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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday September 14, 2021 Shiva Sankalpa Suktam https://youtu.be/oHt1eBc3g8M ( Lyrics : Know More : https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/shiva-sankalpa-suktam/m-lite) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 A Messages 1) Dr Charan Singh charan singh (@CharanSingh60) Tweeted: Unity in Diversity - 8 Wandered thru many births, mind/body not at peace nor satisfied with wealth Forgot God, lost in greed/desires/vices Dhanna, Assa, 487, SGGS भ्रमत फिरत बहु जनम बिलाने तनु मनु धनु नही धीरे लालच भिखु काम लुबध राता मनि बिसरे प्रभ हीरे धना https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1437155634886045696?s=20 2) V T Panchapagesan Chennai Time disciplines life... Time is only a guiding factor for our progress. If we waste it, it goes on as It will never come again. It also tells how precious it is in our life. But if we perform an action disinterested, It means we are not interested in doing that action. When we go to railway station to receive our newly married wife and we come to know the train ls late by one hou, we feel Time flies like a few minutes eagerly waiting to receive her. But if we are asked to go bringing mother-in-law and if the train Is late by a few minutes, we feel awful that Time moves very slowly... It is our frame of mind that decides our action. But Time goes on slowly and steadily with sixty seconds, then Sixty Minutes, etc......Whether one uses it gainfully or not.. It disciplines our life on all matters concerning our way of living.... V T Panchapagesan B Current Affairs : The Hindu Ref : Article by C Rangarajan & D K Srivastava published in The Hindu on September 13, 2021 Clearing the growth path This refers to the article "What the Q1 GDP numbers say" by C Rangarajan & D K Srivastava (September 13). The lead exhortation that "With improved revenues government must increase expenditures to push consumption and investment" is well-supported by latest available data skillfully interpreted by the two stalwarts. Let's hope government takes the timely advice in right spirit. Though there will be a time lag for obvious reasons, the recent Assets Monetization initiative will also help improve the government's finances. Post-Independence, though several decades have passed, India is yet to take stock of the nation's inherent strengths in terms of accumulated wealth. Time is opportune for mapping the resources including real estate, unutilized capacities of industrial units, domestic gold stock and potential for agricultural and industrial production. M G Warrier Mumbai C Book Review : Seeds of Greatness https://marriottstudentreview.org/vol-3-issue-1/book-review-seeds-of-greatness-by-denis-waitley/amp/ The Seed of Responsibility Achievement is founded upon the principles of responsibility. So many people today fall victim to the trap of immediate gratification. They “want love without commitment” and credit without effort. Replace fear and knowledge with the action of striving to find roots of responsibility and wings of independence. Instill in others the same, and fulfillment will be at your fingertips. D Readers' Contributions 1) Just in Time : Vathsala Jayaraman Time Management Today's (September 13) Collage welcomed us with a great article on 'Time Management'. Though it seems to be a big expression, we deal with this everyday in our life. Only the people who have lost the time are able to appreciate the value of time. You will understand the value of shade only when you are made to walk in the scorching heat. What is the value of a year? Go and ask a person who has been detained in the same class. (Continued at H1) E Blogs & Links 1) Travelogue https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/petitelady/a-journey-within-thyself-37305/ Our everyday routines bind us to the world around us, and that’s the only answer. When it comes to changing your life, there isn’t always a magical moment. I stood on the top of the Eiffel Tower and yet discovered my calling on the roof of my office, back home. Looking back, I realize that all of these experiences, when they occurred in real-time, did not appear that significant and felt extremely regular, much like gravity. All of these encounters have contributed to a shift in my perception of a normal, boring life. I now find myself unexpectedly inspired by the things that previously did not matter and are still ordinary. 2) Witness or Drushta https://psychology.net.in/freeing-the-mind-of-inner-disquiet-psychological-insights-from-the-concept-of-drushta-the-witness/#more-945 "The Drushta (Observer, Perceiver, and Seer) The reflective or the contemplative point of view offers insights for establishing the required balance between the agencies of the mind by enabling the drusta who functions from an exclusive observer's stance. In this case, the drusta just observes the emerging thoughts by notices and acknowledges them and let them go. The beauty of this observational mode is the presence of a fully watchful observer who is attentive to the continuously emerging and passing by thoughts in the mind but does not reject, react or yearn for them. This standpoint is that of the drashta, or an uninvolved observer who has no proclivity to participate in, or react to, the activities of the mind." F 1) Jokes you can remember https://www.readersdigest.ca/culture/10-short-jokes-anyone-can-remember/ Like : "How many times can you subtract 10 from 100? Once. The next time you would be subtracting 10 from 90." 2) Happy Family Yesterday morning, my friend Saravana Varma Ji sent me a family photo of my close childhood friend Shiva with his wife and both the children Ganesh & Kartikeya. My pagal mind had different thoughts. The elephant-headed Ganapathy was held in the lap by his father and on mother Parvathy's left was standing younger brother Kartikeya. All captured in the photo were in broad smiles. My response : "This Happy Family portrait conveys much more than the Gods and Goddess present in the picture. A mother, who resolved the issue arising from the anger of her husband by carrying out a head replacement surgery herself, and still smiling, entrusting the beheaded child with a replaced head to the same husband's care... That's TRUST" 🙏🙏🙏 G Quotes about Destinations https://quotefancy.com/destination-quotes Like : “Success is not the destination; it's a way to travel.” — Denis Waitley (Denis E. Waitley, is an American motivational speaker, writer and consultant. He has been recognized as the best-selling author of the audio series, The Psychology of Winning and books such as "Seeds of Greatness" and "The Winner's Edge". Waitley has been inducted into the International Speakers' Hall of Fame.) H 1) Continued from D1 The value of a month is better realised by a mother who has given birth to an under weight baby by premature delivery. The value of a week is better realised by the editor of a weekly magazine. The