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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Thursday September 2, 2021 Profile : Tessy Thomas https://youtu.be/7D-QcA5WJH0 (India's Missile Woman) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 Guruvayoor : Rare Decoration https://youtu.be/VDEEG28dtMM (Alangaram on special occasions) A Messages 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram There is a famous remark of Thomas Paine, the founder of the United States, about Edmond Burke, the English Conservative, vis-a-vis the French Revolution. He said that Burke was worried about the plumage when the bird itself was dying. We are worried about mistaken dates of events in Indian history 500 years hence when historical truths are distorted beyond recognition before our very eyes! The latest example is the omission of Nehru's name from those national leaders who are primarily to be remembered in connection with the 75th year of our Independence. One may have differences with him on policy matters, but he is not a person to be put in the waiting list*. (*In his speech on August 15, 2021, Prime Minister Modi said : "Be it Nehru-ji, the first Prime Minister of India, Sardar Patel, who turned the country into a united nation or Babasaheb Ambedkar, who showed India the way to the future, the country is indebted to all of them," he said in his address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Nation remembers Nehru. True, we were late in remembering and supporting the frontline freedom fighters-Warrier) 2) C V Subbaraman Mysuru BP and Heart I trust that the revered doctor had tried Yoga, specially praayaanams (specially Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom and Kapaal Bhaati besides Bhraamari) to contain or cure the BP condition. 3) Dr T V Surendran Mananthavady Vulture, dying child and photographer... Remarks by my classmate (Senior Psychiatrist from Vellore) "I saw this query only today (August 31). I think after feeling high after taking an unforgettable picture of human suffering, when some negative comments came it must have made some changes in his thought process from being the non involved photographer to being a normal human being who was involved. True,his photograph brought an acute awareness of the whole situation and international community got involved and help came for the suffering people. But the thought that he did not do anything for the individual human child whom the vulture was going to pick to pieces must have made him so guilty that he must have gone into acute depression. The tipping point is the accusation. So in every suicide there is an event which topples them over Here it is the different point of view that made Kevin differently about his actions which did it We do not know whether the heartlessness of Kevin resulted in the death of the boy. Even if it did, Kevin's role was only accidental." Dr Surendran adds : But we know that the heartlessness of the person who talked to him on phone resulted in his death. His role in it was neither accidental or incidental but direct and deliberate. Is there any news* that he committed suicide, due to remorse on what he committed???. *Please see this report : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/blink/watch/the-vulture-in-the-frame/article9901741.ece/amp/ Most of the suicides can be avoided if help is given at the right time. If Kevin could have been helped to forgive himself, that at the tim he took the photos he was doing what he was fulfilling the purpose of his visit and most peoplei I that situation would have acted in that way is the truth . It is always easy to find fault on hind sight and this is why we all.need to be careful when making comments. If there was someone who understood what these comments did to him might have been able to save him B Current Affairs Assets Monetization : Madhavankutty Pillai https://openthemagazine.com/feature/the-cautious-indian-condition/ Sitharaman emphasises that all these assets will come back to the Government eventually. But what business does the Government have owning so many assets? Why lease it when you can make much more money outrightly selling them? Precisely because, for reasons tied into the socialist idea of what a government should be, it is politically dangerous to do so. It is believed that voters won’t like the idea of sale of government property to private parties (even though you are getting money in return). Indian politicians tend to have an image of the Indian electorate, which too was painted in its not-so-golden socialist age. Perhaps it is true even. But what voters like, most of all, are jobs, development, growth and a better life. In giving them some of it, if their sentiments are hurt, so be it. Liberalisation happened after Indian gold had to be hawked abroad, which again brought in comparisons of going to a pawn shop under crisis. But the problem is not the pawning of the gold; it is what brought you into debt in the first place. In the present, too, it is not the right or wrong of having to lease your assets, but what makes the economy so deadbeat that this is being done. You can blame it on Covid, of course, but the decline started much before, with demonetisation, the exact opposite to the word that is coined in the asset lease plan. We are not in trouble because we are a poor country. We are a poor country because the government is overarching in trying to spike entrepreneurship, of creating an ocean of obstacles beginning with the whimsical lockdown policies destroying businesses even further. C Books 1) Sanathanasudha Malayalam https://www.booksdeal.in/product/sanathanasudha-31245 Sanathanasudha* by P V Viswanathan Nambudiri was introduced to readers when the book was released. At that time a mention was made that the content of the book deserves an English translation. Happy to report that Team Sanathanasudha is now on the job (translating the book into English) The readers who purchased the Malayalam version have expressed appreciation and some of them are looking forward to the English version. *Published by Prasaram Sanskritha Samajam Kottayam Know More : https://swamiyarmadom.org/ 2) Book Review : Shankara Digvijayam https://sringeri.net/history/sri-adi-shankaracharya/biography/abridged-madhaviya-shankara-digvijayam यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत | अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् || yadā yadā hi dharmasya glānirbhavati bhārata | abhyutthānamadharmasya tadātmānaṃ sṛjāmyaham || These are the words of Sri Krishna spoken as an assurance given to humanity at times when there is a decline in adherence to Dharma, righteousness as enjoined in the scriptures. He declares that He descends to earth and ensures the sustenance of Dharma, annihilates the evil elements and protects those treading the path of morality. *** The popularity of Madhaviya Shankara Digvijayam is not just because of the splendid portrayal