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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Monday MAY 31, 2021 India 2021 : Dubai Watch this video showing INDIA pavilion at the upcoming Expo 2021, Dubai. Amazing presentation. Nice to see our country so vibrant! Please find attached the link to new video https://youtu.be/cxzK2HPbrh4 (Link Courtesy : Kiran Warrier Mumbai) Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A Responses 1) Kiran Warrier Dr P K Warrier : Satapoornima Prime Minister Modi congratulated and sent his Best Wishes to Dr P K Warrier, Kottakkal AVS who is turning 100 on June 5, 2021 2) S K Gupta Panchkula 'Corporate Language' and 'Socialism Simplified' made interesting reading. Let us do it in a better way (achieving perfection). Profit remains the key watch word in the corporate culture. B Karuna (Compassion) : V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram Kumaran Asan,one of the great Malayalam poets,in1923,took a story from an English book on the Buddha and developed it into a touching long poem 'Karuna'(Compassion) which instantly became very popular. During the Buddha's time there lived in the Mathura of the North a beautiful prostitute by name Vasavadatha. (Prostitutes enjoyed a special status in society in those days.) She fell in love with a tall and handsome young Buddhist monk named Upagupta. She deputed her maid to invite him to her palatial residence, but he declined. Undaunted, she sent her again. This time he said: "I will certainly come, but not now. The time is not yet ripe. "Vasavadatha's reaction to this reply I shall try to paraphrase as under: "Dear friend, has the creeper of your effort borne fruits now? I have hope this time. Afterall, he is a human being and your persuasive skill is great." The maid hesitantly conveyed the monk's reply to her. She got upset and said: "I am losing my patience. This young man, who walks with a begging bowl, is Kamadeva himself to me. He evades me because he has no money. Alas! He sees me only as a prostitute. Didn't you tell him that I am not after money and that I desire only his love? Is it not a fact that even when one's stomach is full, at the sight of delicious eatables, one would love to taste them? The very eyes of mine which never bother to look at men who cover me with riches and fall at my feet are eagerly searching for him. Perhaps, the poor fellow is being misled by that luckless Buddha's meaningless chatter. Is there no place in the netherworld for this Sakyamuni? I wonder. Let him be a monk. He can still come to my residence and seek alms. Why he is not doing that?" Hers was not genuine love but a strong fascination that wore off and she went back to her business. She happened to murder a customer, a labour leader, in preference to a very rich trader from the south. She secretly arranged to have the body hidden in a heap of cowdung. She was caught and severely punished. She was taken to the burial ground and her ears, nose hands and legs were chopped off. There came Upagupta. On seeing him, Vasavadatha hurriedly tried to hide her earless, noseless, armless, legless body. Upagupta sat by her side and stroked her forehead with great compassion. He said softly : "Sister, now I shall give you eternal calmness which no thief can steal and a beauty of mind that Cupid cannot split with his arrows". Then he proceeded to pass on to her the essence of Buddha's teachings at the end of which she breathed her last quite peacefully. Now the poet intercedes with the monk: " Namaskaaram Upaguptaa Varika bhavaan nirvaana Nimagnanaakathe veendum Lokasevaykkaay. Pathitha kaarunikaraam Bhavaadrisa suthanmaare Kshithidevikkinnuvenam Adhikam pere." (Salutation to you, Upagupta. Please come back again to render service to the world without getting immersed in Nirvana. The goddess Earth is in dire need of many sons like you who are compassionate to the downtrodden.) The poet's prayer did not go unheeded. We see in this world men and women who risk their own lives to protect others from the Corona virus. Each one of them is a manifestation of Upagupta or the like of him. Asan died a year later in a boat accident. C Books a) Book Review : The Man Who Saved India https://www.dnaindia.com/just-before-monday/review-book-review-the-man-who-saved-india-by-hindol-sengupta-2669677/amp "Sengupta, a journalist and author, fleshes out interesting nuggets. For instance, Patel’s complicated relationship with elder brother Vithalbhai, who “cheated him out of the chance” to study law in England, his acrimonious relationship with Subhash Chandra Bose and Babasaheb Ambedkar’s opposition to Article 370, which he called a “treacherous thing against the interests of India”. His pragmatic acceptance of the Partition as against a bloody civil war, initial openness to negotiate on Kashmir to save Hyderabad and advice to Nehru against taking Kashmir to the United Nations (which was eventually ignored), are also mentioned. Details about Patel’s innate spirit of sacrifice, first for his elder brother and then for Nehru, who elbowed him out to become Congress president with the Mahatma’s support, and later prime minister, his tolerance of business as against Nehru’s inclination towards socialism, his quiet acquiescence to Gandhi over decisions like calling off the Civil Disobedience Movement, make it an easy read." b) Books* by M G Warrier 1) At Amazon.in https://www.amazon.in/dp/1636335896/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_ATJDEGGSDG8Z7CGJEB13 