Warrier's COLLAGE May 28, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday MAY 28, 2021 Believe in Destiny https://youtu.be/lnOvE5OvjEc (Link Selected by: M G Warrier Mumbai) Good Morning Many Thanks to all of you whose Best Wishes and Prayers made the occasion of our 48th Wedding Anniversary a more wonderful and memorable one. On May 26, 2021, Ex-RBite K S Vijayaraghavan and wife Vijayalakshmi celebrated Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary by arranging Annadhanam for underprivileged inmates in UDAVUM KARANGAL by offering donations. Collage joins others in congratulating them and wishing the couple Ayurarogyasaukhyam πŸ™ Nice Day M G Warrier Satsangam with Panchapagesan More about Upanishads Let us know more about Upanishads. Eyes see The World, Mind sees The Eyes, Inner Soul perceives the working of The Mind. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Chapter V* Second Brahmana The Three principal Virtues Da. Da. Da Gods , Asuras, Men——-all descendants of Prajapati——- Lived with him for a time as students. Then the gods said : “Teach us, Sir!”. In reply Prajapati uttered one syllable. “Da” Then he said. “Have you understood?” They answered : “Yes, we have understood. You said to us, “Damayata—-Be Self controlled” “Yes.” agreed Prajapati : “You have understood”. Then the Asuras said : “Teach us, Sir?” Prajapati uttered the same syllable. “Da” he said : "Have you understood?" They said : "Yes, we have understood. You told us “Dayadhwam, Be compassionate.” "Yes" he responded with affirmative. Finally the men said : "Teach us, Sir." He uttered the same syllable, Da and asked them whether they had understood. "Datta—-Be charitable" came the reply. Prajapati agreed and said : "Yes." THE STORM CLOUD THUNDERED: Da, Da, Da.. Be self controlled Be compassionate Be charitable Shantih. Shantih. Shantih V. T. Panchapagesan *Link for more information: http://www.upanishads.kenjaques.org.uk/Brihadaranyaka_Upanishad_Chapter_Five.html A Interaction : Representative responses 1) S R Badrinarayanan CheΓ±nai Happy Wedding Anniversary Many more happy returns of 27.5 to all those who got married on this Day. ... Badri (Thanks for all the Best Wishes and Prayers πŸ™-Warrier) 2) P P Ramachandran Mumbai WE ARE DELIGHTED TO LEARN THAT YOU AND SUDHA COMPLETED 48 YEARS OF WEDDED LIFE. OUR BEST WISHES AND BLESSINGS. WE COMPLETED 52 YEARS OF MARRIED LIFE. THIS BOUQUET IS FOR YOU. SHARE WITH KIDS. PPR (Many Thanks, PPR Sir. We (all of us) are going through a time when we need the joint Prayers πŸ™ blessings and best wishes most. Pranaam to both of you and Aayurarogyasaukhyam to you and all your near and dear ones M G Warrier Mumbai) 3) Madan Gauria Mumbai Message to Exrbites Group: Dear Friends, If you have seen today's Warrier's Collage you have definitely missed the most important item of the day. Anyway you are not to be blamed since it is mentioned in such a casual manner that any one will miss it. This is one sign of great people. Let us convey our heartiest greetings to Mr & Mrs Warrier on the occasion of their 48th wedding anniversary. Wishing them many many more years of happy married life. I attach the photo which is at the tail end of collage. You can instantly recognise them with their innocent faces on right. madan gauria M-1 (Madanji, I have no words to express thanks for this kindness. As always, you are too generous. Let's all pray together for the health and happiness of all of us.πŸ™-Warrier) 4) Pankajam Narayanan Mumbai Wishing both of you a very happy wedding anniversary. God bless with more and more years of healthy and happy togetherness. Our Best Wishes to your brother-in-law and wife also. 5) R Jayakumar Mumbai Happy Wedding Anniversary... My hearty greetings and best wishes to the couples Mrs & Mr Dr T V Surendran and Mrs & Mr M G Warrier who were married in the year 1973 on the same day in the same venue. Lot of money saved on decoration and feasting!! You have touched the forty-eighth year and soon be celebrating the Golden Anniversary too. May God bless both the couples immensely. