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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday July 2, 2022 🙏 1) Chocolate Factory https://youtu.be/4NxZZ_15CNw 2) Chocolate Day : July 7 https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/chocolate-day/ (Links Selected By : M G Warrier) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier Inside Collage Today A Messages/Responses B Media Response : Pension System in informal sector C Origin (उगम) of Collage : M G Warrier D Rainbow E Vedic Wisdom 📚 F S Venugopal's Contribution : Magic Medicine 💊 G Quotes on Rainbow 🌈 H Last Page A Messages/Responses 1) C V Subbaraman "You are stronger than what you think." This was the most impressive, meaningful, and thought provoking quote of Collage today. This is a quote which will fight diffidence successfully. Every child needs to be told this from primary class level. This universal truth was conveyed to Hanumaan by the wise Jaambavaan when the group of powerful monkeys was discussing who would be able to cross the 100 yojana long sea to reach Lanka in search of Sita Devi. And Hanuman realized his innate power and was invigorated to accomplish the difficult job with ease! We all need to be constantly reminded about our own powers. I think Collage does contribute to it. Subbaraman 2) T N C Rangarajan TOC in Collage is very nice. It will be nicer if each item is hyperlinked to that para. 3) E Madhavan Thrissur My father had his own take on Anayesana Maranam. He wished that his death should not cause Ayasam to any one else. When we consider the Atma pervading all beings, the scope of the shloka seems wide beyond the self. Fortunately for him his death was sudden. I do not know if it was Anayasena Maranam for him. (In my father's case also it was Anayasena Maranam in both senses. Even on the day he left (July 10, 1979, exactly 2 years after he started staying with us in Thiruvananthapuram) he was walking in the approach road before our house 🙏 I remember the stanza since 1979, because when I visited my father's friend to inform about my father's death, that "തമ്പുരാൻ" (Thampuran, a senior member of the Kadathanad Royal Family) recited this Shloka and then only started talking to me : अनायासेन मरणं विनादैन्येन जीवनं । देहि मे कृपया शम्भो त्वयि भक्तिं अचन्चलं ॥ (or another version) अनायासेन मरणं विनादैन्येन जीवनं । देहान्ते तव सान्निध्यम् देही मे परमेश्वरम ॥ -Warrier) 4) Sitendra Kumar As usual, the Collage is full of moral and educative values which play an important role in uplifting the quality of life of an individual. The enormous responsibility entrusted to an editor is well defined in what is euphemistically defined as a joke in the column on Jokes about editors. The responses to Shri Nallasivan's thought column and his reply to them are interesting and do convey the regards and affection which the members have for each other. I must praise the yeoman's service rendered by you. Sitendra Kumar 5) Vivek Amin Nagpur We are also interested in knowing the origin (उगम) of so nice "Collage" which makes us wise every morning. See C2 below for a brief writeup -Warrier 6) Vathsala Jayaraman Today's(July 1) Collage was a treasure-house, an asset to possess*. The profile of Sigmund Freud was quite interesting, dragging my memories back to classes in Psychology in the College of Education in 1962. It draws us towards our mind. Continued at H2 (*Yes. I had to pull Collage out of the cobweb area it was entering. First time I used editorial discretion and removed some responses and my own comments which were terse and unacceptable, after finalisation yesterday, to keep the Collage clean. As a diversion I found Psychology, Rainbow & Sudha Murthy (included today) interesting 🙏-Warrier) B Media Response : M G Warrier July 1, 2022 Universal Pension System* This refers to your editorial "Security at sunset" (The Hindu Business Line, July 1). The editorial brings out various aspects of a possible shift to a viable pension system for the informal sector. The absence of a formal statutory pension system to provide for those not covered by regulated pension/PF/Insurance schemes is forcing government to dilute pension systems in government and public sector organisations. The concept of pension as deferred wage is not well understood even by the lawmakers. Recognition of this concept will enable building a viable and reliable social security system for elders. While improvements in existing pension/provident fund/healthcare systems should continue to be a policy priority, to insulate future elder care from funds shortage, illustratively, the following suggestions may be considered : 1) For those earning annual income above a threshold level, make saving a pre-decided percentage of income in long term financial instruments mandatory. 2) Allow drawals from savings as at 1, only for medical purposes upto the age of 60 or when the person is unable to continue in profession. 3) Make Health Insurance of appropriate level mandatory for public servants and celebrities. 4) Encourage employers to have pension funds and medical insurance for all employees including outsourced workforce. