Marriage and Politics

Some questions over an ancient tradition - Marriage and Politics

Please open the link and read till the last word. Chances are, you'll get "enlightened". If you don't, don't take the trouble of reading again. It's not for you.

M G Warrier
This link was shared with my friends. A friend responded:


People do not often know why they marry. I do not know if I did. People marry because it is the custom. Or they see people around them married and they just fall in line.

Do we ask each other (i.e. the would be married) what we expect from each other? Perhaps not. If we ever did, most of us might not have married too? Because marriage involves great "sacrifice" on the part of the individuals choosing to marry each other. If they choose to surrender their own individuality, freedom, style of life, et al, it is clear that they expect something superior from married life which comes at such heavy sacrifice.

Is there any such thing as "successful" marriage? We get married, "carry on" the journey of married life, despite many odds and thorns on the way. In course of time, the life becomes routine! There is apparently no such thing as successful or failed marriage. These are states of mind, emotional in outlook and arise from inability to withstand the sacrifice made earlier!

The author talks of successful married life rather than lasting marriage. One leads to the other!!  In Indian traditions, even unsuccessful marriages by and large do not lead to ending married life, life goes on.......Sita, Draupadi, Damayanthi, Chandramathi, Ahalya, Mandodari and others did not choose to divorce, when according to the current social beliefs and reactions, they all had a strong case for divorce!

Marriage as an institution preserves some sanctity in inerpersonal intersexual human relationship. But for this institution, human beings would have been no better or no worse than the other animals around. Marriage is at least to this extent worth it."


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