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 🌷🌹 R Jayakumar 6) Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady Wedding Anniversary Supplement by your colleagues, Temples in Kerala , including our Lokanarkavu and various sumptuous delicacies, served by the regular contributors like Vathsala Jayaraman, Babusenan, Panchapagesan, Khelkar, Subbaraman, Vijayaraghavan... πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ§πŸ¬ And above all "Nalla" words by Nallasivan... Altogether, today's Collage was a feast on our Wedding Anniversary πŸ™πŸ™ 7) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Secret of Happy Marriage The secret of a Happy Marriage may never be revealed. But is Happy Marriage a contradiction in terms? Just like Yudhishtira told the Yaksha who posed a series of questions to him, man wants to live as long as possible despite death being certain, most of the creatures including the so-called rational being Man (and woman) wishes to marry and gets this momentary thought implemented. It was Thomas Hardy who wrote : "If a man is foolish enough to fall in love with a woman, he should not double his foolishness by marrying her...." But strangely, even George Bernard Shaw, who spoke disparagingly about marriage, eventually married - to Charlotte Townsend! He only asked later why should the institution of marriage have the approval of a Church. That only would lead us to the lesson that marriage is right if one gets married to the right person! That is really the problem which has been elusive for many centuries!! subbaraman B Book Review Best Speed Reading Books https://www.readlax.com/blog/en/7_best_speed_reading_books "The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page." - "TEN THINGS Your Elementary School Teacher Told You AND Your Secondary School Teacher Should Have Told You NOT to Do Anymore! 1. You have to read every word. 2. You need to sound out every word aloud or in your head. 3. Don't use your hands or fingers to help read. 4. You need to completely understand everything you read. 5. You need to remember everything you read. 6. Go for quantity — the more the better. 7. Don't skim, that's cheating. 8. Don't write in your books. 9. It doesn't matter what you read as long as you read. 10. Speed is not important." - "In the process of trying to upgrade your skills, you begin working with a new set of strategies. Ironically, instead of getting instantly better, you initially get worse. This is what I call "unlearning to relearn." However, over time, with perseverance and repetition, your skills improve." C Reading & Writing : A New Beginning in Time Management Recently, there was some exchange of views among the members of a couple of Email Groups where I am also a member, about unmanageable size, number and frequency of mails received. Time Management is the personal business of each individual and there are no textbook methods to do that perfectly. While in school and College, I couldn't buy some of the text books and I managed by borrowing from friends and depending on notes given in the classroom. Once I got a job, occasionally I used to buy books and I had access to the books in two or three libraries. I was, and still am a slow reader. During the last 55 plus years I have collected hundreds of books. Couldn't read many of them. We have different approaches to read different types of articles/books/documents. We read study materials, newspapers, magazines, office files, legal documents, letters and notices/posters at different speeds. Our reading speed is need-based. So, we should be able to decide priorities and manage our reading time. More later. D Readers' Contribution 1) S Nallasivan Hyderabad The Secret of a Happy marriage is a secret! How true, the mΓ rried men and women should not share all the things in an attempt to keep their life as an open book. One may have to regret the folly when such shared secrets come to hound at inappropriate and inconvenient time much to embarrassment. Every married man should have secret Chambers, to be buried along with. Who knows Anantha Padmanabha Swamy had one more Chamber full of secrets as he married more than one woman. Because after 25 years of Marriage Melinda had to call it a day. The secret behind has come to hound the couple. When discussing about the left and marriage naturally K R.Gouri and her marriage draws our attention She was left oriented and hence had to part with the right sided husband T V Thomas. Possibly T V Thomasa was saved from the tyranny of marriage by rigid Party discipline. On the left handed persons, I was informed after fixing the alliance for my younger sister that my would be brother-in-law has been a left handed person and he writes even with his left hand and the saving grace was he used his right hand for eating. My experience has taught me that left handed persons, of course from my own experience, were whimsical and queer. My brother-in-law did not invite me, the maternal uncle, for his son's marriage. In those days more than one marriage taking place simultaneously were not uncommon. Brothers, I have observed especially Malayalees think of marriage for self after their female siblings are well settled in matrimony. How could Dr T V Surendran be any different and he consented for marriage only