Get inspired: A gambling experience in the United States

Adventures of an amateur gambler- Get inspired from a gambling experience!

By not visiting US, how many things I've missed in life?
A journey by road: 2000 km in 15 hours ( Of course, all have not travelled with family, 600 km in 24 hrs in a corporation ambulance: I have, in 1979!)
Making $250 overnight by gambling (I have saved ₹5/- over a period of one year, invested the amount in GOI Prize Bond Scheme in 1960 while in College, checked every month when prizes were announced and finally collected maturity proceeds ₹6.25 in 1965 when my salary was ₹200 plus!)
Each one get unique opportunities and go through different experiences in life. Really we don't miss what's reserved for us.

M G Warrier


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