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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday July 10, 2022 🙏 1) Mango Farming https://youtu.be/EUR9IcwK4UM 2) Rathri Mazha : Malayalam Poem https://youtu.be/lv0sEtx-qmg (Recited by Kavalam Srikumar) Know More : https://litdiscourse.wordpress.com/2019/11/05/the-poetry-of-sugathakumari/ The poem Rathrimazha (from the collection Rathrimazha) has been translated to English by her own sister and literary critic H Hridayakumari as“Rain at Night". The poem is written in six sections, but does not have a regular stanzaic form. Good Morning 🌄 Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday July 16, 2022. Best Wishes and Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏 M G Warrier A Messages/Responses S W Fadnawis Existence of God I am most impressed by the post of Shri Subbaraman whose writing makes a very compelling reading. His writing is so irrefutable and logical that it is impossible to contradict it . (Collage has received more responses on the subject. Considering the nature of the subject the debate here is treated as concluded Thanks 🙏-Warrier) 1) Kiran Warrier Mumbai Shared this : 48 Books That Will Change Your Life In 365 days :- 1) The Psychology of Money 2) Thinking Fast & Slow 3) How To Decide 4) Essentialism 5) The Big Questions of Life. 6) Nonviolent Communication 7) Attached 8) Deep Work 9) The Almanack of Naval Ravikant 10) Sapiens. 11) Freedom From The Known 12) Mindset 13) 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think 14) Who Moved My Cheese? 15) Effortless. 16) The Code of Extraordinary Mind 17) The Art of Thinking Clearly 18) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 19) The Everything Store 20) Talk Like Ted. 21) The Compound Effect 22) Steve Jobs 23) The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking 24) The One Thing 25) What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School. 26) Make Your Bed 27) The $100 Startup 28) Getting Things Done 29) Happy Sexy Millionaire 30) Selfie. 31) Lifespan 32) Atomic Habits 33) What Got You Here Won't Get You There 34) Good Vibes Good Life 35) Kaizen. 36) Mind Full TO Mindful 37) Win Your Inner Battles 38) Give And Take 39) The Daily Stoic 40) The Courage To Be Disliked. 41) The Organized Mind 42) Flow 43) Invent & Wander 44) Good Habits Bad Habits 45) The Power of Habit 46) The Hero Code 47) The Heart of Success 48) Behave. So far I tried No 48 only-Warrier : Behave : The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst https://amzn.eu/d/eNZXcer Named a Best Book of the Year by The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal From the celebrated neurobiologist and primatologist, a landmark, genre-defining examination of human behavior, both good and bad, and an answer to the question : Why do we do the things we do? Sapolsky's storytelling concept is delightful but it also has a powerful intrinsic logic : he starts by looking at the factors that bear on a person's reaction in the precise moment a behavior occurs, and then hops back in time from there, in stages, ultimately ending up at the deep history of our species and its evolutionary legacy. Continued at H1 2) M G Warrier Shared an experience : Cooking to serve : Serving to cook M G Warrier Yesterday (July 9, 2022) afternoon, we received a packet of sweets by courier. Palakkad Kitchen a household initiative started by a family in the suburbs of Mumbai during the pandemic gave us a surprise of sorts by sending a sweet packet with this sweet message : "On the first year of Palakkad Kitchen, here's a small token of our thanks for your continued patronage with us" During medical and other emergencies we used to depend on Palakkad Kitchen for lunch and dinner which used to arrive by courier. Home cooking and sharing with others who were not able to cook their own food has been a service broadminded families in cities and urban areas have been taking up as a remunerative pastime since long. Palakkad Kitchen catered to those who were comfortable with Malabar type of vegetarian food. For us it was a blessing because they followed exactly our pattern of cooking with no garlic and less spices. As the courier person used to take only the minimum travel time, we used to get the food hot and fresh whenever we depended on Palakkad Kitchen. What attracted us more is the daily change in variety of ingredients and mode of preparation within the constraints and the hygienic way of packing. This is an initiative which can be replicated by families with inadequate income to supplement other regular income. Local Self Governments and NGOs can play a proactive role by coordinating acceptance of best practices by the entrepreneurs and supporting local networking among service providers. 