the first Prime Minister of India. He is one of the prominent political figures and freedom fighters in the country. Nehru was born on 14 November 1889 and died on 27 May 1964. His birthday was announced as Children's day in India, due to his love for children. He is the son of Motilal Nehru. 2) The Carpet People The Carpet People https://amzn.eu/d/8LHGj3x In the beginning, there was nothing but endless flatness. Then came the Carpet... That's the old story everyone knows and loves (even if they don't really believe it). But now the Carpet is home to many different tribes and peoples and there's a new story in the making. The story of Fray, sweeping a trail of destruction across the Carpet. The story of power-hungry mouls - and of two Munrung brothers, who set out on an adventure to end all adventures when their village is flattened. It's a story that will come to a terrible end - if someone doesn't do something about it. If everyone doesn't do something about it... A hilarious fantasy, co-written by Terry Pratchett, aged seventeen, and master storyteller, Terry Pratchett, aged forty-three. About the Author Terry Pratchett is one of the most popular authors. He lived behind a keyboard in Wiltshire and said he 'doesn't want to get a life, because it feels as though he's trying to lead three already'. He was appointed OBE in 1998. He is the author of the phenomenally successful Discworld series and his trilogy for young readers, The Bromeliad, is scheduled to be adapted into a spectacular animated movie. His first Discworld novel for children, THE AMAZING MAURICE AND HIS EDUCATED RODENTS, was awarded the 2001 Carnegie Medal. D Collage Poem for the day : Franklin Misquith Poem for the day Our planet is screaming, Mankind's still dreaming. Wildfires are everywhere burning, But our hearts are not churning. Many places are scorching hot, The folks living there are in a knot. There are floods galore and landslides, Hurricanes hit the shore with high tides. Earthquakes make our souls tremble, Mud huts and folk go for a tumble. Volcanoes spew hot lava up into the air, They cause destruction and a mighty flare. There's a big hole in our blue sky's ozone layer, This is caused by man the thoughtless flayer. All the havoc is wantonly done, And all His good work gets undone. E Collage Profile Dr Rajendra Prasad https://www.culturalindia.net/leaders/rajendra-prasad.html Post his post-graduation, he joined as a Professor of English at the Langat Singh College of Muzaffarpur, Bihar and later became its Principal. He left the job in 1909 and came to Calcutta to pursue a degree in Law. While studying Law at the University of Calcutta, he taught Economics at the Calcutta City College. He completed his Masters in Law during 1915. He then went on to pursue a Doctorate degree in Law from the Allahabad University. He started his law practice at the Calcutta High Court in 1911. In 1916, Rajendra Prasad joined the Patna High Court after its establishment. He continued his law practice in Bhagalpur (Bihar) while continuing his advanced academic degrees. Dr. Prasad eventually emerged as a popular and eminent figure of the entire region. Such was his intellect and his integrity, that often when his adversary failed to cite a precedent, the judges asked Rajendra Prasad to cite a precedent against them. 1920, when Gandhi announced the commencement of the Non-cooperation movement, Dr. Prasad gave up his lucrative law practice and dedicated himself to the cause of freedom. He led the programs of non-cooperation in Bihar. He toured the state, holding public meetings and making heartfelt speeches for the support of movement. He undertook collection of funds to enable the continuation of the movement. He urged people to boycott Government schools, colleges and offices. As a gesture of support to Gandhi's call to boycott attending British sponsored educational institutions, Dr. Prasad asked his son Mrityunjaya Prasad to leave the University and join Bihar Vidyapeeth. He started the National College in Patna in 1921. He upheld the ideas of Swadeshi, asking people to boycott foreign goods, peruse the spinning wheel and wear only khadi garments. F Health Tips* A letter from an old hospital director to an old friend... "Hello! I don't advocate the determination of bone density anymore, because the elderly will definitely have osteoporosis, and with the increase of age, the degree of osteoporosis will definitely become more and more serious, and the risk of fracture is bound to get bigger. There is a formula, that is : The risk of fracture = external damage force / bone density. The elderly are prone to fractures because the denominator value (bone density) is getting smaller and smaller, so the risk of fractures will definitely increase. Continued at H2 *Shared by Dr T V Gopalakrishnan 2) Why public is compared to this innocent animal? Read this story* If a donkey is tied to a peg, and he is in a bad mood, he can uproot the peg and run away... This should never happen, so in the olden days, wise people used to tie donkeys in pairs instead of pegs. By doing this, both the donkeys do not move from their place...!!! Because if one of the two tries to run away, the other pulls him in the opposite direction. And thus both the donkeys stand peacefully in their place. Shared by Vannan Durai@Dhobikana Chennai *Received from S Venugopal G Quotes on darkness https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/darkness-quotes Like : Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it. Terry Pratchett Sir Terence David John Pratchett OBE was an English humourist, satirist, and author of fantasy novels, especially comical works. He is best known for his Discworld series of 41 novels. Pratchett's first novel, The Carpet People, was published in 1971. H 1) Continued from A3 It is said in our philosophy that the soul never dies. Only the body does. Soul only chooses a body to enter, body is a port of call for the soul, once the old body is rendered out of date or useless. This is what is reflected in the verse: Vaasaamsi Jeernaani yathhaa vihaaya..