Manu S Pillai's third book with focus on history

‘Indian history is more than dynasties and battles’: Manu S Pillai - If Mahatma Gandhi had lived 125 years!

I'm a "Manu" watcher, ever since I procured a copy of "The Ivory Throne" (The book is a well-researched document covering the history of Travancore with focus on the Royal families) written by him.
Manu Pillai was associated with a BBC project ( The Incarnations audio series by Sunil Khilnani for which Manu was the researcher) The Ivory Throne, which involved extensive travels, research and interviews, Manu informs, was entirely self funded!

This is the third book by Manu S Pillai with a focus on history. Now, when he says, he's toying with the idea of accepting "writing" as a career option, it doesn't surprise me.

M G Warrier


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