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published on July 2, 2022 : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters/letters-to-the-editor/article65590064.ece C Collage Miscellany 1) Collage Profile* : Sudha Murthy It was April of 1974. I was the only girl in my post- graduate department and was staying at the ladies' hostel. I was looking forward to going abroad to complete a doctorate in computer science. I had been offered scholarships from Universities in the US. I had not thought of taking up a job in India. While on the way to my hostel from our lecture-hall complex, I saw an advertisement on the notice board. It was a standard job requirement notice from the automobile company Telco (Tata Motors). It stated that the company required young, bright engineers, hard -working and with an excellent academic background, etc. At the bottom was a small line: "Lady Candidates need not apply." I read it and was very upset. Continued at H *Story shared by Sudha Warrier Mumbai. May be repeat. But the message is current. Tatas & JRD didn't change the attitude to wealth and humanity. 2) Origin (उगम) of Collage : M G Warrier See A5 My friend Vivek Amin Nagpur is interested in knowing the origin of Collage. Collage took shape during the initial days of Pandemic, I think 2 years ago, as an interim relief for my contacts who stopped subscribing for print edition of newspapers and were unhappy with the negative mainstream media and WhatsApp feed they received. (Thanks 🙏 to email and WhatsApp groups my message reaches over 2k addressees every day.) The model before me was the Vital Info brought out by Mangesh Tarambale long back which had wide acceptance in the RBI Family. Of course Mangesh used to give a gist of latest developments in RBI and the financial sector. Even senior executives depended on him while awaiting delivery of newspapers! I have diversified the catchment area for fishing out content for Collage keeping in view the audience in the age group 16 to 90 plus. Madan Gauria suggested that my daily mail should be given a brand name. The name Collage, I think, was my own contribution. My daughter Reshmy designed a colourful Title Page. When I started dividing the content to 7 parts A to G, Panchapagesan remarked that Collage has RAINBOW 🌈 colours 🙏 As regards writing and editing or putting together content I had some experience. To get a feel, visit www.warriersblog.com which has been in existence for 10 plus years now. Collage is posted at my Facebook Page also. When my son Kiran went to Engineering College Hostel during 1990's, I used to send a weekly despatch which I named "My Page" Hope, with this background, I can continue with my Collage for some more time defying the order by one reader to prove my right to send out the daily message. Regards M G Warrier D Rainbow in ancient Indian Literature https://tamilandvedas.com/tag/rainbow-in-sanskrit/ Rainbow in Sangam Tamil Literature The rainbow in not mentioned frequently in the 2000 year old Tamil literature. In one of the poems, It is compared to the garland worn on the chest of Vishnu (Akananuru 175). Another poet compared it to the colour of the neck of a parrot (Aka.192). Katiyalur Uruttiran Kannanaar was the author of two long poems in Pathupattu— Pattinappalai and Permpaanaatru ppatai. He compared the different colour flowers in a tank to a rainbow (Lines 292-294 in Peum) Ulocanar compared a shark killed by a fisherman to a rainbow. The fish is fatally wounded and it leapt into the sky flashing blood all over the water which reminded the poet of a rainbow. Rainbow Poetry https://interestingliterature.com/2019/10/9-of-the-best-poems-about-rainbows/ Emily Dickinson, ‘On this long storm the Rainbow rose'. Dickinson wrote so well about rainbows that she gets two poems on this list. Again, this beautiful rainbow poem is short enough to be quoted in full : On this long storm the Rainbow rose— On this late Morn—the Sun— The clouds—like listless Elephants— Horizons—straggled down— The Birds rose smiling, in their nests— The gales—indeed—were done— Alas, how heedless were the eyes— On whom the summer shone! The quiet nonchalance of death— No Daybreak—can bestir— The slow—Archangel's syllables Must awaken her! Bonus Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1542589057724624896?s=20&t=E1K7krIQNhwrGKE_Ay8UOg Unity in Diversity - 299 तुम चंदन हम इरंड बापुरे संगि तुमारे बासा नीच रूख ते ऊच भए है गंध सुगंध निवासा You are sandalwood, I am poor castor oil plant but dwelling close to you From a lowly tree have become exalted as your fragrance now permeates me Ravidass, Assa, 486, SGGS E Vedic wisdom Kenopanishad https://www.swami-krishnananda.org/essay/essay_2.html Upasana is a mental act, while karma may also be a physical act. Mind also is a constituent of individuality. The mind can be transcended through mind itself. The laws of the body and the mind are overcome through karma and upasana. Karma should be done as a necessity of individual life and not as a process of self-satisfaction. This is the distinction between selflessness and selfishness. Upasana is the method of subduing the distractive character of the mind through concentration on the one objective reality, viz., God. God is the unified wholeness of objectivity, though in upasana it is not possible to consider God as the secondless Absolute. The body becomes steady and calm; the mind becomes unshaken and the aspirant becomes fit for the higher state of Self-knowledge by purification attained thus through karma and upasana. F Leisure Contribution from S Venugopal Chennai Magic Medicine Joke Max and his wife Maxi received a letter from their daughter who had gone to study "Modern Biochemistry" overseas. She wrote, "My beloved parents, I miss you so much and it breaks my heart to think that by the time I get back, you will be so old. Therefore, I am enclosing a bottle of a red potion that I have invented. It will make you 5 years younger, and so when I return, you will be the same age as I left you. *Please, take only a drop. Goodbye