Warrier's Collage on Tuesday July 12, 2022 : Collage Day 2022

Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday July 12, 2022 🙏 Good Morning Today (Tuesday July 12, 2022) is being observed as Collage Day. None of the contributors, including me, thought about this earlier. The idea struck when I started responding to KN Ganapathy's response (See C) yesterday. Responses to this edition, if any, and/or to the extent possible, will be included in Collage tomorrow. Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 COLLAGE DAY 2022 : July 12, 2022 Prayer 🙏 https://youtu.be/73cEBLlP-ng (Link Courtesy : Saravana Varma Mumbai) A Message Jayaram Krishnaswami Ref : Collage of July 11, 2022 Great to see a vintage issue of the Illustrated Weekly. The ads for Ovaltine, Brooke Bond, Dettol ...Thank you for the effort. Jayaram K B Collage Day Poetry Poem By F R Misquith Poem for today Today the weather is very pleasant, And I'm happily flapping in the air like a pheasant, Also when I fly down to roost, I shall down a mug full of that delightful energizer called 'Boost'. Though all is still, As there's no breeze, I know not why, From time to time, I sneeze. However, once in a while I suffer from a wheeze, Then I relax and listen to the songs of yesteryear by the B Gees. Outside our balcony, There are a few fully grown trees, On one of which is a hive, Full of buzzing bees, But in our mini garden, Flitting around are many fleas, They think our place is like the wide open seas. C COLLAGE DAY INTERACTION On the table : https://www.instagram.com/p/CfzBEDCK5wv/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (Painting by Reshmy Warrier) Before the table : File Photo : Collage Patron and regular contributor V T Panchapagesan being honoured by M G Warrier's Bhrathrusthaneeya Shri Subramania Iyer (Clicked few years ago by Panchapagesan's friends) : https://photos.app.goo.gl/tv6xckUQEh9fWtSk7 Key Note Address by Collage Patron & Chief Guest Shri K N Ganapathy The articles by CVS and others on existence or otherwise of God were interesting and worth thinking over. I do not attempt or am capable of indulging in an intellectual level of discussion. But as a layman thought about it in the lighter vien. I assume that I no longer believe in God. Ah! That has relieved me of so many activities and pressures in day to day life. I usually take bath early morning and do the daily prayers etc. which take one to two hours. Now that there is no God I need not do the prayers. I can have extra time for lazy slumber. I feel happy as a child. But do not get sleep. I think about the activities I should stop. I need not take bath in the morning. I can choose the time as per my convenience. I need not go to the temple. My wife will resent it. But I can put my foot down. I need not go for the temple festivals or send money to my village temples for festivals etc. I had gone on pilgrimages to Kasi, Pancha Dwarakas, Mukthinath, Rameswaram, Gangasagar etc. I could not go to Badrinath but had promised my wife that I will take her there. Now I will have to earn her wrath. I can face it . Now about festivals like Deepavali, Karthikai deepam, Onam etc. Now that there is no God, I will not celebrate such festivals and in the process save some money. I will no longer attend cultural programs like carnatic music, Bharathanatyam, Kathakali etc. as they are based on the concept of God. Now about attending social functions like Navarathri, marriages, Poojas etc. Am I to skip them and earn the wrath of relatives and friends. At this rate what is the charm in social life. Rather it is dull and despicable. Better I continue with my GOD and the related social activities. My belief is that nature is the supreme power which controls and directs us. That is God. The concept of God has evolved for meeting a peaceful ethical life of the society. We say Hinduism is a way of life. I believe in it. KN Ganapathy. COLLAGE RESPONSE For Collage, "PAISA VASOOL!", Sir 🙏-Warrier. The purpose of Collage was and continues to be, to provoke positive and intelligent thoughts among readers, which will be shared, not necessarily through Collage, among like-minded people. Readers may not be aware, KNG, or someone close to him, has invested money in Collage by arranging to gift "Sanatanasudha"*, a 958 page Malayalam book introducing A B C D of Sanathana Dharma with the clarity of thought unfamiliar hitherto to the Malayalee audience, value of which cannot be assessed in monetary terms, to me. We didn't know each other earlier and if we had met earlier, at least I didn't remember when KNG got in touch with me, sometime last year, may be earlier, time flies!