Former FM Chidambaram's budget criticism

Chidambaram slams budget, says Centre set unrealistic targets - Business Line

My response:
Assuming the former finance minister P Chidambaram is right on facts and figures, one wonders why no suggestions for alternative approaches to achieve the targeted milestones in the budget presented were not made in the reported version of the Rajya Sabha member’s speech. It is also not clear whether Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had considered and rejected any of the suggestions offered by former FM or his party during the pre-budget exercise which included calling for suggestions for Budget 2019-20 from public.
The above observation is in the context of the Honourable Rajya Sabha member not having expressed any reservations about the ‘targets’ in the budget while doubting the prospects of achieving those targets. Citizens expect nation’s development planning to be a joint effort by the elected representatives  in legislatives belonging to the ruling party and the opposition. Government, on their side should draw from the pool of experience available in the opposition.
M G Warrier, Mumbai


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