Writing with single finger: Full circle

An affair from school rekindled- More about Pen : Nostalgia


Writing, which started with a finger, has come full circle. First, my Guru helped me write the first letter with a finger in rice spread out on a plate (or leaf?). Guru used a sharp iron rod to write all Malayalam alphabets on a couple of dry palm leaf pieces. The astrologer wrote my horoscope also on a bunch of palm leaves. Then I used slate pencil. After several promotions, to led pencil, steel pen, ink pen, ball point pen...post-retirement, I'm back to using single finger for writing. On this smart phone, which makes me feel less smart.
We had a typist in RBI, Thiruvananthapuram who used only index fingers of his hands while typing on the Remington typewriter.
He must be smiling from heaven now, finding his erstwhile colleagues who made fun of him during 1960's, struggling to key in "Good Morning" messages on mobile phones gifted by grandchildren.

M G Warrier


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