I love you!" They opened the envelope and found the bottle with the red potion. Max looked at his wife and said, "You go first." Maxi took a drop and when she indeed turned 5 years younger, Max immediately did the same. Years later, the daughter returns home to find her mother... she is younger and happier, and she is carrying a baby on her back. She tells her daughter how the potion worked and how it has made her look younger. The daughter is happy and she asks about her father. "Your father? Hmmm! You know how men don't listen! He drank the whole bottle." "Whaaat! Where is he?" "Who do you think is on my back?" Men Do Not Listen G Quotes on Rainbow 🌈 https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/rainbow-quotes I'm continually inspired by nature, and the rainbow is one of nature's greatest optical phenomenons. The sighting of a rainbow never fails to bring a smile to people's faces. They signify optimism and positivity : with them comes the sunshine after the rain. Matthew Williamson Matthew Williamson is an award-winning, British interior designer known predominantly for his unique and unrivalled use of pattern and colour. Having begun his illustrious career in fashion under his namesake brand for over 20 years, Matthew has drawn on his decades of experience and pivoted seamlessly into the world of interior design. He now develops several homeware collections to sit alongside his growing residential and commercial interior design portfolio. H 1) Continued from C1 I read it and was very upset. For the first time in my life I was up against gender discrimination. Though I was not keen on taking up the job, I saw it as a challenge. After reading the notice I went fuming to my room. I got a postcard and started to write, but there was a problem: I did not know who headed Telco. I knew JRD Tata was the head of the Tata Group; I had seen his pictures in newspapers (actually, Sumant Moolgaokar was the company's chairman then). I took the card, addressed it to JRD and started writing.. To this day I remember clearly what I wrote. "The great Tatas have always been pioneers. They are the people who started the basic infrastructure industries in India, such as iron and steel, chemicals, textiles and locomotives they have cared for higher education in India since 1900 and they were responsible for the establishment of the Indian Institute of Science. Fortunately, I study there. But I am surprised how a company such as Telco is discriminating on the basis of gender." I posted the letter and forgot about it. Less than 10 days later, I received a telegram stating that I had to appear for an interview at Telco's Pune facility at the company's expense. I was taken back by the telegram. My hostel mate told me I should use the opportunity to go to Pune free of cost and buy them the famous Pune saris for cheap! I collected Rs 30 each from everyone who wanted a sari.. when I look back, I feel like laughing at the reasons for my going. It was my first visit to Pune and I immediately fell in love with the city. The place changed my life in so many ways. As directed, I went to Telco's Pimpri office for the interview. There were six people on the panel and I realized then that this was serious business. 'This is the girl who wrote to JRD'..I heard somebody whisper as soon as I entered the room. By then I knew for sure that I would not get the job. The realization abolished all fear from my mind, so I was rather cool while the interview was being conducted. The panel asked me technical questions and I answered all of them. Then an elderly gentleman with an affectionate voice told me.. 'Do you know why we said lady candidates need not apply? The reason is that we have never employed any ladies on the shop floor. This is not a factory. When it comes to academics, you are a first ranker throughout. We appreciate that, but people like you should work in research laboratories.' I did not know the ways of large corporate houses, so I answered...'But you must start somewhere, otherwise no woman will ever be able to work in your factories.' Finally, after a long interview, I was told I had been successful. So this was what the future had in store for me. Never had I thought I would take up a job in Pune. Later I met a shy young man from Karnataka there, we became good friends and we got married. It was only after joining Telco that I realized who JRD was: the uncrowned king of Indian industry. Now I was scared, but I did not get to meet him till I was transferred to Bombay. One day I had to show some reports to Mr Moolgaokar, our chairman. I was in his office on the first floor of Bombay House, the Tata head quarters, when JRD walked in. That was the first time I saw 'JRD'. I was feeling very nervous, remembering my postcard episode. Someone introduced me.. 'This young woman is an engineer and She is the first woman to work on the Telco shop floor' JRD looked at me. I was praying he would not ask me any questions about my interview or the postcard that preceded it. Thankfully, he didn't. Instead, he remarked. 'It is nice that girls are getting into engineering in our country. By the way, what is your name?' 'When I joined Telco I was Sudha Kulkarni, Sir,' Now I am Sudha Murthy' He smiled and kindly smile and started a discussion with SM. As for me, I almost ran out of the room. After that I used to see JRD on and off. He was the Tata Group chairman and I was merely an engineer. We had nothing in common.. One day I was waiting for Murthy, my husband, to pick me up after office hours. To my surprise I saw JRD standing next to me. I did not know how to react..! 