(.Gita Ch.2 verse 22)......So, Moksham should really be for the body and not for the soul?. If body is material, perishable, then why are we so much concerned about and striving for Moksham for the perishable body? If we are asking for Moksham of the soul, we are committing a fallacy because we know soul is already beyond birth and death. Body is attachment, soul is not. Is it possible for body then to have Moksham? If one has to take birth, it has to be in the form of some body - either as a man or a woman or an animal, treee or whatever. And it is said that one takes birth next time according to the karma visesha committed by him during this or earlier birth/s. No one can lead a life without any karma right from birth. It is impossible to be karmaless. So one has necessarily to take the next birth according to the baggage of karma which remains yet to produce a result. All the karmas of one do not get exactly compensated fully co-terminus with one's death, then only maybe next birth may not take place! We should not therefore be at all concerned about Moksham. Yes, we strive for Dharma, Artha and Kaama. The theory of Moksham is elusive. What do we pray for in the Mrtyunjaya Stotram? It is interesting. We pray"Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaath mrtyor muksheeya ..." Please free me subtly from death as subtly as the cucumber frees itself from its creeper when it is ripe....". I wonder how can any one free oneself from death, once one is born? Please note that one is not praying here for freedom from birth . The prayer is perhaps (I am not sure) for subtle separation from the worldly connection (Bandhanaath mrthyor mukshyeeya). The state of the soul after death of the body is an unseen unproven situation. It is not verifiable. Moksham is a goal as elusive as the distant horizon, which recedes as much as we advance towards it. Subbaraman 2) Continued from A5 One thing is sure that throughout the history men and women have struggled to feel free from the control of others and be independent. For every man and woman, in whatever field they may choose to live in, the purpose of life is to enjoy it in full . But limitations come in the way of our enjoyment because the force of nature as well as some other human being are superior and more powerful than our own capacity. We find no other option but to surrender to them. Freedom is curtailed and exploitation prevails. Whatever may be the drawbacks in the progress of the society one positive point is that there are people who dare to resist oppression, feel free to express their dissent and are ready to face arrest so that injustice and disrespect to rule of law does not go unnoticed. R Jayakumar 3) Moksham II : Vathsala Jayaraman (First part was included in Collage yesterday) Attaining Moksha is difficult (not impossible) but no life can ignore the calling to attain Moksha. In fact, the life itself is created to face the consequences of past actions and b) to strive for liberation. The desire to attain Bliss is inherent in every life and that is why everyone seeks happiness. But resisting the urge to seek sensual pleasure would make the mind to seek more aggressively. That is why learned people suggest that we should never resist our thoughts and never deny the passion that each life is trying to pursue. The best way to handle them is to let them loose but become a witness to it by disowning them completely. When a life disowns its own thoughts and passions, they lose the energy and eventually seek what it came here to pursue. Sama and Dama are the two soldiers guarding the kingdom of Self and if one needs to enter it one has to control the mind and senses by becoming a witness of their vagaries. Life has a major free will to either resonate with the thoughts and passions or with the Self to pursue the ultimate goal. Our desires are the threads in the cloth called mind and if we keep removing the threads one at a time, slowly the cloth will disappear. After all, our mind is a composition of all our thoughts and passions. My Guru compares the mind to a person who appears in the wedding as an important person and the bride's family thinks he is from bridegrooms and bridegrooms family thinks he is from the bride's family. When they all get together, the man who appears to be a VIP disappears. It is true that the the last hit,though may not be as powerful as earlier hits, just helps in the final result. In the analogy of a cloth to desires, desires form an inseparable part of life,the life itself can be compared to the cloth. If all the desires, actions, counter actions are compared to thread, not only desires but the life itself is reduced to nothing.That is why it is said that desire free life will be an aimless life in this world. What is spirituality? It is not a water tight compartment and it should be merged with Dharma, Artha, and Kama also -wealth earned rightfully, desires craved for just things, and Dharmic behaviour at every part of life are