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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday July 14, 2022 πŸ™ 1) V Rangarajan Shared a thought : "Always have a unique character like salt. It's presence is not felt but it's absence makes everything tasteless." 2) Guru Poornima 2022 https://youtu.be/giI5vg3LeCk Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) K Ramasubramanian Hearty congratulations to Collage and its team lead by Shri Warrier. May this clip continue everyday for a long time. 2) V Sundaresan One master-stroke from K N Ganapathy (who rarely contributes). It was like reading a thrilling story and I was simply floored when he broke the suspense at the end. Sundaresan V 3) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Shared a memory In a Malayalam film, released in 1972, there was a song that began thus : Manushyan Mathangale srishtichoo Mathangal Daivangale srishtichoo Manushyanum Mathangalum Daivangalum koodi Mannu panku vetchoo Manassu panku vetchoo. (Man created religions. Religions created the gods. And then, man, religions and the gods jointly divided the land among themselves.They divided human mind too.) This song was written by the great poet-cum-lyricist Vayalar Rama Varma. He wrote elsewhere: Snehikkayilla njaan Novum aatmaavine Snehitchidaatthoru Tatwa saasthrattheyum. (I won't love any system of philosophy that does not love the agonizing human soul.) (πŸ™-Warrier) 4) Sitendra Kumar Dear Shri Nallasivan, Yes, you are right. The Malayalis are all pervading, found everywhere. There are several thousands in Faridabad running excellent schools. My daughter studied in the convent run by Malayalis in Faridabad. In Punjab/Haryana even in small cities, the Florence Nightingales are all Malayali nurses. Who can deal with compassion better than them. Shri OTM Nambiar was our Manager (RD) in Madras as it was known then. A perfect gentleman. After retirement, he joined Indian Bank and wrote their manual. Shri K N Vijyan Nair was a humorous person. Every sentence of his was laced with humour. He was with us in Madras/Chennai. Thanks to Amazon Prime Video, I have had opportunity to enjoy lot of Malayalam movies e.g. Unda, Cold Case, Ishq, Erida, The Great Indian Kitchen etc. The Malayalis' propensity to excel in every matter makes them the darling of the employers. In Faridabad Industrial Area, many white collar staff members are from Kerela who are considered to be sincere and dedicated excelling all others. But in Kerala, I have seen Cochin, Trissur, Ernakulum, Malampuzha etc. thanks to CPI dominated ideology, such virtues which they display outside are not visible within the state, in the same measure. I feel E C G Sudarshan should have been awarded the Nobel prize and Dr K N Raj is perhaps, the greatest economist produced by our country. Lord Parsuram's country has certainly got gems in plenty. I worked under Dr P K Menon; MA, Ph. D , D.Sc. , Director Joint Cipher Bureau, MoD before joining RBI. Sitendra Kumar 5) Health Tips* Dr. Raymond Francis wrote three books: 1 Never get sick again 2 Never fear cancer again 3 Never get fat again At the age of 75 years the doctor is only affected by flu and even then only once ... Talking about it in the book, he urges is to: 🌿 Stay away from sugar as long/far as you can, exercise and adjust your diet to taste 🌿 Sugar causes colds and influenza 🌿 Eating a spoonful (teaspoon size) of sugar decreases body immunity by 50% Continued at H3 *Shared in RBI Retirees Group Thiruvananthapuram 6) M G Warrier Shared a link : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/maherasaadbaker/achieving-success-43683/ Posted online comments : ' loved your summing up: \"to put it all together, we might say that success is like a seed that requires an appropriate balance of each of lifeΓ’ s components, and nobody can succeed in life in a single day; it takes hard work and dealing with a variety of obstacles, success is mostly the sense of fulfillment you have after achieving your objective." keep writing' B 1) Guru Poornima : July 13, 2022 https://www.news18.com/news/lifestyle/guru-purnima-2022-date-time-history-and-significance-5533597.html More about Gurupoornima : Vathsala Jayaraman Guru Poornima Day brings back the memories of the story of Bruhaspathi. Once Bruhaspathi was immersed in grief. Narada reached the spot and spoke in jest" What is the confusion in the mind of Bruhaspathi, the epitome of Gnaana?" Continued at H2 2) K P V Karunakaran shared a story : Today (July 13) is “Gurpurnima” the full moon day when Gurus and Teachers are honoured all over the world. A delightful story is told in our spiritual lore to illustrate the importance of the Guru. A cow once went grazing in the forest when it suddenly sensed an approaching tiger. The cow began running to escape the tiger who was in hot pursuit. The cow came to a pond and jumped into it thinking that it could swim across to the other side. However, it