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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday JUNE 1, 2021 SATSANGAM : Lamp of Bliss* : Sarvapriyananda https://youtu.be/vT5OmEQccE8 *Bonus : http://blog.anandway.com/article/138/Mandukya-Upanishad-Sanskrit-text-and-English-translation#gsc.tab=0 (Links Selected by : M G Warrier Mumbai) Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier M A Responses 1) C V Subbaraman Mysuru Babusenan is a good writer. He impresses. In the case of Upagupta, he has narrated the story beautifully. The modern Upaguptas who serve humanity afflicted with Covid 19 are doing yoeman service and they and their families need boundless thanks and gratitude of all the surviing population. But there is a great difference between the real Upagupta and the moderns: The original one went to show his karuna to a fallen woman who committed a crime and was punished in the Shariat way (though Shariat law came much after her time) but the modern Upaguptas are showing their karuna to innocent people who have fallen victim to the fatal Covid 19, fully knowing what a risky job they are all doing to save fellowmen. Our salutations to these martyrs and those who continue to serve, risking their own lives. Subbaraman 2) S K Gupta Panchkula Patriot's Priority: A rare breed indeed. Hats off to Late Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a true nationalist. However, one moot question obviously arises here: Why such leaders* have become conspicuous by their absence more so when there is no dearth of a large number of the feigned nationalists in India today? (*We acknowledge only those who come to "limelight". Even during Patel's time, there were many who contributed equally to make India's liberation possible. We, by habit, create and worship heroes. We do it even in email groups!🙏-Warrier) B Poem https://www.knau.org/post/poetry-friday-poem-frontline But I have to say, there’s also something that’s actually comforting to me about going to work and knowing that I’m capable of serving my community in such an important way right now. It’s also comforting to go to work and see my coworkers that are right there with me, supporting me through it, and I’m there to support them, as well. I’d have to say, even in the midst of a pandemic like this, I still choose this profession every single day. My coworkers have often impressed me, but now more than ever, I’m seeing amazing amounts of dedication, innovation, advocacy and compassion for both the patients and their family members that cannot be at the bedside right now. C Reader's Contribution Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das : V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram One Middle Temple barrister in Culcatta had a roaring practice, but was always in debt. Once he borrowed a large sum of money from a friend which he couldn't return as promised. Many postponements took place and the lender lost his patience. One day he came to the lawyer's office to give him a bit of his mind and tell him bluntly that he would be going to the court. As the lawyer was engaged, he waited in the anteroom. When voices were raised inside, he couldn't help overhearing. Someone said aloud : "Sir, this is a very important matter for us. We are prepared to give you any amount you want as your fee. Please take up our case." The lawyer too raised his voice. He said : "Sorry, gentlemen. Didn't I tell you that I have a very important political work and that I can't spare time to take up your case.? I have nothing more to say." Then there was silence. The door opened and a few well-dressed men emerged. The person didn't go inside. He hurriedly scribbled a note, gave it to the lawyer's assistant with instruction to pass it on to his master. This was what he wrote: "Dear friend, now I understand why you couldn't repay me. I am donating wholeheartedly the amount you owe me to the noble cause you represent." We don't know who this noble creditor was, but we know the freedom fighter well. He was Desabandhu Chittaranjan Das*, but for whom there would not have been a Sri Aurobindo for us to boast of. C.R.Das died 22 years before we got independence. *A useful link : https://theprint.in/theprint-profile/deshbandhu-chittaranjan-das-freedom-fighter-who-became-a-lawyer-after-failing-ics-exam/250126/?amp D From here and there 1) Actuary : Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai Though Mathematics and Statistics are tools thro which we apply the actuarial principles,it is not strictly so.Along with this they have risk management, economic principles ,communication and the reports from sub teams working for asset liability management, pricing etc etc. In their way of quantifying the risk of events using Probability theory,so many intermediary factors also do participate.It is not like having a fund, and distributing it as pension out of interest income. Pensions In the pension industry, actuarial science compares the costs of alternative strategies with regard to the design, funding, accounting, administration, and maintenance or redesign of pension plans. Short-term and long-term bond rates greatly influence pension plans and their investment strategies. In a low-interest-rate environment, a pension plan might have difficulty earning income from the bonds that it has invested in, which increases the probability that the pension plan could run out of money. Other factors impacting a pension plan's viability include benefit arrangements, collective bargaining, the employer's competitors, and most importantly, the political and executive atmosphere. Tax laws and the policies of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have an impact. With all these things when all factors seem to be in favour of pensioners,they do have many other pretexts under which the increase may be deferred.Actuarial science is only a part of pension allotment. Vathsala jayaraman E Seniors' Concerns* *Based on a message from S R Badrinarayanan Cheñnai We are all anxious to ensure that our assets and liabilities are handled in our absence without giving avoidable troubles to the people handling them. Delegation of authority, Power of Attorney, Will and several other procedures/routes are used for the purpose depending on the nature of of one's responsibilities and assets/liabilities. Referring to a suggestion by another Ex-RBite (P R Srinivasan Chennai) my friend S R Badrinarayanan Cheñnai suggests : Retirees and Senior Citizens should share all personal financial and other information with the natural heir or a trusted person. This was in the context of several Account Numbers, IDs etc in daily use. As regards RBI Retirees, he suggested that every RBI retiree should record the essential basic data like : PF No MAF No PENSION BOOK NO SAMADHAN NO OPD CONTACT DETAILS PENSION SECTION CONTACT DETAILS. (to be preferably pinned with the Pension Pass Book.) Most important thing is that the availability of the shareable details should be known to the main member/s of the family for information sake. Occasional discussion about changes in the information and when it happens will serve as a reminder to remember also. (*These suggestions with appropriate changes may be considered for implementation by all senior citizens. 🙏-Warrier) F Leisure Office Jokes https://www.albertaventure.com/the-top-10-office-approved-jokes/2/2685 G Quotes about delegation https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/delegate-quotes Like : "You know the adage, when you want something done, ask a busy person. It's so true. Having kids taught me to prioritize, delegate, and accept life's imperfections. I also learned the all-important skill of jumping off the train: taking breaks in career and passion pursuits to tend to the things that last." Rachel Campos-Duffy


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