clustered together what is known as 'spiritual life' We do not know whether we will take birth as human beings in our next birth.Then the essence of Dharma, Artha, kama etc etc will never apply. Even if one concentrates only on Moksha from age 12,he may not attain the same since he had not cleared the three preliminary papers.Too much obsession towards Moksha is worse than Kaama. In Shrimat Bhagavatham we have the story of Jada Bharatha who spent his life in meditation,on thoughts of Purushoththam. He saw a pregnant deer running away for fear of a lion. The mother gave birth to a deer inside the river. Bharat saved the deer and got attached to the deer. With all meditations for so many years, just because of his attachement with deer cub, he was born as deer with the knowledge of previous birth. It was not just an animal but too righteous. After three more births he was born in a brahmin family. With a fear of getting attached to desires, he never opened his mouth and he was a 'jada' for all purposes. He was doing all sundry jobs and was considered an idiot. As he was carrying the palanquin of the king, he didnt keep balance with other carriers and the king abused him as 'Jada'. Then he opened his mouth and a great conversation, totally philosophical emerged from Jada Bharata. But all cannot be as virtuous or dispassionate as Jada Bharata. Even he had to take birth as deer and 3 more births to attain the Supreme.The mythological exceptions cannot be generalized and applied to normal beings. It is better to have discrimination, keep a balance between purushaarthaas not overdoing things. Equipoised mind with detached attachment is always desirable. Attaining Moksha,which is a rare possibility is only secondary. Vathsala Jayaraman 3) Continued from F Therefore, the most important measure for the elderly to prevent fractures is to do everything possible to prevent accidental injuries. About how to reduce accidental damage, are the seven characters of the so-called secret that I summed up?, which is : "Be careful, be careful, be careful again"! Specific measures include : 1. Never stand on a chair or stool to get something, even a low stool. 2. Try not to go out on rainy days. 3. Take special care when bathing or using the toilet to prevent slipping. 4. Be sure to clean up the floor in the house before going to bed. 5. When getting up in the middle of the night, be sure to turn on the light first, and then get up. 6. You must not crowd (catch) the bus when you go out, you can take the MRT. 7. Seniors must sit and wear pants. 8. In the event of a fall, you must stretch out your hands to support the ground. It is better to fracture the forearm and wrist than to fracture the femoral neck at the hip joint. Regarding increasing bone mass, I also advocate dietary supplements (dairy products, soy products. The other is to do outdoor activities properly, because sun exposure (under UV light) converts the cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D. It is beneficial to promote intestinal absorption of calcium and osteoblast activity has the effect of delaying osteoporosis. A few things older adults should be aware of : (1) Try to go to the original workplace as little as possible after retirement, because there are not many people who really like you. (2) Don't mess with young people, you are not on the same level as them. (3) Don't live with children when you can take care of yourself. (4) Do what you can do yourself, even if the quality is poor, don't trouble others, including your own children. (4) Do what you like and eat what you like. (5) Don't believe any "health products", because they are all deceptive, and sometimes eating too much will have the opposite effect. (6) Seek medical treatment in time if you are sick. Don't be afraid of seeing doctors because the function of various organs in the elderly's body tend to decline. (7) Modern things, such as "smart phones", etc., should be studied and studied carefully, but don't think you can't learn them. (8) Take money lightly, because no matter how much that thing is, you will not be able to use it much in other places except when you are sick. (9) Be kind to your spouse, because when she (he) is really needed, she (he) is stronger and more reliable than anyone else. (10) Don't compare other people's families, don't keep talking about how filial other people's children are. If you are born and raised by yourself, if you are not filial, you can only blame yourself. 2. Elderly health care (1) Summary After investigating more than 300 centenarians, I found astonishing data. Almost all centenarians who have fallen will die within three months. (2) A fall may not necessarily lead to a fracture, but the vibration and impact force of the fall will make the whole body function of the elderly in a state of disintegration, the meridians and collaterals are blocked, and they cannot become an organic whole to achieve self-balancing regulation, resulting in rapid failure of the functions of the viscera, and thus rapid death. (3) Pay special attention to the non-slip of the bathroom. When going up the stairs, pay attention to the handrails and don't fall. Everyone, take care. Therefore, the elderly must pay attention to anti-skid and anti-fall. One fall will result in ten years of life. Because all the bones and muscles are destroyed. Surgery is useless, and conservative treatment is also a drag. So, be careful and be careful, here's my advice for the elderly friends.


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