2) At Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Restoring-Trust-Governance-Indias-Challenge/product-reviews/1636335896?reviewerType=all_reviews 3) Notion Press Chennai https://notionpress.com/read/restoring-trust-in-governance *Avoid buying print edition now. Most of the books are available in eBook version. D Readers'Contribution Buying to help* "Story Two" One afternoon, I went for a walk with a friend in the suburbs. Suddenly, an old man in tattered clothes approached us with a bag of green vegetables in his hand. The sales of those vegetables on that day were very poor, the leaves seemed dehydrated and yellowish and there were holes in them as if bitten by insects. But my friend bought three bags without saying a word. The old man also embarrassed and explained: "I grew these vegetables myself. It rained a while ago, and the vegetables were soaked. They look ugly. I'm sorry." After the old man left, I asked my friend: "Will you really cook these when you go home?" He didn't want to say No to me. " These vegetables can no longer be eaten." "Then why did you take the trouble of buying them?" I asked. He replied, "Because it is impossible for anyone to buy those vegetables. If I don't buy it, the old man will probably have no income for today." I admired my friend's thoughtfulness and concern, so I caught up with the old man and bought some vegetables from him. The old man said very happily, "I tried to sell them the whole day , but no one was ready to buy them. I am so happy that you both were willing to buy from me... Thank you so much." Several handfuls of green vegetables that I can't eat at all taught me a valuable lesson. When we are in a low ebb, we all hope that miracles will happen to us; but when we are capable, are we willing to be the one who creates miracles?!!! *Received from R Jayakumar Mumbai E Q-niversal Thoughts with Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Madras people don't get tired of waiting. Come April, almost all the streets in the water starved areas of Chennai will have a long row of muticoloured plastic waterpots labelled with names and addresses, waiting for 20 litres of drinking water supplied by Metro water authorities.There will be stone substitutes also. In Jan/Feb you can see serpantine queue waiting from the previous night for Pre Kindergarten Admissions in Front of famous schools. In June there is a beeline for arts/ professional colleges. If you dial any enquiry number in Airlines or railways you may be listening 'You are in queue, please wait. Sometimes we can even finish off making rice or sambar before you get the contact. There is no dearth of queues in railway stations, airports, post offices, ATMs.- and Income Tax offices. Even in weddings you have to stand in long queue to wish the couple and give the gift, not to talk of waiting behind the dining table eagerly counting mts if the previous occupant has come to curd rice ( last item). I doubt whether it is a marriage hall or flood relief camp. Not only waiting in mother's womb for nine long months, there is waiting at crematoria for the final journey too. Not to talk of civil cases which endlessly get extended to decades involving third generations. You can't have Darsan in important temples without taxing your knees for two to three hrs. Whether we wait for God or He waits for us, is not known. There is as much disregard to the queue also. There are more breakers than liners.Q crashing is almost a custom in India. We see people deftly entering doctor's room saying that the patient is really sick, as if others come to hospital to play or chit chat. In many ATMs there is more often an excuse to break the queue that the person was taking out money for funeral expenses. In many malls persons buying small quantities take automatic rights while the person behind is waiting with a trolley load. Queue kyon? seems to be the average person's attitude. Even among elites the queue crashing attitude is there. For the past 18 months,the whole world has invited an important guest- a guest too invisible,but more significant than God Almighty,a great terror.We are not afraid of even demons and ghosts.In Grocery shops, restaurants and vegetable shops you can see unidentifiable men/women with multicoloured and multi-designed masks in long queues.Severe covid 19 patients with staggering breath wait in ambulances outside hospitals,There is long Q inside for oxygen beds,lab tests and results.wait for doctors' opinion. Even corpses wait in Q for cremation/burial. From March we landed in Q for the first and second dose of vaccine.Now young people are in Q for vaccines. Last Saturday and Sunday the Q tail was too long in Grocery and veg shops to store things for a week. See the condition in airport. As soon as the announcer calls for the boarding of business class passengers or families with kids, there will be a dash by all passengers towards the gate or counter. For a flight, when boarding passes with seat numbers are issued, where is the need to rush as soon as the announcement beeper goes off ? Are people scared that someone might "put a towel "and snatch their seat ?Normally in US and other Western countries they respect the queue, sometimes go out of the way to help senior citizens and women with babies in arms. Really commendable. But there are exceptions too. During our first visit to US, in John Kennedy Airport in New York, I saw many people bypassing the line, joining the previous line by entering through the dividing ropes, while