Succession plans

This refers to the report “Govt Shortlists 7 Names for Sebi Top Post” (Economic Times, January 14). It is heartening to see that, of late, there is an effort to fill top positions in statutory bodies and PSUs as and when they fall vacant. Still, there is no evidence to show that the need for robust succession plans and longer tenures for responsible positions at the top having been factored in, in the selection procedures.
SBI Chairperson Arundhati Bhattacharya who has just completed 3 years in that position and will be retiring in March this year is doing well in her present position and should have been considered for an extended tenure at SBI, if necessary by giving giving age relaxation,  instead of luring her by inviting to SEBI for a five year term.
Including in judiciary, top positions should not become temporary stop-overs for career-minded bureaucrats for improving their CV for the next long-term assignment elsewhere including private sector.



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