Letters: A 'Kerala model'

Letters: A 'Kerala model': Cooperatives across India had more than their share of problems post-demonetisation...

A 'Kerala model'*
The latest ordinance promulgated by the Kerala government has objectives much beyond restructuring of the management of district cooperative banks (DCBs). It will, hopefully, pave the way for the formation of Kerala Cooperative Bank through the merger of Kerala State Cooperative Bank and all DCBs in the state, a dream project of the CM which found a mention in Communist Party of India (Marxist)’s manifesto for the last assembly elections. Close on the heels of the merger of State Bank of Travancore with State Bank of India the formation of a big local bank gains significance. If the new entity is able to gain scheduled bank status and the political leadership allows it to function with efficiency and professionalism, a history of sorts will be made in the cooperative sector and may emerge as yet another “Kerala model” for others to follow.

Cooperatives across India had more than their share of problems post-demonetisation. It is comforting to find that Kerala has understood the urgency in finding a solution to a problem that has arisen due to continued neglect of an institutional system which has been serving the semi-urban and rural areas of India, with all constraints. There are no alternative conduits to ensure banking service to their clientele in semi-urban and rural areas.

M G Warrier   Mumbai

*Letters, Business Standard, April 14, 2017


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