was a swampy pond and the poor cow discovered that its feet were firmly stuck in the mud. The tiger followed suit and was similarly marooned in the pond a few feet away from the cow. The tiger began licking its lips looking forward to a delicious meal when the cow asked him, “Tiger, do you have a master”. The tiger roared, “I am the master of the jungle, why do I need a master?” The cow replied, “I have a master. If I do not return to my pen by sunset my master will come looking for me and will set me free”. Sure enough the owner appeared in a few hours and rescued his cow leaving the poor tiger to its fate. The swamp represents the delusion of Maya in which we are all stuck without exception. The tiger is the ego which thinks it is in charge: “I am the architect of my destiny. I do not need anyone’s help!” The cow is the surrendered soul, the one who has surrendered to his Master, represented by the owner of the cow. The Master or Guru comes to our rescue but only if we surrender to him. Do we not all need a Guru? Only a true Guru can take us out of the mud of delusion. Happy Gurupurnima!πŸ™ C Collage Essay Music & Brain : Vathsala Jayaraman It is amazing to learn about our brain's ability to absorb and make sense of music. The scientists refer to music as 'Organized Sound'. It is highly complex and far more effective than a computer's capacity to identify and process. How exactly the brain takes in organized sound still remains an unanswered question. Why does it make us feel the way we do? Continued at H1 C V Subbaraman responds : Robert Lynd has written a beautiful piece on the Pleasure of Ignorance. If we were not ignorant, we would miss the pleasures of discovery, the pleasure of asking questions, and the pleasure of re-reading a book. To be ignorant is to read and not retain too and hence the pleasure of re-reading a book. Great philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates recognised the importance of ignorance. Socrates is considered today as the wisest man ever on Earth not because that he knew many things, but he sincerely realized at Seventy that he knew nothing. Here his admission in humility that he was ignorant raised him head and shoulders above everyone else. Subbaraman D Books Readers are reading Uzhuthra Warrier I am reading "Rise and Fall of British Empire" by Lawrence James who is a student of History and writer of eminence. He has been thoroughly objective in presenting the facts, exposing all the plunder, piracy and other inhuman atrocities perpetrated while establishing the Empire and how many reforms they were, per force introduced in the colonies as also how they withdrew from them somewhat gracefully. In his opinion Mountbatten was just an ordinary naval officer who was deputed to grant independence to India by virtue of his connection with the Royal family and intimacy to Churchill. What he did was obviously clumsy and Atlee pulled him up for what he did. Atlee's direction was to hand over power smoothly to the party who had the majority. What is surprising, therefore, is that Gandhi, Nehru and Patel who were Barristers were all not only taken for a ride for the clumsy or merciless job he did before and immediately after independence, but he was made Governor General. Jinna did not fall under his spell. Jinna not only got what he wanted but also treated him as his subordinate. He refused to make him Governor General of Pakistan which Mountbatten very much wanted, but also walked to his chamber without any appointment. His letters to Mountbatten were so rude as his PS told his colleague that even a peon would not have tolerated such effrontery on the part of Jinna. Apparently our leaders were less shrewd. *A related link : https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780312169855/theriseandfallofthebritishempire# E Sri Lanka Diary : Mainstream Weekly http://mainstreamweekly.net/article12510.html Conclusion The Ranil thesis has three shades: one, that liberal economy has potential to liberalize borders between nation-states. Second, authoritarian regimes tout the doctrine of "every nation for itself" . Third, the fear of Indian state among Sinhalese of Lanka can be removed by greater people to people cooperation. The fear in Pakistani mind can also be removed in a similar way .The thesis can be replicated in other parts of South Asia where there is enough good will among people especially at the periphery to connect across the border. The Ranil thesis is inextricably linked with the concept of enlightened sovereignty and humane borders. The concept has its advocates and detractors in contemporary times. The basic catalyst of change shall always remain the people of South Asia .A country like India with great power ambitions and a regional hegemon must study the causes of the economic mismanagement that brought recent change in some neighbouring countries .New Delhi also needs to study vulnerabilities of neighbouring