3) F R Misquith Shared a poem The Older I Get The older I get, About the life I've lived, I have no regret, A long time past I was, As frisky as an egret*, Now that I've become old, The more things I forget, And while out fishing, The less I am able to net, But I have no worries, As I still have my dog as a pet, Also I would like to add, That my spouse and I are well met, At each other, we never ever fume or fret, For all that may follow we are all set, We've lived our lives, Without hindrance or let, Thus by the woes we've faced, We are not beset, And I would like, To conclude by saying, His abode is our final target. *a heron with mainly white plumage, having long plumes in the breeding season. B SUNDAY COLLAGE UPHOLD PERSONALITY WITH UNIVERSAL PASSPORT SUNDAY COLLAGE : V T Panchapagesan One word in the English language as contributed by Tharoor that could be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition is "UP". Read until the end. You'll have a good laugh !!! This two-letter word in English has more meanings than any other two-letter word. That word is, 'UP'. It is listed in the dictionary as an [adv], [prep], [adj], [n] or [v]. It's easy to understand UP, meaning toward the sky or at the top of the list, but when we awaken in the morning, why do we wake UP? At a meeting, why does a topic come UP? Why do we speak 'UP', and why are the officers UP for election, if there is a tie, it is a toss UP, and why is it UP to the secretary to write UP a report ? We call UP our friends, brighten UP a room, polish UP the silver, warm UP the leftovers and clean UP the kitchen. We lock UP the house and fix UP the old car. At other times, this little word has real special meaning. People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses. To be dressed is one thing, but to be dressed UP is special. And this UP can be confusing. A drain must be opened UP because it is blocked UP !!! We open UP a store in the morning, but we close it UP at night. We seem to be pretty mixed UP about UP !!! To be knowledgeable about the proper uses of UP, look UP the word UP in the dictionary. In a desk-sized dictionary, it takes UP almost 1/4 of the page and can add UP to about thirty definitions !!! If you are UP to it, you might try building UP a list of the many ways UP is used. It will take UP a lot of your time, but if you don't give UP, you may wind UP with, UP to, a hundred or more. When it threatens to rain, we say it is clouding UP. When the sun comes out, we say it is clearing UP. When it rains, it soaks UP the earth. When it does not rain for awhile, things dry UP. One could go on and on, but I'll wrap it UP, for now...... my time is UP! So, did this whole thing, crack you UP? Send this on to someone you look UP in your group .... or not... it's UP to you. UPHOLD PERSONALITY WHICH IS VITAL IN LIFE V T Panchapagesan (To pay respect to the word, in India we have named a state after this word and made a YOGI it's Chief Minister. Hope the state which is UP in the map is going UP 🙏-Warrier) Faith Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1545499951571947520?s=20&t=M_M4Om1iXlRBxQ4ONoPAVw Unity in Diversity - 307 सभि सिआणपा छडि कै गुर की चरणी पाहु Leave all cleverness and fall at the feet of the Guru Guru Arjan, Srirag, 44, SGGS C Current Affairs British PM resigns : What next? https://madrascourier.com/opinion/boris-johnson-resigns-as-prime-minister-heres-who-could-replace-him/ Bonus : Writer's Life https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/miles-to-go/the-benefits-of-choosing-creative-writing-as-a-career-43656/ The skill of creative writing can be applied to many different areas. This skill is useful for personal enjoyment and even for pursuing a career. Creative writing can be a lucrative and rewarding career path if you have a creative streak and want to explore your options. They are storytellers who employ their imagination to create new pieces of art or literature. Furthermore, they may offer editorial services such as beta reading, proofreading, and copy editing. You can become a creative writer based on the kind of work you’re interested in – Creative writers may specialize in one particular topic or market segment, but all are passionate about writing fiction. D Collage Essay : Vathsala Jayaraman Mango Season The Mangoes are here! Soon the Mango Season is coming to a close. It was a challenge thrown to the audience of one of those famous circus troupes of yore. The challenger was a massive man with just not an eight pack body but several packs from top to bottom to toe. He took out a lemon fruit and squeezed out all the juice without cutting it with all his might. He then offered a thousand rupees to anyone in the audience who could extract an extra drop of juice from the fruit. A fat man with nothing but a huge belly accepted the challenge, came on to the arena and took the fruit from the massive challenger. To everyone's surprise, he squeezed out with ease not one but three drops of juice. The massive challenger was dumbfounded and quietly handed over the thousand rupees. Continued at H1 (My memories about mango season : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/mango-season-9044/ Thanks 🙏 for bringing back mango season -Warrier) E Mango Books Eat Mangoes Naked: Finding Pleasure Everywhere (and dancing with the Pits)* https://amzn.eu/d/99To86Y