(2/2016, January 10)

This edition of Weekend Lighter(WL) is not about music. The caption is just to attract attention. The promise is, by reading, your tomorrow may become better than today. Not because the WL has anything extraordinary to offer. But because, here we get a chance to recall our own experience since childhood and get some clues to prepare for the future.

M G Warrier

Talking to make others happy
Remember, when you were 3 to 5 years old, some elderly person, an uncle, aunty, Muthassi or Mutthassan, Naana or Naani…was nice to you, who did not trouble you with uneasy questions or by scolding for not doing things properly, but guided you to become a better boy/girl, occasionally told stories and inspired you by sharing stories from his/her memory when you spent time with that person? If you are not able to place the person I am referring to, change the age-band to 5 to 10 and you will definitely identify that person. Let us call him/her FPG(Friend, Philosopher and Guide).
At whatever stage in life you are now, try to follow LPG, while interacting with others and feel the difference. Some tips:
(i)                Avoid all negatives in your conversation. If you are talking to a child, first make the child comfortable by giving an impression that you understand the child’s needs and problems. Joining in games, helping in studies, helping out when in trouble, telling stories which are of interest to the listener…there are several ways you can win the confidence of the child.
(ii)              While opening/joining a conversation, ensure that the subject is of interest to the person/s listening. Avoid hypothetical observations, especially when the subject is not very comfortable for you. There is every likelihood that you will be judged on the basis of your first comment.
(iii)            Beyond your wisdom, your views will be assessed by the listener with reference to the ‘dictionary’ s/he may have acquired over time and the responses will be with reference to that. So, be prepared for unexpected twists in interactions.
(iv)            While in a hospital situation, avoid sharing negative and uncomfortable experiences with patient and bye-standers.
 M G Warrier

January 10,2016


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