January 27, 2016
Suitable system
This refers to Shashi Tharoor’s observation that “Parliamentary System is ill-suited for India” (Economic Times, January 26). Sure, coming from the historian-cum-administrator turned parliamentarian on the eve of Republic Day, the idea will have many takers in the media and debates will follow to come to a consensus on a suitable system. Perhaps, Tharoor could have initiated the debate inside his own party which cannot disown responsibility for evolving the prevailing system of governance for the country during the first half of last century. Without worrying about the timing or motives, India need to dispassionately ponder over what made the scholar politician make the observation.
The events during the current decade call for a relook at the efficacy of the present federal system. From the Non-Congress-non-BJP and Non-BJP-non-Communist approaches of political parties in a scenario where there is no escape from coalition politics to the latest events in Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh justify the need for such a review. But, here the initiatives should come from major political parties and individual opinion like the one coming from Tharoor can only be an input for deliberations.


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