This book is your traveling pleasure companion. I want to remind you to seek out pleasure and lightly scoop it up! It is also a guide to finding pleasure in all of the difficult places: during illness, at the periodontist, facing our aging and mortality... I share my explorations into pleasure, and the places I get lost. Let's magnify our pleasures together, no matter what else is happening in our lives. About the Author SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is the bestselling author and artist of eighteen books, including national bestsellers Succulent Wild Woman, Eat Mangoes Naked, and Make Your Creative Dreams Real. Her art, programs, products, and services have been treasured around the world. She is an acclaimed teacher and mentor whose wisdom has touched and transformed the lives of millions. She is also the founder and Creative Fountain of Planet SARK, a thriving business that creates innovative products and services to support empowered living. She lives and creates joyfully in San Francisco with her beloved partner David. You can visit her website at PlanetSARK.com. *Book recommended by Vathsala Jayaraman F G Quotes about mangoes https://thebiranchi.com/top-10-best-mango-quotes-facts-thoughts-and-images/ Like : “Don't sit at home and wait for mango tree to bring mangoes to you wherever you are. It won't happen. If you are truly hungry for change, go out of your comfort zone and change the world.” ― Israelmore Ayivor Israelmore Ayivor is an inspirational writer, blogger and speaker with the passion of informing people, reforming live and transforming society. He heart a heart and message for youths because he believes they are the future leaders of every nation. H 1) Continued from A1 And so the first category of explanation is the neurobiological one. A behavior occurs--whether an example of humans at our best, worst, or somewhere in between. What went on in a person's brain a second before the behavior happened? Then Sapolsky pulls out to a slightly larger field of vision, a little earlier in time: What sight, sound, or smell caused the nervous system to produce that behavior? And then, what hormones acted hours to days earlier to change how responsive that individual is to the stimuli that triggered the nervous system? By now he has increased our field of vision so that we are thinking about neurobiology and the sensory world of our environment and endocrinology in trying to explain what happened. Sapolsky keeps going: How was that behavior influenced by structural changes in the nervous system over the preceding months, by that person's adolescence, childhood, fetal life, and then back to his or her genetic makeup? Finally, he expands the view to encompass factors larger than one individual. How did culture shape that individual's group, what ecological factors millennia old formed that culture? And on and on, back to evolutionary factors millions of years old. The result is one of the most dazzling tours d'horizon of the science of human behavior ever attempted, a majestic synthesis that harvests cutting-edge research across a range of disciplines to provide a subtle and nuanced perspective on why we ultimately do the things we do...for good and for ill. Sapolsky builds on this understanding to wrestle with some of our deepest and thorniest questions relating to tribalism and xenophobia, hierarchy and competition, morality and free will, and war and peace. Wise, humane, often very funny, Behave is a towering achievement, powerfully humanizing, and downright heroic in its own right. 2) Continued from D When the stunned audience wanted to know who he was, he replied that he was a moneylender! From this joke, we can understand how ruthless the moneylenders were in those days. You would recall the ruthlessness of moneylenders in all time great movies like Mother India and Do Bigha Zamin. I am reminded of the sugarcane wallahs. They fold the cane at least ten times and feed it back into the machine. Nowadays the crushers are fixed with a motor too. The completely drained sugar cane finally becomes an excellent fuel too. This is how moneylenders operate. They know how much they can extract from a person and when the borrower dries out completely, the lender's henchmen deliver the final blow. Coming back to that lemon squeezing episode, I merely wanted to tell you how fruit eating style could reveal a person's character. This being the mango season, we'll take that divine fruit as an example for our research. I call it divine because Lord Muruga would not have deserted His Parents and settled down in the Palani Hills but for the Mango fruit. You may ask me why mango and not the jack fruit which is also a summer fruit. In the case of jack, the eater and‘peeler’ are usually two different people. By the time the peeler finishes off his/her job, his/her hands get so sticky that it would be a time consuming process to bring the hands back to as nearly normal as possible by which time, the eater would have finished off all the fruits of the peeler's labour! The most incredible