Warrier's Collage May 11, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE Tuesday MAY 11, 2021 Gayatri Mantra Recital https://youtu.be/SarlTxrAbIY Good Morning Some readers are requesting for specific contents from earlier issues of Collage. Due to certain constraints, I'm not able to comply with all such requests. Now, Collage is being posted regularly at www.warriersblog.com and my FB page and can be easily accessed. Nice Day M G Warrier Concert by Aditya Anandan, US https://youtu.be/zIt2gPUYbYg (Aditya is grandson of Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai who is a regular presence @ Collage ) Satsangam with Panchapagesan Bhagavad-Gita XIII ..Slokas 7 to 11 20 Qualities of a GNANI ARJAVAM: Arjava means Straightness of mind, speech, and behavior.. A GNANI who has developed this quality has straight dealings with all. Crookedness is entirely absent in him..In other words, his dealings Are wholly from artifice, duplicity or dishonesty. He is ever straight and above board......... It is a faith in the nobility of our convictions.. A trust in the benevolence of our intentions.... A man who follows his conviction lives a truthful life.. He is self-sufficient. He cares not for praises and condemnation of mankind.. We have to fix an unselfish goal in life above our routine..Material activities. Our intellect has to guide our actions towards that goal.. Selfish desires are not to interfere with our pursuit.. Be true to our conscience...And work tirelessly towards our end...... Shakespeare ..Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3 This above all —- to thine own Self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man............. Uprightness is commonly misconstrued as speaking the truth at all times.. That is a narrow vision of a grand virtue... In fact, situations arise occasionally where speaking the plain, blunt truth is detrimental to the very cause of righteousness.. In such cases suppression or diversion of truth would not tantamount to falsehood..It would not be a violation of uprightness.. Lord Krishna has exhibited this on many instances which we are aware.... V T Panchapagesan A 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram F Leisure About the present Covid situation, some may feel along with Shakespeare's Macbeth: " It is a tale told by an idiot, Full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." (Risking the reputation of Collage, I would like to confide that my overall assessment about my own personal life is not different 🙏-Warrier) 2) S K Gupta Panchkula Thanks for beginning your daily Collage on the spiritual count. Worshipping the almighty God in the first place deserves true appreciation. With best wishes B Meaning and interpretation of Gayatri Mantra https://vedicfeed.com/gayatri-mantra-meaning-significance-and-benefits/ C Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Superior, Mediocre and Inferior King Krishna Devaraya had a brilliant minister by name Appaji. His intelligence was known nationwide. Delhi Badshah was very much envious of Appaji and he wanted to prove that Appaji was not that intelligent and he is considered great only becauseof the favouritism shown by Krishna Deva Raya. He sent three bronze statues through a Govt servant to Krishna Devaraya and asked Appaji to find out which one was superior, mediocre or inferior. All the three statues had been prepared out of the same mould. All looked alike in form, shape, size and material. Krishna Devaraya was disgusted and thought Badshah was mad to assess the lifeless statues. Appaji came there. Apparently all the statues were the same. On close examination he could see a small hole in the ears/mouth of the statues. Appaji got the clue. He brought a thin needle like stick and inserted into the ear of the statue. That stick came out of the mouth of the statue. He inserted the same stick into the ear of the 2nd statue. The stick came out of another ear of the statue. He inserted the stick into the ear of the third statue. The stick never came out. Now Appaji revealed his findings. The first statue, when treated as a human being, cannot keep any secrets, whatever he hears through his ears informs everybody through his mouth. So he is Adhama or inferior. The second statue, if treated as a man, will not think seriously about the good things he listens too. He simply leaves them through the other ear without the slightest thought. He is the Madhyama or the mediocre. The third statue, if treated as a man, is Uttama or superior in as much he keeps all the secrets to himself. If he listens to good things he will utilise them properly, if they are ill motivated he would bury them in his mind. Appaji's ideas were conveyed to Badshah who conceded to the truth of Appaji's intelligence. How we wish that we had ministers of this calibre nowadays! Vathsala Jayaraman D 21st Century Mythology https://www.pacificapost.com/applied-mythology-practical-uses "Do you have a Hero at work who is prone to reckless risk-taking, pursues goals without collaboration, and has charismatic courage? With a mythological education, you will also know that the Hero / Heroine package includes abundant energy, large appetites, extremes of loyalty, being a loner, alternation between idealism and cynicism, and a need for tempering by an elder leader. The less our knowledge of an operative mythic role, the more it tends to seize us from behind." Curious? Open the link 🙏 E Blogs & Links One day at a time https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/sharada-bastia/one-day-at-a-time-well-being-during-a-pandemic-31728/ Posted online comments: "there cannot be a better presentation on meeting the present reality face to face. if someone readers feel, we have been listening to the pep talk for long, a \"mantra\" doesn\'t become old and stale. whether it is good morning, god bless you or om we don\'t feel, \"you said it yesterday too\". by necessity, a time has come, when we have to repeat \"stay healthy, stay safe, take care...\" by caring for yourselves, your family, your neighbours, the society and the surroundings in that order, your own \"selfish interests\" also will be taken care of. except more on these lines. you have a soothing, impressive language and style. use it blessing for the society like this. remain blessed." F Leisure 1) Clean your glass-panes* A newly wedded couple occupied the first floor of a house.one day the wife looked thro the window & saw a woman drying her clothes in the opposite house. The wife remarked," those clothes are very dirty. Such a big woman doesn't know even to wash her clothes."The husband also looked,but kept quiet. Daily this remark continued. After a month ,oneday as usual the wife looked thro the window but surprised to see that the clothes were very clean.She asked her husband whether he had told anything to the woman. The husband silently replied"today I wiped the glass panes of our window".He added calmly "How we see others mostly depend on the purity of our mind, the mirror.Correct yourself before blaming others."' *Received from Vathsala Jayaraman Cheñnai. 2) Colour of milk* Colour of milk? Ask a blind man A man was asked by a blind man to describe the color white. The man said, ‘White is the color of a swan.’ The blind man said, ‘What is a swan?’ The man said, ‘A swan is a bird with a crooked neck.’ The blind man asked, ‘What is crooked?’ The man was becoming impatient. He grabbed the blind man’s arm, straightened it and said, ‘This is straight.’ Then he bent it and said, ‘And this is crooked.’ Whereupon the blind man quickly said, ‘Yes, yes, thank you. Now I know what white is’. *Received from A P Ramadurai 3) Bonus : Naga Worship in Ancient India https://monidipa.net/2020/09/06/the-naga-cult/amp/ Excerpts: "Interestingly the census report of 1891 prepared by the the British government in India contains a detailed account of the distribution and number of snake worshippers in different parts of the country. At that time “there were 35,356 worshippers of Naga and 12,2991 worshippers of Snake hero Guga pir with other groups in the United provinces of Agra and Oudh, In Punjab 35,344 worshipped Guga,”1 James Fergusson in his book “Tree and Serpent worship” has written about the worship of live snakes in Manipur and Sambalpur (Orissa). A snake temple at Calicut kept many live Cobras that were taken care of by the priests and worshippers. The snakes were carefully protected and allowed themselves to be handled and made into necklaces by those who fed them. They were worshipped as representing the spirits of ancestors.2 1. Census Reports of India, 1891. 2. M.A.Handley, Roughing it in South India, London, 1911,p,70." G Quotes about New Beginning https://www.success.com/13-uplifting-quotes-about-new-beginnings/ Like: “It’s a wise man who understands that every day is a new beginning, because boy, how many mistakes do you make in a day? I don’t know about you, but I make plenty. You can’t turn the clock back, so you have to look ahead.” —Mel Gibson


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