Cut out any doubt

Cut out any doubt: The jury’s still out on the reliability of EVMs...

Restore credibility and trust
Apropos “Cut out any doubt” (Business Line, From the viewsroom, April 12), it has to be conceded that this decade has seen deterioration of trust in all walks of life in India. The political parties who happened to land in opposition benches who magnify all types of allegations against governments in power are  equally responsible for this state of affairs, as are citizens who have developed a special interest in sensational and ‘spicy’ gossips spread by social media.
Media and political leadership have perfected the art of converting even normal police action or routine deliberations in courts into stories with focus on ‘failure of governance’. This trend needs to be reversed.
Institutions like Election Commission, CAG, Reserve Bank of India and even courts are being dragged into controversies by politicians and media making common man suspect the trustworthiness of all pillars of democracy in India. It is also true that all along these institutions have stood the tests and sufficient credibility in the system is left from which we can build up an edifice of trust.
The EVMs could be made a test case. It will be ridiculous to abandon a technology-driven voting system, built up over years and  which is working well, succumbing to pressures. But credibility need to be restored.
It would not be cost-effective to reintroduce paper ballot or even to have the so called ‘Voter Verified Paper Audut Trail Machines’. But it should be possible to have both paper ballots and EVMs in a small percentage of polling booths with which it would be easy to establish that there are no manipulations in EVMs. May be, experiments should go on, till trust and credibility are restored.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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