What Gandhi means to me

What Gandhi means to me: He stopped at the thresholds of the huts of the thousands of dispossessed, dressed like one of their own. He spoke to them in their own language. Here was living truth at last, and not only


This tribute by Octogenarian poet Jayanta Mahapatra is special. Find out why.


"Years after independence, one questions the society we live in. Where is the equitable distribution of wealth Gandhi dreamt of? What progress can we be proud of when most of our tribal population is in rebellion against the government and farmers commit suicide because of debts they are unable to repay? And when will we learn to rule ourselves?
In moments when I am alone, and poetry pushes me against my will into a wide, wide expanse of loneliness, I think of him and his courage — the mature convictions of a frail old man who could once walk into Number Ten of a famous London street wearing merely a short dhoti. I might not agree with all that he said, but he could make me break out of the loneliness of my solitary being to grow into something greater."

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