Role Model to Roll Model: Professor G Padmanaban

From role model to ROLL MODEL
I'm a follower of The Hindu Open Page for the last several years. Occasionally, I've also contributed articles to Open Page, as the page accepts articles from people who are not really "writers". 
Today, I read two other Open Page articles, keeping this one for "serious" reading (it deserves serious reading, I agree) later in the day. Professor G Padmanaban is a former Director of the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and Chancellor of the Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. He is a NASI-Platinum Jubilee Senior Scientist with the Department of Biochemistry, IISC, and Senior Science Innovation Advisor to the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. His email is
(Source: Open Page).
Copied the above details because I want you to listen to him seriously.
The only other person, whom I know and, I think, pursues life with similar attitude is C V Subbaraman (former Regional Director, RBI, Ahmadabad, now settled in Mysuru). CVS is not pursuing central banking post-retirement, though.
Remembered Dr N Gopalakrishnan of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage who is a post-graduate in Biochemistry from Kerala University. I was aware Philosophy, Music and Mathematics go together. Now I'll add Biochemistry to the trio!
I've come a long way from the article. I was trying to formulate a couple of sentences that'll describe the article. The article will help you think about life in a different perspective, different from the perspective you pursued all along (the sample I have surveyed for coming to this conclusion is unitary, myself!). The other person, who looks good and answering "Fine" to your stereotype "How are you?" is just bluffing because he knows you can't solve all his problems. But, a stage comes in everyone's life, one feels the "loneliness in the crowd". 
Writers unload (these days, the correct word is upload?😊) the heaviness in their chests by putting their thoughts down. I've seen others who get unburdened by writing daily diary. People like Padmanaban Sir cannot afford that luxury as there's the risk of their diaries getting published later.
He represents a class of seniors and super-seniors to which several celebrities of Indian Intellectual World belonged/belong.
Best Wishes to Professor Padmanaban
M G Warrier


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