after the last girl in the family, possibly the darling of the family too entered matrimony. Though Warrier is senior to me and a better human than me in many ways, got married exactly one year after I got married on 1st June 1972. We are fortunate to get to see the Temple of Lokanarkavil. Many Temples in the South especially in Tamilnadu maintained a marriage hall, as marriages brokered and conducted in Temples carry the added blessings of the presiding deity along with Her/His entourage. The Thirukadaiyur Abirami Amirthakadeswarar temple is renowned for celebrating Shastipurthi, at Sixty years when the bridegroom has the pleasure of marrying the same woman, the light of his Life. It is a strange and unique coming together of the would be Yoga Teacher with a man who would take to Pen. Now we know the secret of the Happy Marriage of the Warriers as they took care to keep it a secret. We take this opportunity to wish all the best to the couple whose togetherness is two years shy of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Thangamani - Dr T V Surendran Sudha - M G Warrier. S Nallasivan 2) Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Gifted Kids Some children are amazing kids who are well-read for their age. The parents and teachers recognize the giftedness early on.In US the kids are getting more challenging tasks at school so that they don't get bored (not extra homework but advanced tasks than peers). There is one Davidson Academy in US to take extra interest in gifted kids. Parents provide constant encouragement with books, discussion, new NASA videos , and more complex concepts .They encourage the child into Martial Arts also. The biggest challenge is to keep the child motivated. He does not like repetitive tasks and can get frustrated with same-age kids. He works well with younger kids (where he can be in charge) or older kids (where he can argue/discuss a topic beyond his years). He doesn't make friends easily. In fact, he doesn't have any friends at all and he is a happy child. The parents should help him keep himself motivated when a new topic gets too challenging or easy. If the motivation is achieved from external measures such as parental approval or someone always available to alleviate boredom, it will wane away as he grows older. If a child is happy and seems perfectly fine with zero friends, leave it be. The child can be happy when his interactions are limited to parents, sibling, and teachers in an online program for the gifted. As a parent we naturally want to see our child have friends and stay in touch with them. But we need to also recognize and accept that when this not happening it is also totally fine.He probably doesn’t connect with his peers because his intellectual level is three to four grade levels above them. At Davidson he will probably not be the smartest kid in the class and it will help him make friends. He’ll thrive there. It’s a school made for kids like him. Parenting is hard. Be it a typical child, gifted, twice exceptional or profoundly gifted. It’s harder for kids who are more sensitive than typical children. It’s hard to parent highly sensitive kids. Some children seem gifted in early years and become normal later. We have a gifted niece in the family my cousin's daughter. He treated her like a normal child and encouraged her when needed. Did not put any undue pressure on her or too much praising or boasting. That kid was a mathematical genius. Enjoyed it like a plaything. Which people think is a big complicated maths she used to do as if it is a routine. Now that girl is a prof. in maths in Bombay ....umpteen number of papers to her credit. What everyone doesn’t understand is that there is gifted and then there is profoundly gifted. A gifted child will still be able to thrive in a regular school environment with like aged peers with some pull out programs for academics here and there. Profoundly gifted kids are way ahead of even the gifted kids and it’s hard to keep them motivated but not pressured. It’s also hard to teach them because they truly have splinter skills. They are highly accomplished in one area whereas not so much in others while still being ahead globally. Eighty percent of the parents are worried about the incapacitated children.Here are kids,extremely capable,yet parents are too much worried. I do not know whether we have special schools in India catering to the needs of gifted few. Some psychologists are of opinion that it is better children study along with normal kids so that they may not get boasted.Real giftedness blooms automatically after the child attains the age of 15 and no specific efforts are needed to bring out the talents and it