of the life of Sri Adi Shankara. The supreme erudition of the Sanskrit language, that Sri Madhava displays in every verse in poetically weaving the sketch of the great Acharya adds eloquence to the subject of the work. This is a condensation of the Madhaviya Shankara Digvijayam highlighting those events in the life of our great Acharya that are remembered to this day with devotion and as a lesson of wisdom. D Options 1) Before it's too late... https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/the-read-of-life/someday-youll-be-just-a-memory-26498/ "Don’t wait for others to get closer, go approach them. Don’t wait for the announcement, create the appearance. Don’t wait for the indications, create the signs. Don’t wait for the sadness to fade, fade it away. Don’t wait for the money to cash-in, en-cash the money. Don’t wait for the cab to reach, drive to the destination. Don’t wait for the treadmill to get free, walk." 2) Are You God? : Vathsala Jayaraman Chennai A group of sales people left the town for a meeting. They had informed their families that they would be back home Friday night for dinner. But the meeting didn't end in time. They had to catch the flight back home, but arrived at the airport with only a few mts to spare. They ran with tickets on hand,hoping to catch the flight. While running one of them hit a table knocking over a fruit basket. The fruits got scattered here and there, but they didn't have time to stop. They made it to the plane just in time. All of them breathed a sigh of relief that they had madt it,except for one. He got up, bid good bye to his friends, returned to the table. Behind the table was a ten year old blind girl who was selling the fruit to make a living. 'We have ruined your day,we are sorry he said and handed over rs 200/ to the girl. The girl could not see what was going on; but as the man's footsteps faded away,she shouted from behind, "Are you God?Why don't you take a fruit as my offering?" The man could not control his emotions. He silently left the place. The man might have missed the flight, but he was the winner. It is better to deserve an honour and not have it than to have it without deserving. Dignity is not in possessing but in deserving. Vathsala Jayaraman E Thoughts for the day Three C's to avoid : Vathsala Jayaraman Peace of mind is something that we all crave for. We cannot achieve this state without putting effort. After all, peace of mind is not something that can be procured by spending money or by force. The mind needs to be balanced and in equilibrium before it can reach that state. For the mind to be balanced, we have several 'dos' and 'don'ts' to follow. Given below are three 'don'ts' which go a long way to achieve that state. They are described as the three Cs. (Continued at H1) F News you can use https://m.timesofindia.com/city/chennai/property-deeds-must-have-clause-to-take-care-of-parents-madras-high-court/amp_articleshow/81144324.cms TOI : This story is from February 22, 2021 Property deeds must have clause to take care of parents: Madras high court CHENNAI: When senior citizens bequeath their property to their children by way of gift or settlement, a clause will henceforth have to be incorporated in the deed saying that the transferee will provide basic/physical needs to their parents under section 23 of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007, the Madras High Court has ruled. Justice S Vaidyanathan said that if the transferee refuses to do so, the said transfer of property shall be deemed to be made by fraud or coercion or undue influence. G Quotes from Shankaracharya https://www.inspiringquotes.us/author/8787-adi-shankara Like : “Even after the Truth has been realised, there remains that strong, obstinate impression that one is still an ego - the agent and experiencer. This has to be carefully removed by living in a state of constant identification with the supreme non-dual Self. Full Awakening is the eventual ceasing of all the mental impressions of being an ego.” -- Adi Shankara (Adi Shankaracharya was an Indian philosopher and theologian whose works had a strong impact on the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. He founded four mathas, which are believed to have helped in the historical development, revival and propagation of Advaita Vedanta) H 1) Continued from E Criticizing: The first C is criticizing. It is one of the most natural talents that we all have. Our minds seem to be tuned to find fault and spot blemishes. Many a times, we see problems where none exist. It is as if our minds have the uncanny knack of identifying a problem. At the same time, our tongues are eager to let others know of our 'superiority' in being able to articulate those problems. When we criticize thus, unnecessarily, we are unknowingly building resistance as well as enemies. These lead to unwarranted arguments and attempts to prove a point. Moreover, our minds which get clouded in negativity refuse to let us reach the state of equilibrium. Complaining : the other C is similar to the first C and yet more damaging. Complaining is taking criticism to a higher level and almost results in condemning others. As long as it is constructive in nature and comes with intent to resolve and rectify, it is still bearable. What takes the cake is complaining which sounds like whining. It is other extreme of appreciating. It creates a huge negative whirlpool from which we are unable to extricate ourselves. We also carry the feelings of hurt and annoyance in our minds which prevents us from experiencing bliss. Comparing: Another C which we seem to be unable to avoid is the comparison bug. It is almost like a virus which is in the air. Many of us are comparing all the time - ourselves with those around us. It could be about anything - wealth, friends, physique, job, appliances etc. It gives us momentary pleasure when we see others in a worse situation than us and also give us sleepless nights when we see others enjoying more than us. Comparison is a never ending maze where people get lost and unable to recover their bearings. It is a method of inventing joy / sorrow out of nothing. These three Cs are best avoided and conscious efforts taken to prevent ourselves from getting entrapped here. It would be a good idea to ask one of our close spiritual friends to help us in the process. If someone were to remind us each time we use these Cs, it will help us tremendously in making course corrections. Over time, we might become habituated to completely avoid them and progress towards the much coveted state of peace in our minds. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Today's (September 2, 2021) Collage : I've cut the Collage to size, respecting some readers' wishes. If you feel it's still messy and unmanageable, skip some links. Collage feels happy finding that it could become a conduit for communication between old friends.


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