people with heavy luggage had to stand in the queue. The only occasion in the history of mankind when the queue was extremely orderly with no case of any queue breakers was when Noah completed the construction of The Arc and invited all the creatures of the world to come inside in pairs. Since every creature was with its better half, the level of decorum was reasonably high. The other queue that I can never forget is the queue for the 'Sorga Vaasal' on Vaikunta Ekadasi night at Srirangam or at Parthasarathy Swamy Temple.,Triplicane. As it was the belief of the staunch Hindus that stepping through this door ensured a place in Vaikuntam for us, there would be mad rush and it was always the question of the survival of the fittest! It made me believe that only the individuals who were expert queue crashers were assured of a place in Heaven! Darwin's theory of 'Survival of the Fittest'applied not only to the Earth but to the Heavens as well! It was possibly a habitual queue victim like me that sang 'Que sera sera' ---'whatever will be, will be'! Very recently I received a mail from a friend,a student of English literature.He said he was waiting in the airport in the long queue. Since there was system failure, they could not issue boarding passes. There was a delay of about 4 hrs.He was so depressed that he gave a long mail about waiting in the queue. I learnt that not only the 'queue' but also the letter 'Q' itself is very queer. I could not follow what he had written in the mail since it was a Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of many words starting with Q. He might have perhaps used all the words starting with Q in English dictionary. I think there are only about 150 to 200 words only starting with Q. I could not understand the content. I had no dictionary by my side. With my limited capacity I started counting the words starting with Q in his mail. I was Quaking with fear with the number of 'Q's differing each time.I Questioned myself whether I was a Queer Queen just trying to Quench my thirst reg the Q matter.I have heard about Queens having a Quill between their fingers Quietly thinking about what they should Query their lovers.As I was Quarrelling with myself in the strange Quaint I felt that I am neither Qualified nor Quantified to the Questionable Queer job. Whether my thirst was Quenched or not I silently decided to Quit Quietly but Quickly without getting myself Quagmired in the controversy of' Q'. While writing this, I am reminded of the word 'quaquaversal' which I learnt some 10 years back.You cannot find this word in Chamber's Dictionary. But it is listed in Geographical glossary and that it means 'from the centre focussing towards all directions.' When I knew the word 10 years back, I thought I would never use this word in my life time and it is a loss of precious memory space in my brain.I never thought that I would get an opportunity to dequeue the word from my memory in this connection.A simple 'Q' is spread over in so many directions- a classic example of'quaquaversal'.. The lesson I learnt is as clear as a Quartz. " Don't copy the 'Quiz' master,become a Quotable Quiz Queen yourself" Vathsala Jayaraman F Leisure a) Capitalism Vs Humanity Humanity matters, capitalism needs an upgrade: https://thg.page.link/Y27dqBsQfxt66UdC6 "The purpose of governments is to improve the all-round well-being of all citizens; not merely to provide products to customers who can pay good prices for them, which is the means by which private enterprises meet their objective of producing profits for their investors. The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the inadequacy of capitalism to fulfil societal needs. If capitalist enterprises are not willing to fulfil public purposes, governments must create more public spirited enterprises to provide public goods equitably to all citizens. Relentless economic growth is devouring the earth that hosts humanity. With artificial intelligence algorithms in social media, capitalist enterprises are able to manipulate human minds. Their investors have become the richest people on the planet. New mRNA technologies on which some new COVID-19 vaccines are based provide the means to manipulate the composition of human bodies. Thus, capitalists can create even more wealth for themselves off human beings." b) Thought for the day Patriot's Priority* A senior lawyer was arguing to get 46 convicts facing death penalty released from being hanged (hung)till death. Just then his assistant dropped in and gave him a small bit of paper. The lawyer read it and kept it inside his pocket and continued his arguments. During the lunch break, the judge asked him “what info did you receive”? The lawyer said “my wife died”. The judge was shocked and said “then what are you doing here? Go”. The lawyer said “ I can’t bring back my wife’s life, but can help these 46 freedom fighters get life and prevent them from dying”. The judge, who was an Englishman, ordered the release of all the 46 men. The lawyer was none other than the great SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL. *Received from Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady (A related link : https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/7-lesser-known-facts-that-prove-sardar-patel-was-the-coolest-228217.html) G Quotes about compassion https://www.inc.com/peter-economy/17-quotes-about-compassion-that-will-inspire-you-to-make-a-difference-be-happy.html


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