is more automatic. Any experience of dealing with specially gifted children/grand children will be great help to share. Vathsala Jayaraman E Guest Column : B S Raghavan Fading Footprints: Forthcoming book by B S Raghavan I give below an extract from my memoirs -- FADING FOOTPRINTS -- soon to be published: B S Raghavan As secretary of the National Integration Council (NIC) right from its inception in 1961, I worked with three prime ministers who were also its chairpersons. Expectedly, Jawaharlal Nehru as the Founder-Chairman made use of the Council to the maximum extent. Indeed they were his brain-children and national, emotional and cultural integration was his life-long passion. Lai Bahadur Shastri’s tenure (1964-66) as PM was too short and too tumultuous (with a war with Pakistan in 1965 thrown in) for him to call a meeting of the NIC. Indira Gandhi convened the Council only twice during her two spells of prime ministership. The Council in its very first session in January 1962, at Nehru’s instance, set up three committees to study and make recommendations on issues which were regarded as of paramount concern for the healthy growth of Indian democracy and the emotional integration of the polyglot polity. Nehru was clear as to what those issues were: Combating communalism, countering regionalist and fissiparous tendencies, and harnessing mass media to these ends. I was sitting behind Nehru when he looked around the Vigyan Bhavan conference hall at the dignitaries (who included colossi such as Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Zakir Hussein, Vikram Sarabhai and other names to conjure with) and himself picked the chairpersons and members of the committees one by one. He made Asoka Mehta the chairperson of the committee on national integration and communalism with A.B.Vajpayee, Indira Gandhi, E.M.S. Namboodripad, Prof, Mujeeb and a couple of others as members. He had no difficulty in choosing Prithvi Raj Kapoor as the chairperson of the committee on mass media with prominent media and film personalities as members. (Incidentally, mark the fact that as early as 1961 Nehru had the farsightedness to put mass media at the centre-stage as an important means of forging a sense of identity as Indians). Whom to make the chairperson of the committee to study and recommend measures to deal with regional and separatist movements? With his spectacles hanging precariously at the tip of his nose and an impish smile playing on his lips, and with an exquisite sense of irony, Nehru looked at C.P.Ramaswami Iyer, and ever so sweetly, asked: “Ramaswami, why don’t you chair the committee? You are the fittest person I can think of!” Was it my fancy or was it a fact I cannot tell: There was a giant sucking sound with which this choice was greeted and no wonder. Someone like CP in today’s political culture would have been hounded out of public life, if not physically eliminated. At the minimum he would have been harassed by employing the power of the state in every conceivable manner to crush him. For, he was widely perceived to have worked against the freedom movement by overt and covert means and ratted on the freedom heroes. He also moved earth and heaven for the continuance of the British Rule, even to the extent of goading the Chamber of Princes to declare the independence of the princely States. Every schoolboy knew that CP himself led the pack by proclaiming that Travancore would stand forth as an independent entity when the British quit India. I remember asking Lal Bahadur Shastri about the induction of this staunch separatist into a Council meant to work for integration. Shastri replied: “Nehru strongly believes that the most vital prerequisite to national integration is emotional integration which is not possible unless present and erstwhile opponents on the political plane were also integrated into his effort”. However that be, plainly startled by Nehru’s question, CP squirmed in his seat and looked around perhaps to see whether Nehru meant him or somebody else. To his embarrassment, Nehru repeated his suggestion to which CP quietly submitted. Nehru took particular care to include in this committee headed by CP political heavyweights such as Y.B.Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Biju Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa, B.P.Chaliha, Chief Minister of Assam and Kamaraj, Chief Minister of Madras. Asoka Mehta also was brought in as a member to provide a linkage with his communalism committee. I serviced all the three committees. When the Chinese invasion of November 1962 took place, the nation rose like one person and the emotional upsurge misled the committees on communalism and mass media into believing that integration had become a reality. They decided to wind up their half-finished task. CP took a more down-to-earth and realistic stand. He wanted to take advantage of the upsurge by performing a coup de grace to preserve India’s unity. He called me to his side and asked me to prepare, in consultation with the Law Ministry, a note proposing an amendment to the Constitution whereby all candidates for elections at all levels, all members elected to representative bodies and all Constitutional functionaries would be required to take an oath to uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India. We took it to Nehru to whom CP explained that this deceptively simple amendment would, in effect, outlaw any party or its candidates or its elected members or any Constitutional functionary refusing to take the prescribed oath and thus would serve as a potent antidote against separatist and secessionist tendencies. Nehru immediately saw the point and approved it and the amendment was incorporated in the Constitution. Almost overnight, contrary to the Cassandras (including myself) who thought the DMK would scorch the earth if the amendment was passed, its supremo, C.N.Annadurai, in a spectacular act of statesmanship, prevailed upon his party to delete the demand for an independent Dravida Nadu from its constitution and ordered the candidates and elected representatives of the party to take the oath and live up to it -- which they are doing to this day. This, then, was the lasting bequest of CP, the erstwhile arch separatist turned integrator, to Indian democracy. *Write-up received through V R Chittanandam CheΓ±nai F Leisure Received from R Jayakumar Mumbai Atheist in the Woods An atheist was walking through the woods. "What majestic trees!" "What powerful rivers!" "What beautiful animals!" He said to himself. Suddenly, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look . . . and saw a 7-foot grizzly bear charge towards him. He ran as fast as he could along the path. He looked over his shoulder & saw that the bear was closing on him. ....He looked over his shoulder again, and the bear was even closer ....and then ..... he tripped and fell. Rolling over to pick himself up, he found the bear was right on top of him .....reaching towards him with its left paw ...and raising the right paw to strike ... At that instant the Atheist cried out, "Oh my God!" Time Stopped ... The bear froze ..... The forest was silent .... A bright light shone upon the man, and a voice came out of the sky ... "You deny my existence for all these years, you teach others I don't exist and even credit creation to cosmic accident ....Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament?" "Am I to count you as a believer?" The atheist looked directly into the light .... "It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a believer now ...but perhaps you could make the BEAR a believer?" ... a pause ... "Very well," said the voice ... The light went out. The sounds of the forest resumed ... And the bear dropped his right arm .... brought both paws together .... bowed his head & spoke in prayer... "LORD, BLESS THIS FOOD, WHICH I AM ABOUT TO RECEIVE" ( But, what would have happened, if the bear had set him free? Bear would have gone hungry, and anyway the man would have died later. I don't mind being an Atheist and facing the bear, if God will reduce hunger in the world today by using the resources with "Believers"πŸ™-Warrier) One more... Health & Wealth Jack Ma Billionaire founder of Ali Baba said : If you put bananas and money in front of monkeys, monkeys will choose bananas, because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of bananas. In reality, if you put money and health in front of people, people tend to choose money because too many people do not know that health can bring more money and happiness! Every thing is valuable but health is *the most* valuable! Everything can wait but health can't wait! Wishing everyone good health, happy and long life. Good Morning n Stay Blessed R Jayakumar G About fast reading https://www.azquotes.com/quotes/topics/speed-reading.html "I read a book twice as fast as anybody else. First, I read the beginning, and then I read the ending, and then I start in the middle and read toward whatever end I like best." -Gracie Allen (Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen was an American vaudevillian and comedian who became internationally famous as the zany partner and comic foil of husband George Burns, her straight man, appearing with her on radio, television, and film as the duo Burns and Allen.)


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