Time’s AAP

Time’s AAP: Delhi municipal polls signal the end of the road for Arvind Kejriwal and a further fall into irrelevance for the Congress...

Understanding what’s AAP

This refers to your editorial “Time’s AAP” (The Hindu Business Line, April 27). By comparing Aam Aadmi Party’s performance in elections with that of other political parties, we are doing a great injustice to the commonsense of the common man which conceived the idea of AAP. Media and analysts today are using the same scale to measure the performance of
Congress which had monopoly over the country’s political platform from pre-independence days to 1970’s, BJP which emerged as a power to reckon with during the current decade in certain circumstances and AAP which is the off-shoot of a movement called India Against Corruption(IAC) and did not have political ambitions till its leadership by experience realized that politics was the only route to influence governance in India.
It wouldn’t be off the mark to observe that if freedom movement and Congress were responsible for India’s independence, IAC and AAP played a definite role in waking up citizens and telling them about the constitution given to the people and the rights and responsibilities emanating from the Constitution.
Politics being what it is, it is too early to write off AAP, going by the Delhi local bodies election results. While BJP just retained its 2012 vote share of 36 plus percent, Congress and all other parties suffered set backs and AAP which was not in the race in 2012 secured 26 percent votes and 48 seats in 2017. This is no mean achievement.
G Warrier, Mumbai


Unknown said…
good analysis. thanks.rangasayee.
Chittanandam said…
I beg to differ with you.


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