I want to de-Lutyenise news media: Arnab Goswami

I want to de-Lutyenise news media: Arnab Goswami: 'Republic TV is independent from old media. Rajdeep and the others have had it good for too long.'...

Brand 'Arnab'

Apropos “Arnab’s world” (Business Standard, Lunch with BS, April 1), though one is not sure whether the story introduced Republic TV the way Arnab himself would have done it, Vanita Kohli-Khandekar can feel happy having made Arnab speak out his mind about what Arnab-watchers can expect when the new channel gets launched. Rajeev Chandrasekhar-Mohandas Pai-Arnab venture will definitely change the way electronic media has been performing so far during the current decade.
Though print and electronic media are using the advancement in technology, when it comes to opinion-making and forcing online corrections in processes of governance, Indian media has not exploited the vast possibilities open, perhaps only in India today. In a way, we were feeling the absence of Arnab Goswamy during the post-demonetization days and during (and more after) the recent Assembly elections.
It will be difficult to find another of the same accomplishments like Kalam, T N Seshan (Election Commission), Sreedharan (Railways), Kejriwal (Politics), Raghuram Rajan (Financial Sector) and Arnab Goswamy (active journalism). If we do not recognize their value and exploit their abilities to the full advantage of the nation, the loss is more for the country than to the individuals concerned. Viewed from this angle we should appreciate the support being extended to Arnab by Pai and Chandrasekhar.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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