way of eating a mango can be seen in Andhra. They just make a hole on the top of the fruit and suck the entire contents of the fruit in one single breath and when the job is done so neatly, it doesn't look as though it has been already cleaned up inside. For an untrained eye, it may even look fresh and juicy! There are people who labour hard on the fruit de-skinning and cutting it to some attractive shapes. They also serve it so attractively that no one would feel enthused to eat the beautifully chiseled pieces. They'll at best go round it in awe. These people are extremely superficial and boastful. They are only out to impress people! And there are others who deal such deadly blows to the fruit that with their very first bite, the fruit becomes lifeless. Then starts the proverbial‘flogging the dead horse'. They keep biting and clawing it until the veins on the seed start becoming visible. These are the people who will have what they want no matter what damage they cause. The people who go into a trance when they are in the process of consuming the fruit are the true connoisseurs of the fruit. Until the fruit is fully consumed, they will be dead to the world. These are the self motivated perfectionists who labour for the sheer joy of it. Mirza Ghalib, the renowned Urdu poet, had a greater passion for mangoes than for writing poetry. He was reported to have tasted more than 4000 varieties of mangoes. When the mango season arrived, he wrote to his friends all over the country to send him baskets of the fruit! The mango has been cultivated in India for over 4,000 years and is so much a part of the Indian heritage and culture that it is almost an object of veneration in Hindu households. The records of Hieun Tsang, the Chinese Buddhist pilgrim who visited India during Harshavardhan's reign in the 6th century B.C., contain references to the attentive cultivation of the mango in the country. The Mughal emperors also evinced keen interest in the mango's systematic cultivation and Emperor Akbar is credited with having planted genetically superior mangoes in an orchard known as Lakh Bakhsh, north of Agra. Emperor Akbar was very fond of Mangoes & used to have mango parties with all his Navratnas. Once he ate his mangoes & put all the guthalies ( core seed ) in front of Birbal. Birbal kept quite. Afterwards Akbar said, "Birbal you have eaten my magoes also, see I have no guthalis in front of me ,You are very greedy. Birbal replied,"Sir I am greedy but you are more so you have even eaten guthalies. No guthali in front of you any body can see. Though we love mango fruits, actual mango season starts in late Feb. The mango pickle season commences with the tiny raw tender mango (it is called vadu mangai in Tamilnadu and Kannimanga in Kerala) soaked in brine with chilli powder. Then comes the bigger raw mangoes and a dozen varieties of pickles are made. My favourite is the Andhra special, aavakkai. The middle class ladies get very busy in this season making these pickles and selling them to the office going girls. Vathsala Jayaraman Mango Experience II Talking of mangoes, have you read the book‘Eat Mango Naked'* by Sark? A great one! Here is an excerpt from the book : “Pleasure can be so elusive, momentary and serendipitous. We can chase it away by trying to plan it, grab it, clutch it or orchestrate it. Let's live more in pleasure and bring pleasure to others. Pleasure can escort us safely through difficult times and give our spirits a place to replenish." I know a few enterprising ladies of south who even make 'Sambar' with it. Honestly, I have tasted that sambar and it is yummy indeed! Gyana pazham is the right word for mango. This fruit is the quintessence of all the joys of the world and that big sibling rivalry that Naradha initiated between Lord Ganesa and His Younger Brother with that fruit as a bet has continued unabated ever since! Why do you need strong teeth to continue eating the fruit as in your younger days unless you don't want to leave the seed too? This is not an unyielding fruit but a highly obliging one that surrenders itself meekly even to a toothless mouth provided the owner of it displays the same passion for the fruit. A real lover of mango will display his mango-stained white shirt as proudly as a soldier would display the wound on his chest! When you twist each half in the opposite direction, clockwise and anti clockwise so to say, one portion would come off the seed and only the other will have the seed. Isn't it? Is there a pattern in it? We used to help each other with a mango, skin it by the use our teeth and then eat it relishing and finale is how well you can clean the kottai (seed). Meanwhile the juice will be dripping upto the elbow, & we lick the elbow, fingers and every nook and corners of the hand. I used to eat biting and licking. Nut now eat slicing the mangoes in shapes, placing in the platter, using a fruitpick to eat it. Does & Donts for mango eating include, do not use designer clothes while eating, no white clothes & be near a wash basin. What I love about