states .A great power can easily fill up the vacuum created by a myopic vision. Former foreign minister of Israel Abba Eban stated : history tells us that men and nations behave rationally after they exhaust all alternatives". American sociologist Daniel Bell put it so beautifully that a "nation-state is too small to solve big problems and too big to solve small problems". We need to give ear to saner voices and proceed on the premise that there is no full stop in diplomacy. * (Author: Prof Gull wani is Kashmir based Political scientist. My View : Letters to the Editor dated July 11, 2022 Sri Lanka crisis This refers to ‘Anarchy in Sri Lanka’ (The Hindu Business Line, July 11). The editorial forcefully brings out the possible role India can and should play, to help Sri Lanka tide over the present crisis. India’s self-interest apart, from a humanitarian angle and in the interest of preserving democracy, India must help the people of Sri Lanka survive the crisis, which is a fallout of greed and hunger for power of the leadership. India has been making the right noises from the start of the Sri Lankan crisis, but in such emergencies, every hour counts. MG Warrier Mumbai F Leisure : Jokes in Uniform https://www.rd.com/jokes/military/ Like : Dad always bragged about the gunners on his ship. Once during target practice, an unmanned drone flew past an antiaircraft cruiser. The cruiser opened up, shells furiously flying all around the drone but not hitting it. Then came Dad's ship's turn. The gunners’ very first shot sent the drone into the water! Forty years later, Dad met the man responsible, and he told him how impressed he had been. “Yeah, I got in a lot of trouble for that,” the gunner said. “Turns out we were supposed to shoot around it, not hit it.” —Patrick McSherry G Quotes on prayers https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/prayer-quotes God, our Creator, has stored within our minds and personalities, great potential strength and ability. Prayer* helps us tap and develop these powers. A P J Abdul Kalam *Call it by any name concentration, focus, devotion anything. Once you are able to realise the powers within goal comes closer-Warrier H 1) Continued from C Some people feel more uplifted when they listen to classical music. Some others don't feel so high even if they listen to Bach or Beethoven or Mozart. Despite personal preferences, music, in general, has synchronized effect on people's brains. We just go, listen and move about with our own chores. But research scholars don't leave that way. When MRI scan of the brain of listeners was taken, it was found that music has an identical effect in all the brains. It activates brain regions that are involved in planning, attention and memory. We are not just simply processing the sound as that of a background noise or the sound of a car engine. Music is more meaningful to our brains than just any sound. Ordinary sounds are processed in Auditory cortex whereas music travels far deep and it makes designs or patterns. Because of the melody and repetition, our brains are constantly predicting what will happen next based on these patterns. That is why we tap our toes, nod our heads and make standing ovation at appropriate occasions. Though the effect of music is the same on everyone's brain, some prefer Carnatic, Some prefer Hindusthani; Some prefer only instruments and some like only light music. This is where music becomes linked to emotions. Different types of music activate the brain in different densities for different persons. The welling of emotions has been tracked electronically. and the emotions have been rated on a scale. Some music merely looks beautiful and some leaves one in raptures. When we listen to good music, we say that we are being taken altogether to a new world. Yes, it is true. Why is it so? What is the reason for that excessive enjoyment?Thanks to a chemical, Dopamine, released by the brain when we perform or listen to music. While dopamine normally helps us feel the pleasure of eating it also helps produce euphoria from illegal drugs. It's active in particular circuits of the brain. We hear that some people feel chills from particular songs by some particular persons. How the brain handles both anticipation and arrival of a musical rush-This is experienced while listening to alapanas and kalpana swaras.. PET scans of the brain showed that the listeners' brains pumped out more dopamine in a region called the striatum when listening to favourite pieces of music than when hearing other pieces. Dopamine surged in one part of the striatum during the 15 seconds leading up to a thrilling moment in that part of the brain connected with predictions, and a different part of the brain dealing with emotions when we are fully satisfied with the performer. When we go to a performance, we never even think about all these things. Research field is entirely different. It analyses deep into the scientific part of the art and the psychological and neurological impact on the performer/ listener. This will be of great significance for those who are obsessed with any art(which they say that they have a passion). People who deal with music as a therapy have to be very careful in not loading the patient with too much music resulting in excessive dopamine. Fortunately many of us just listen and forget. Is it good in a way? Ignorance is bliss. