Will the RBI Governor’s letter make a difference? - Moneylife

Will the RBI Governor’s letter make a difference? - Moneylife


I share almost all
anxieties expressed here. Let me admit, I have not had the kind of opportunity
Sucheta had, to watch businessmen, bureaucrats and men who matter on the Indian
political scene in close quarters. Still, as one who has been keeping eyes and
ears open for the last 50 years, I am tempted to be a little more optimistic
about the wind of change in India during the current decade.
The generation which is
now in the age group of 20 to 50, I find, are making their voice heard. I plead
guilty of having belonged to a generation which believed that once independence
came, political leadership, corporates and bureaucracy will manage the nation’s
economy to the country’s advantage. On a personal note, let me also admit that
majority among us were misled to believe that ‘politics’ was a forbidden fruit
for regular employees.
Back to the subject,
until ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ become responsible, no Rajan, Kejriwal or Modi can take
us out of the mess. Corrective measures have to begin from the ground level. If
people express their desire clearly, governance and regulations will change. I
consider the RBI Governor’s New Year Message as loud thoughts of a citizen who
has been watching the happenings in the country for the last 30 months or so,
with an open mind. As I have already gone on record elsewhere, the document can
become the basis for debates on future changes in the system.

M G Warrier


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