'Young lady, why are you here?' he asked. 'Office time is over.' I said, 'Sir, I'm waiting for my husband to come and pick me up.' JRD said, 'It is getting dark and there's no one in the corridor. I'll wait with you till your husband comes.' I was quite used to waiting for Murthy, but having JRD waiting alongside made me extremely uncomfortable. I was nervous.! Out of the corner of my eye I looked at him. He wore a simple white pant and shirt. He was old, yet his face was glowing. There wasn't any air of superiority about him. I was thinking.. Look at this person. He is a chairman, a well-respected man in our country and he is waiting for the sake of an ordinary employee. Then I saw Murthy and I rushed out... JRD called and said, 'Young lady, tell your husband never to make his wife wait again.' In 1982 I had to resign from my job at Telco... When I was coming down the steps of Bombay House after wrapping up my final settlement when I saw JRD coming up. I wanted to say goodbye to him, so I stopped. He saw me and paused... Gently, he said, 'So what are you doing, Mrs. Kulkarni?' 'Sir, I am leaving Telco.' 'Where are you going?' he asked. 'Pune, Sir. My husband is starting a company called "Infosys" and I'm shifting to Pune.' 'Oh! And what will you do when you are successful.' 'Sir, I don't know whether we will be successful.' Never start with diffidence, he advised me : 'Always start with confidence. When you are successful you must give back to society. Society gives us so much; we must reciprocate. Wish you all the best.' Then JRD continued walking up the stairs. I stood there for what seemed like a millennium. Sudha Murthy 2) Continued from A6 Mind is a mystery because it is nothing but a cauldron of thoughts. Mind plays a dominant role in shaping or reshaping our lives. No one knows why and how a thought arises in our mind. Sanatana Dharma indicates that thoughts arise from our encryption as we had some passions to do certain actions or did some actions, the benefits or suffering of which had not occurred. Observing these thoughts without controlling them gives us the ability to understand why we came into existence. Self-confidence – Everyone of us need to believe that we have inherent nature besides our individual nature that could help ourselves and help others around us. This is not the mind's analytical skill but the power inherent in us which functions through intuition. The voice of this intuition may not be loud but when observed, provides a guideline for right living. It is not the ability of our mind to analyze things in life but its ability to tap this power that is defined as confidence in Self. The closest to the Self is our intellect. Potential – A person with healthy mind always thinks that “I haven't yet reached my potential". The potential is the theoretical ceiling limited by the capacity of the mind using its current life experiences. The potential of the individuals grows from the healthy habits that include the company that they keep, the information they seek. Self-offering- Those motivated individuals who keep on building self-confidence and in the path of finding their potential believe they can impact and contribute significantly to the society and to the world. Once this path is chosen, all that is needed for a life to exist develops around those individuals as what goes around comes around as well. Defining ourselves – The world is not a panel of judges for us to make us feel better about ourselves. We need to feel good inside about ourselves. Continuous improvement - This happens only when we know our strengths and weaknesses. While it is essential to focus our attention to our weaknesses and eliminate them, it is also important not to feel contented with our strengths either. Life is about continuous improvement from the time of birth until death. Transformation of our lives is nothing but transformation of our thoughts, words and all associated actions to be united to achieve peace. The story of Poosalar comes to mind. The Pallava King Kadavarkon built a Shiva Temple in Kanchipuram. When he was about to perform consecration, Lord Shiva came in his dream and told him about the temple in Thiruninravur. The King went there only to find there was no temple. When he inquired with Poosalar, he told him that he built the temple in his heart. The King prostated in front of Poosalar understanding his devotion. Eventually, Poosalar built his temple in the heart and worshiped until his death. Purity comes from our effort to make the mind sync with our inherent nature as inherent nature provides the direction for right living. When this purity is established, our relationship with people around us improves as we see unity of inherent nature in each one of us. That state is healthy and considered as divine state. Mad monkey playing with water bubble is how the mind and body are described. "Jelly fish thinks better than human" is the opinion of the science. The animals lack sixth sense but comply with the universal law. We have sixth sense but violate the universal law regularly. The plants and animals give something to take something from the world. In "The Ringing Cedar Series titled "Anastasia" written by Vladimir Megre, the author explains how the seeds put in our mouth for a few minutes mixed with Saliva and then planted in our backyard could produce fruits that could cure our diseases. The plants do have the ability to understand how to serve the universe. There is much more to the MIND. Vathsala Jayaraman


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