Saadharana Dharma and Visesha Dharma

The greater avatara* - Sadharana Dharma and Visesha Dharma
*Please see the link that follows the observations by Shri C V Sivaraman quoted below:
M G Warrier

Superficially looking, Rama looks more theoretical, while Krishna more practical. Krishna is result oriented, He wants results to be achieved, no matter what means are adopted. He (K) therefore persuades Yudhishthira to tell a "lie" to secure Drona's ending, wants the Pandavas to approach Bhishma to secure his advice as to how Bhishma can be disabled in the war(!), plays a mischievous role for getting the plan of Gandhari to save Duryodhana foiled, etc. That He Himself suffers in the process does not matter for Him: he accepts the curse of Gandhari with equanimity! Rama is more concerned about preserving "dharma": He insists on fulfilling the "demands" of Kaikeyi, goes to the forest forsaking the kingdom, observes righteousness even when fighting enemies, and goes to the extent of asking Sita to undergo Agni Pariksha and later on forsaking Sita in the forest during his pregnancy in order to satisfy the world at large. In today's norms, Rama could be accused of committing serious offence of domestic violence! So too Krishna of committing sexual harassment (His leelaas). Dharma is not static; it changes. We say Yuga Dharma. So there is no use of comparing the avataaraas and evaluating which is better or worse.

C V Subbaraman

The greater avatara - Sadharana Dharma and Visesha Dharma
The greater avatara - Sadharana Dharma and Visesha Dharma

In different roles, duties also differ.

M G Warrier


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