-M G Warrier) *Sanathanasudha : https://www.booksdeal.in/product/sanathanasudha-31245 D Felicitation : Sitendra Kumar This Collage is as sweet as a mango. Our Collage can be compared to Hapus of Ratnagiri though my first choice would be Baingnapalli which is called Safeda in north. Why so? It's no doubt sweet but as a child I stayed in Hakimpet and near my house, there were big orchards of mangoes which mesmerised me. The clip on Mango Farming and the article by Vathsala Jayaraman both are praiseworthy. A number of self improvement books have been suggested by Kiran Warrier, all designed to improve us as a person. I have downloaded the sample of Give And Take. Warrier's experience on 'Cooking to serve' is an interesting one. Sometimes I do partake ready made Malabar Parathas which are available here in departmental stores. Delicious, no doubt. On current affairs, the clip on "British PM resigns" is topical but the moot question is whether an Indian Shri Sunak would take his place? There's a high degree of probability of that. Won't you agree. Thanks for such a enriching blog. Sitendra Kumar E Healthcare : Keep talking B Chandrasekharan Generally, more talkative senior citizens are taunted as gone sathi, meaning crossed 60. But Doctors say, it's boon. See a report as under: Doctors say so. Retirees (senior citizens) should talk more because there is currently no way to prevent memory loss. The only way is to talk more. There are at least three benefits for senior citizens if they talk more. FIRST, Speaking activates the brain and keeps the brain active, because language & thought communicate with each other, especially when speaking quickly, which naturally results in faster thinking reflection and also enhances memory. Senior citizens who do not speak, are more likely to lose memory. SECOND, Speaking relieves a lot of stress, avoids mental illness and reduces stress. We often say nothing, but we bury it in our hearts and suffocate ourselves. It's true, so, it would be nice to give seniors a chance to talk . THIRD, Speaking can activate the facial muscles & at the same time, exercise the throat & also increase the capacity of the lungs. At the same time, it reduces the risk of eyes & ears deterioration and reduces latent risks such as dizziness & Deafness. IN SHORT, for retirees, (senior citizens) the only way to prevent Alzheimer's is to talk as much as possible and communicate actively with people. There is no other treatment for it.🙏 F Response : S Nallasivan It is no joke that Malayalis are not only superior but all the pervasive and omnipresent like the Almighty Himself. I still wonder how, insted of Mr Nair and man from Palakad becoming the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadela, a Telugu, became the CEO Is it not an injustice done to the bretheran from the Land of Parasuram? There used to be a Joke, possibly true too, when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit Everest were greeted with Chai, you know from whom, a Nair with bare body with a Lungi raised to the knee. Later it has been changed to Neil Armstrong getting the Hospitality from the descendents of the Nair, at the moon 🌝 There is no parallel to a Malayali's crave and craze to migrate, possibly a flaw in their gene, nay in the DNA. There was initially the mission Bombay! Later it is across the seas, the conquest of the Gulf to make the home State prosperous. They are successful at every venture they try from the small time Mason to own Industries ànd Commerce, and Gulf is Home away from Home. At the RBI there was a time Punjabis ruled. How could Malayalis, who arrived in Bombay as if in Mayflower to the New World, stand behind ? The RBI CO had been ruled by the sons and daughters from God's own Country for long. Before they moved to Cochi from Madras, like the Jews to the promised Land, Israel, there used to be an exclusive island, distinct spot, adjacent to Claims Section in the Banking Hall, the Kerala Corner during, post lunch for the congregation of dominating Malayalis of Madras to discuss strategies! When I was interviewed it was K B Menon who sat in the Board. Later during Service the Personnel Officer was P B Menon and my Accounts Officer was O T M Nambiar and my bosom friend had been E Gopalakrishnan from Trichur When I arrived at Jaipur I had his Cousin, K P Nanda Kumar who sat in the all powerful Manager's Section who in fact had his schooling in Jaipur. And of course, K V Balakrishnan from Palakad, the P A to Manager. K N Nair had been a security guard and his son the all powerful handy man of the Trade Union Leader, Jopat. When we landed in the Gandhi Nagar Colony were treated with love by K N Vijayan Nair* and we had the privilege of being his guest for two days at his house When I went for admission to the sprawling St.Xavier School, with fear and apprehension was put at ease and comfort, by another Malayalee, it was the Principal, Fr. A Antony and he had introduced us to Shri K S Nair my son's would be Class teacher. My