My find of the year from the bookshelf

My find of the year from the bookshelf: At the Delhi Book Fair last year, there was one book that could be spotted at every stall selling books at hundred rupees apiece. Titled Stoner, it had an unassuming cover featuring three worn-out boo

Excellent way to introduce a book one liked! There are many Stoners in every walk of life and there may be many more books waiting to see the light of the day several years after they are written. But, one thing is certain. Once ideas or thoughts get into the form of a published book, someone, somewhere is there who will find its value, if there is real value.
"The back cover simply tells us, “He marries the wrong woman.” A few pages into the book, the reader realises how much of an understatement of the contents that really is. His career does not seem to offer much respite as a petty battle with another professor initiates a life-long war between the two. Consequently, Stoner never really gets his due, never rises beyond assistant professor, and has to teach freshmen classes despite being a senior teacher. His travails with love — both his genuine love for his daughter and his quiet, somehow wildly passionate romance with another professor — are heartbreaking and engaging."
Read the review of the book "Stoner".

M G Warrier


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