Warrier's Collage Highlights: May 2, 2021

Warrier's Collage Highlights: May 2, 2021 A Idea of Gift https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/the-idea-of-gift-31516/ Excerpts: " We know for sure, gifts that come to us as part of sales promotion campaigns are not “free” and their prices are concealed in the prices we pay for articles we actually buy. One wonders, what are the components of MRP (Maximum Retail Price) and what is withholding formulation and implementation of a transparent pricing policy. If you extend the thought, they say, “there’s no free lunch”. The value of the gift you get is directly proportional to your “paying capacity” or the estimated value of the expected “return gift”. That takes us to the relatively grey area of return gifts or more clearly stated, the art and science of recovery of the cost of gifts given." B Creating critical thinkers: https://thg.page.link/JySHyRqgZczQ7WjU8 Excerpts: "Despite the pandemic unleashing in full force, the debate over the last month has entailed a mindless conversation over holding or postponing board examinations instead of exploring alternatives. Rather than viewing this unprecedented situation as a unique opportunity for re-imagining educational assessments and evaluations in a world that no longer looks the same, the government insists on the possibility of holding exams in person and posing a further threat to the lives of loved ones. Alternative ways of thinking Students and parents have valid concerns about the future, which include admissions to higher educational institutions. Nonetheless, considering we are in a worldwide crisis where India cannot afford to have gatherings of small/big groups, why aren’t virtual educational committees being organised to rethink approaches on assessing student learning? For instance, one of the challenges is deemed as students ‘cheating’ if the exams were to be conducted online. However, if question papers were designed in a way that encouraged students to critically engage with the material, contest perspectives and build opinions, no book would be able to provide all the answers." C Hope https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/kittu-says/hope-the-need-of-this-junction-of-time-31529/ Excerpts: "They might be fighting with something what they are unable to share to their ones thinking of they all won’t understand…… But can’t we win their trust being a stranger & be the one in front of whom they can light their heavy heart…. Guys, we never know how helpful our few softly spoken words could be helpful to a person who’s fighting with something really deep in his/her heart…." D Warriers & Warriors* Notable people called Variar, Variyar, or Warrier include: Unnayi Variyar - poet, writer, scholar, dramatist who lived in Kerala during the later part of the 17th century. Ramapurathu Warrier -pioneer of the "Vanchipattu" or Boat-song form of poetry in Malayalam language. Ikkanda Warrier (1890–1977) - the first and the last Prime Minister of the state of Cochin, India, beginning in 1948.[1] Sankara Variyar - an astronomer-mathematician of the Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics. N. V. Krishna Warrier - an Indian poet, journalist, scholar, academician and political thinker. P. K. Warrier - Indian Ayurvedic physician. P. K. R. Warrier - a cardiothoracic surgeon, author and social activist. Manju Warrier - an Indian film actress and dancer in the Malayalam film industry. Sankarankutty Sandeep Warrier - an Indian first-class cricketer. Sachin Warrier - playback singer and composer in the Malayalam cinema industry. Mridula Warrier - playback singer. Rajashree Warrier - Bharata Natyam dancer. Shashi Warrier - author. Madhu Warrier - actor and producer. Gopi Warrier - pseudoscientist specialising in Ayurvedic medicine, playwright and poet. CBC Warrier - Ex-Member of Legislative Assembly (Kerala) Dr.GK Warrier - Famous physician, diagnostician , Prof of Medicine- Alopathy Chowallur Krishnan kutty- Poet, Journalist, lyricist, Script writer, actor 🙏🙏🙏 *Forward received from Sudha Warrier Mumbai ( A Google Search for these surnames gave more results 🙏-Warrier. Like: "The term Variyar has its origin in the Dravidian word 'Variyam' (Malayalam: വാരിയം /വാര്യം; Tamil: வாரியம், romanized: vāriyam), which refers to a committee or a board. Variyam refers to an office of supervision. Thus variyar is a supervising officer or a member of a supervisory board or committee. The word is commonly used in the plural form as Variar (Varian + -ar) to denote respect. The feminine equivalent of Variar is Varassyar. It is a combination of Variacchi/Variyassi/Variaththi (வாரியச்சி) and the plural suffix -ar." *** Thirumuruga Kirupanandha Variyar was a Shaivite spiritual teacher from India. He was a Murugan devotee who helped rebuild and complete the works on many of the temples across the state. He is known for his discourses on various Shaivite legends. *** Search results for Warrier/Author included M G Warrier also!-🙏-Collage)


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