IIM-A sets up search committee for new Chairman | Business Standard News

IIM-A sets up search committee for new Chairman | Business Standard News


3, 2016
at the top
This refers to the report
“Naik heads IIM-A search panel to select his successor” (Business Standard, January 3). In the
past also IIM-A has practiced in letter and spirit, the management principles
and leadership traits it preached. Here we see the institution showing by
example, how succession plans at the top should be managed in organisations. In
the present case, the panel of experts headed by the present  chairman of the board of governors of the
prestigious management institute will shortlist names that can be considered
for succeeding the present chairman A M Naik who is relinquishing the position.
He will continue till his successor is appointed by the central ministry of
human resources and development(MHRD). All these ensure a healthy succession
plan in IIM-A.
In central government, of
late, there is some perceivable recognition at the highest level that there
should be continuity of leadership at the top in government, statutory bodies
and PSUs. The earlier practice of leaving top positions empty is not now
encouraged and there is a healthy change in approach to succession plans.
A related issue is,
ensuring continuity at the top in government, statutory bodies and PSUs
including banks. When a host of reform-related initiatives are on the drawing
board, unless there is a compelling reason, ‘retirement age’ or tenure given at
the time of initial appointment should not come in the way of subsequent
extensions for positions at the top. Time is opportune to have a review of
retirement age and tenure of appointments at the highest level in government
(including judiciary), statutory bodies and PSUs.
The need for continuity
and ensuring well thought out succession plans are factored in, in the
management practices of private sector giants like Tatas and in orgaisations
like IIMs for decades now. Government and public sector organisations can learn
a lot, especially about Human Resources Management practices, from such
successful organisations within the country.

G Warrier
, Mumbai


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