mango eating is the final, where you suck the seed like lollipop & followed by a great sense of achievment. My son says the ones they get in the US are mainly from Mexico and are nowhere close to being as delicious as the ones in India. My favorite way to eat is to cut the mango into long pieces but leave a chunk of the mango on the seed. After I have cleaned the mango peel (most times when the peel is soft I eat the peel too!), I attack the seed and make it squeaky clean. In many houses, making mango shake is a daily ritual during mango season. The mango shake would be made of either the Badam variety or the Alphonso. Alphonsos being expensive were reserved for special mango times. Anyone visiting us would be treated to a big glass of cold and freshly made mango shake. I also absolutely loovvve the drink that they make out of raw mangoes in Maharashtra, called "Panha" in Marathi. It is made by boiling raw mangoes, making a pulp in the mixer, adding sugar, cardamom powder and water to it and drinking it chilled. I remember the heat boils on the face due to excessive mango eating during summer. Well, it is another matter that in my family no one ate less mango for fear of the heat boils! In Bengal, the season starts off with "golapkhas", which is not the best of the tribe. Fortunately, "golapkhas" is followed soon by "heemsagar" and that gives you a brief glimpse of Paradise. Towards the end comes the other King of Bengal's mangoes, "langra", and once this one disappears from the market, what stares at you from the vendors' baskets are mere apologies for the fruit. The pleasure of eating the mango as a whole fruit is remarkable. Only nasty thing about eating that way is the juice from mango running all over the back of the fingers and the need to control that free flow by an act that would never resemble anywhere close to etiquette. The Rasaalu has to be squeezed well, a hole poked and the contents squeezed out - yep, hollow inside :) This fruit is so sweet I gnaw on the seed till it gets snow white! I feel I am in heaven every time I eat the Banngapalli ..the fruit so succulent, the trickle to the elbows is inevitable. The Rumani that I peel the thin skin off first and then cut to pieces allows me to handle the mouth-puckering sourness. The season is almost over.We can think of mangoes only next May. Vathsala Jayaraman S Nallasivan responded : I never ever visualised Madam Vathsala Jayaraman would come down to indulge us in mundane things like how to relish unashamedly with no inhibitions whatsoever mangoes. I had posted a mail on my small house at Melagaram with pride, with a reason as the House of Blue mangoes. It has been a gift from my parents who made the backyard nto a lush garden with trees galore, you name it, the rarest of the rare blue mangoes and one more, Lemon, Jack fruit and Guava both red and white. Of course the mandatory half a dozen coconut trees too. No doubt plants, and trees of fragrant flowers, a half a dozen. There stood majestically the Pavazhamalli, Parijat the night Jasmine in full bloom at the entrance. One used to wonder how the Pavazhamalli tree showered literally the enchanting fragrant flowers as a welcome sign at our door. Thanks to the benovelent South West Monsoon and bountiful North East Monsoon the Blue mango tree borne fruits twice in à year. We have tasted, Alphonso from Ratnagiri, Banganapalli from Andhra, Daseri from the north, and even the so called royal Imam Pasant very expensive and affordable only by the Nizaams of Hyderabad. But none of the mangoes could stand anywhere near in flavour and taste to the Velammal's ( my mother) gift to her lazy and near idiot son. As if it was enough, we used to get a basket full of Rajapalayam Sappotta, special from my Sister in law, Dr Chellammal until she succumbed to Cancer. One could say with confidence that Rajapalayam Sappotta could any day give a challenge to our own Blue mango for its large size with matching taste. Our gift to mangoes did not stop with Blue Mango alone. My father had gifted me with a housing plot a virtual beauty with a panoramic view of the majestic Western ghats from three direction as if fondly embarassing the village, Melagaram. That of course had three mango trees that carried no fancy, popular brand name. Though tiny in size in comparison to the Blue Mango they too were no inferior in taste. The old loyal friend who was handed the charge of the trees, used to flood our house with basket full mangoes as an expression of his gratitude to my father's generosity of vesting the trees under his charge. Now before concluding I should share the bonding my mother had with each and every plant life in the small garden ñurtured by her. The Lemons of course had been succour and sustenance to my mother who had fasting as a way of life. It might appear strange unusual and to many unbelievable. The evergreen lemon tree in full bloom withered, wilted as if lost life in a sudden massive attack within a month from my mother's departure. S Nallasivan


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