value of a day is realised by a person who just postponed his joining duty by a day and consequently missed his promotion. The value of a few hours delay is better felt by the son. He would not have lost his father had he admitted his father two hours earlier. The value of an hour is better known to a student writing the exam and the surgeon struggling to save a patient. Doctors are aware that a patient — one whose heart has short-circuited and has been thrown into a chaotic condition known as ventricular fibrillation — has six minutes to live. A shock with a defibrillator within that time usually will restore the heart's rhythm. The value of mere 6 mts can be known only to the doctor. The value of a minute is better known to persons who have missed the train as well as the interview. The value of a second will be realised by a person when he just dozes off while driving and gets entangled into serious consequences, including loss of life. The value of a microsecond is known to olympic participants or horse race goers. The time cannot be stored. It doesn't speed up for the rich and slow down for the poor. It is time management that results either in fame or failure. How to prioritise is the essence of Time management. With time management, you become more organized and the things you do become more habitual than panic-driven. By making it a habit, you become more productive. We need not go anywhere to learn the lesson. See the clock. The second hand is always ticking to attain short term goal of making a minute. It is like doing day to day work like going to school, cooking, washing etc which may not require any special thought process. It is just a routine. After reaching the milestone of a minute, it does not take rest or break,but starts another round, another round. The minutes hand moves every minute,It waits for 60 seconds and moves. It moves less while the second hand does most of the running. The hour hand, the lucky lot moves very slow but its performance is visible. Between every big task, we can fit in a series of small tasks, the experience of which may lead us to bigger goals. All IT professionals are aware of 'time tracking' in project management. Why to talk of big business jargons? Even a three month old baby needs a 'Tummy Time' to develop the neck, back and shoulder muscles, 'a sleep time' for brain development. We need not come to a wrong conclusion that pucca planning, tight schedules, strict adherence of time schedules will always land us in victory. Time management includes procrastination also. It may look strange. But taking a step back before you move forward is deemed to be a better course of action. Especially when we intend publishing books or articles it is better to view the topic in multiple angles before finalising. Computer specialists use a nice word 'late binding' for procrastination. Making early decisions, if beneficial in a way, delaying decisions especially in dealing with complexities of human behaviour is beneficial in many ways. It provides maximum time to think and determine alternatives. It enhances the flexibility, free thought process and facilitate current changes in the situation. The time pressure gets reduced and allows the mind to be creative and explore new possibilities. Delay will become a blessing in disguise. Honouring the dead line is very important and for simple tasks it can be followed to perfection. For complex tasks a little delay may help a lot. The word procrastination is actually derived from the Latin procrastinatus, from pro meaning “forward” and crastinus meaning “of tomorrow”. The word pro is normally considered as a positive; It therefore follows that procrastinators are looking forward to the future! A perfect story from a purana to match procrastination : Sage Gauthama had a son named 'Chirkaari'. He was very intelligent. An adept in all the 4 vedas. But he won't do anything in haste. Many considered him a lazy fellow. Once Gauthama became angry with his wife. In a fit of anger he ordered his son to kill her. This was a command from father to a son. Chirkari thought 'I am in a dilemma. If I have to be obedient I have to kill my mother. If not I will be guilty of disrespecting my father. I don't have any right to determine whether mother is guilty. Neither do I have the authority to decide whether father's command was right. Thus thinking he just spent his time. Meanwhile Gauthama calmed down and felt for his command. If Chirkari had killed his mother, who was but innocent, I will be a great sinner. He rushed back home. Fortunately his son was still in thought process. Gauthama blessed his son and said "It is great that you have postponed the evil. Any deed resulting out of anger, punishment and sinful deeds should not be done in haste. You are really wise". There are many Birbal stories to strengthen this idea. Do everything 'just in time'-does not necessarily mean as per time table. (This is the English version of a Tamil article of mine written and published in Tamil journal a few years back) Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Satsangam : The Hindu/Faith Column September 10, 2021 Duty of the parents AlaAlavandar, in his Stotra Ratnam, sees Nammazhvar’s feet as his mother, father, wife and children, said Valayapet Ramachariar, in a discourse. A mother plays the most important role in the life of a person. The Sastras, therefore, place the mother above everyone else. The father providing for and protecting the child comes next. Kalidasa, in his Raghuvamsa, says King Dileepa was like a father to all his subjects, because he taught them humility. It is a father’s duty to inculcate good values in his children. With Dileepa taking care of this, fathers in his kingdom did not have much of a role to play in bringing up their children. A young man is attracted to his wife, and reserves a special place for her in his heart. Alavandar sees Nammazhvar’s feet as taking the place of a wife too. None can be dearer to an individual than his children. In his Devanayaka Panchasat, Vedanta Desika prays that his words must be listened to by Lord Devanatha, in the manner of a father listening joyfully to his child’s lisping. But Alavandar sees Nammazhvar’s feet as his children too. A man may have doting parents, a loveable wife, and adorable children, but can he enjoy any of this, in the absence of wealth? Alavandar says vibhuti (wealth) too is Nammazhvar’s feet. He says the Lord accepts the service of Nityasuris and of others happily. Rama was pleased both with Lakshmana’s service and with that of the monkeys. Having said all this, Alavandar finally says that Nammazhvar’s feet are ‘sarvam’ — everything, for him. Parents, wife and children all pertain to this world. When Alavandar says ‘sarvam’, after having spoken of all worldly relations, it shows, that to him, even moksha is Nammazhvar’s feet. He says it is so not only for him, but for everyone associated with him.


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