Letters: A country in transition | Business Standard Letters

Letters: A country in transition | Business Standard Letters

Business Standard, January 5, 2016


A Country in Transition

With reference to T C A Srinivasa-Raghavan's article, "A paradox for Mr Modi" (Business Standard, January 4), the brief but excellent presentation of the change of guard in the capital of the largest democracy during the last 65 years makes the article a collector's item. The writer has brought out the rise and fall of all in a manner that future historians might record the events in Delhi while putting together the country's parliamentary history.

What the writer almost misses is the context and content of the change that has taken place in Delhi in the current decade. Here, the article goes with the perception of the common man, keeping aside the historian's mantle. Those who voted in the 2014 general elections were fed up with the manipulations of coalition politics and wanted change. They saw in and change agents, not only because of their Bharatiya Janata Party-Gujarat and anti-corruption crusade backgrounds. They saw two individuals speaking out on issues that had been waiting to be expressed for decades. As neither of the two leaders had political lineage or depended on a particular vote bank, India decided to give them a chance.

Analysts as well as the media are still judging the two leaders on the same scale that was used to measure their predecessors. Marks are being awarded on the basis of their ability to win future elections. But at present, both of them are trying to fulfil the promises they had made before the 2014 elections, rather than keeping an eye on prospects in the next election. Both are likely to complete their present terms. People will decide at the end of the two leaders' terms whether they deserve a second chance, based on their performance.
M G Warrier Mumbai


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