wife who spoke no Hindi had to be rushed for some gynecological problem to Dr Kusum Gupta, there arrived as the Florence Nightingale, from where else from Kerala, her assistant, Nurse Mini. It was the case be it the Corporate Santokba Durlabji Hospital or the Government Sawai Man Singh Medical Hospital, the saving angels were Malayalam speaking nurses. Now we find those migrate to US take even Lord Venkateswara along. But it was the Malayalis who were pioneers and showed the way. In Jaipur the Sabarimala Sastha Iyappan have his abode even with the Holy 18 Steps and had equally grand festivities like the Sannidhanam at His Divine Hills. I am a blessed soul as one who stayed for long eight years in their midst and almost became one among themselves and had the privilege to enjoy their affection even today, 17 years after retirement and paid my succour and sustenance, my Pension by that Office. Yes in the midst of a nomadic sort of life even at 76 I enjoy drawing my pension from Trivandrum. Do you know, my house at Melagaram is just 12 Kms away from the majestic Kotavasal entrance to Kerala. S Nallasivan *KNV Nayar, D Sukumaran Nair and me constructed houses 🏘️🏡🏡 in a row with Bank's loan during 1970's in Sastamangalam Thiruvananthapuram. It materialised smoothly with the support of (Easwar) Das who was in Central Office then-M G Warrier🙏 S R Badrinarayanan says : No doubt on what is expressed of Malayalees. They achieve the extra mile in this aspect just on the soil factor alone. When I referred this to a Chettan, he with the characteristic way said, "Hey, they are friendly only outside Kerala. Nattle vannu paarkattum..." Chettans may share their views... Badri.. V R Chittanandam adds : Nallasivan Your write up on Malayalees was very good as usual. In those days, in the 1960s and 70s, Air India had the privilege of having a hoarding at the corner of Dhun Building a great location that no one could miss to see. This hoarding displayed the famous Airindia Maharaja cutting jokes on matters of topical interest which every passer-by liked to read twice. The ad was changed every two or three days. I like to recount two of them. Kerala elections were round the corner and there was a report in all the print media (We did not have TV in those days.) that there was traficking of Malayalee Nuns. The Air India Maharajah was in his usual mischievous self when he said, 'KERALA ELECTIONS? NUN OF MY BUSINESS'. It was presented so beautifully that no religious leader or political neta took exception to it. Imagine what sort of tumult it would have created had it happened today. Likewise, when Armstrong landed on the moon, the irresistible Maharajah was there in true Malayali attire of not more than a lungi tucked up to his knee and offering garam chaya! Those were the days! Chittanandam (All these reminded me of banners on Marine Lanes, Mumbai and the daily naughty comments of Amul Girl. This Sunday Amul mourned the tragic death of Sayonara Shinzo San- 🙏-Warrier : https://photos.app.goo.gl/aFhu2nSxY3oWzoPB9) Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1545859590281056256?s=20&t=T1cuM7gABl8BGh-bE0Qtmw Unity in Diversity - 308 कहु नानक सोई नरु सुखीआ राम नाम गुन गावै अउर सगल जगु माइआ मोहिआ निरभै पदु नही पावै That person is comfortable who praises God (meditates) All others are entangled in Maya: they cannot attain state of fearlessness Guru Tegh Bahadur, Gauri, 220, SGGS Thought shared by V Rangarajan "Those who sit on the ground do not have the fear of falling..Guru Nanak. Good Morning." G Thoughts on Anniversary https://www.searchquotes.com/search/College_Days_Memories/ Quotes here are about College and not Collage. Incorrigible are the ways of Collage! Media Response* : M G Warrier July 11, 2022 India can and hopefully, India will This refers to your editorial "Anarchy in Sri Lanka" (The Hindu Business Line, July 11). The editorial forcefully brings out the possible role India can and should play, to help Sri Lanka tide over the present crisis. India's self-interest apart, from a humanitarian angle and in the interest of preserving democracy people of India owe it to the people of Sri Lanka to help them survive the crisis which is the making of greed and craze for power. It would be shameful for all the values we boast about, if a neighbour country with less than 0.3 percent of world population and having resources to sustain is allowed to perish making its people starve and beg outside their own soil. India has been making the right noises from the very beginning of the Sri Lankan crisis but in such emergencies, every hour counts. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published on July 12, 2022 : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters/letters-to-the-editor/article65628201.ece H


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