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Continued from B Bruhaspathi replied "My daughter loves a Devakumara named Gireesh. As per her horoscope, whoever marries her, would die the same night of marriage day/ I do not want any one to die just because of marrying my daughter. I have expressed my fear to him. But he is particular in marrying my daughter, whatever be the consequence. My daughter also is firm in her opinion. Narada said "even a great Gnaani gets confused when he is confronted with a problem. Better you conduct the marriage and I shall take the responsibility. What was Narada's plan? On the night of the marriage day, the couple should visit a Durga temple, close their eyes and indulge in prayer. Bruhaspathi should stand outside and direct his vision on the couple perpetually. Marriage took place. It was a simple marriage. The couple closed their eyes and engrossed in continuous meditation. Bruhaspathi was standing outside with his face directing on them. Suddenly a tiger entered the temple with a big roar. Within seconds it became calm, silently sat in a corner and moved away after some time. Within minutes a poisonous snake entered. It also came out silently. The sun rose. The couple got awakened from meditation. Bruhaspathi was surprised. He asked Narada "How did this happen? The bride groom's death was already determined." Narada replied "It is due to the merit of 'Guru Parvai". Your continuous vision made the tiger calm and made the poison of the snake totally powerless. Even Guru's mild vision would yield crores of benefits. Not to talk of your strong continuous vision. Guru's vision is stronger than guru himself. Vathsala Jayaraman 3) Continued from A5 🌿 Drinking a glass of Cola decreases body immunity for 6-8 hours because cola contains a lot of sugar 🌿 Sugar causes Alzheimer's 🌿 Sugar is a food for cancer cells. For prevention and healing, avoid sugar 🌿 Sugar causes all heart diseases 🌿 Sugar causes weight gain 🌿 Sugar causes fat accumulation 🌿 All causes of human disease are related to sugar 🌿 Doctor Raymond said: fathers forbid their children to smoke and drink alcohol but give sweets which are more dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, namely sugar 🌿 Essentially leave sugar Doctor Raymond won an award for his scientific work at the University of Frankfurt about food health, namely: "Yogurt is the highest source of calcium because a glass of yogurt contains 450mg of calcium, so ensure that you include it in your daily menu. And the best is low-fat yogurt Mint leaves are a medicine to strengthen the heart and blood circulation. If you drink mint leaves like regular tea, you can smooth your stomach and intestines, reduce disease and freshen bad breath 🌿 To cure gastric and acidity, drink a glass of hot mint leaves without added sugar Mint leaves can remove gas, strengthen the kidneys, pancreas and relieve cough, calm nerves and angry conditions, eliminate insomnia and increase diuretics Aerated drinks increase the size of a woman's waist even though it doesn't add weight Aerated drinks (colas) cause oesteoporosis, heart and kidney problems, obesity & diabetes and cavities in teeth Health hazards of energy-enhancing drinks for children : speeded up pulse, convulsions, strokes, sudden death Hijau Green tea or bitter black coffee: good because there are antioxidants that guard against cancer 🌿 Salmon, apples, grapes, cherries, blueberries, spinach are the types of foods that maintain brain cells and strengthen memory 🌿 It is a big mistake to mention that drinking water while eating and after eating causes bloating and makes digestion difficult 🌿 That's right : Water doesn't cause bloating and helps digest better than others 🌿 Walk for 30 minutes per day in 5 days per week to take care of: heart disease, sugar, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol Putih Garlic: helps reduce the chance of contracting cancer because garlic can increase immunity Onsumsi Eating warm ginger in the afternoon helps burn fat and remove toxins from the body 🌿 Try to drink a glass of water after waking up to restore fluids lost during sleep and to cleanse toxins in the body 🌿 Doctor Raymond said that he had benefited from this and would be happy if it benefits all. (For more benefits and details, you can read the book directly or see youtube shows with the title: Never Be Sick Again 1 and 2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ISgt71CRG2I


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