Manu to Modi: Information, truth, untruths and politics

Online comments posted:
It is a universally admitted truth that the rich and the powerful make decisions for all others. But, till recently, the decision-makers also decided the quantum of information that should be in public domain and in what form. The technology explosion has made it difficult to maintain secrecy and literally, from ‘Mantras’ to ‘Manthri’s thoughts’ have become accessible on the internet.
This article asks intelligent questions provoking thoughts on fundamental issues. Like, “Who decided Tribals are Hindus?”. Thus paving the way for corrections in our approach to basic issues like religion, politics and poverty. Perhaps, the author’s book referred to above may answer some of the questions raisedin this article. But more important is, hopefully, this article may help open a healthy debate on how misinformation and untruth are branded and sold in the political open market without attracting any penal provisions of law.
M G Warrier, Mumbai

I have picked up this article for some selfish reasons. I need a diversion from the normal. As I have not read much so far, anything in print looks good for me. This article by Sanjoy Chakravorty (first, one wonders in how many different ways this surname can be spelt. From personal experience, I can vouch, each "Chakravarty" has a different identity and attitude), author of a 2019 book "The Truth About Us: The Politics of Information from Manu to Modi", can sweep away the present mess of garbage in my mind, temporarily.
Welcome to join me. 
You are free not to open the link, if comfortable with what's happening on the "Information Front" around you.
If you open the link, you will be confronted with more questions than answers. 
That suits me.

M G Warrier


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