Warrier's COLLAGE September 8, 2021

Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Wednesday September 8, 2021 Analysis of the Great Teaching* https://youtu.be/BJx98_VoWTI (*Discourse By Sarvapriyananda) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier Thought* for the Day Dr Charan Singh : Unity in Diversity "You are me, I am you, what difference (Oh God, between you & me) Like gold & bracelet; water & waves" Ravidas, Sri Raag, 93, SGGS (तोही मोही मोही तोही अंतरु कैसा कनक कटिक जल तरंग जैसा रविदास, सिरी राग https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1434955937840730117?s=20) A Messages 1) V Babusenan Thiruvananthapuram The price one has to pay for a pretty long life includes the pain of losing good friends. I felt that pain this morning when I eagerly opened today's Collage. PKK Nair was a very good friend of mine in total defiance of the proverb : Out of sight, out of mind. I am tempted to say like the poet Kumaran Asan : " Namaskaaram Upaguptaa Varika bhavaan Nirvaana nimagnanaakaathe Veendum loka sevaykaay Pathitha kaarunikaraam Bhavaadrisa suthanmaare Kshithi devikkinnuvenam Adhikam pere" Salutations to you, PKK. Don't be in a hurry to merge with the feet of the Lord. The world direly needs service-minded persons like you. Come back to any place of your choice, but do come back. 2) R Jayakumar Mumbai Deeply saddened to know about the demise of Shri P K K Nair. Though I don't remember his face distinctly his name was very familiar during the service as well as in group interactions. He was also among the senior members of the retirees group. My condolences to his daughter and other family members. May His Soul Rest in Peace... He has left behind as orphans 4000 plus keychains.... R Jayakumar B Current Affairs National Assets Monetization Program* https://www.livemint.com/economy/live-fm-sitharaman-to-launch-asset-monetisation-pipeline-shortly/amp-11629707225730.html *Some readers wanted to know basics of NAMP. Article on NAMP by Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Ayog https://www.niti.gov.in/asset-monetisation-holds-key-value-creation-infrastructure Innovative structured vehicles such as Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs) & Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a capital market play. They are created and operated under the regulatory framework of SEBI and targets pooled long term capital. Since the launch of regulations for these vehicles by SEBI in year 2014, India’s private sector has very effectively unlocked its invested equity by employing these vehicles and bringing in capital from global pension and sovereign funds. AUM of Rs. ~1 lakh crore from the private sector alone, is held by these vehicles. Through the Asset Monetisation programme, public sector entities will also tap into long term institutional capital and build on the recent success of PowerGrid’s InvIT. More importantly, India’s common public can also invest in InvITs and REITs as retail investors. These models interest a different investor class comprising of global pension and sovereign wealth funds and also retail investors. The SEBI Regulations bring transparency for investors and also efficiency in asset management. India’s tryst with Monetisation is not a new thing but an ongoing exercise. There is now a need to systematically adopt these initiatives across varied asset classes and streamline the frameworks and modalities of such alternatives in a programmatic manner which can be readily absorbed, evaluated and replicated. C Collage Profile : Thomas Fuller https://www.britannica.com/biography/Thomas-Fuller Fuller was educated at Queens’ College, Cambridge (M.A., 1628; B.D., 1635). Achieving great repute in the pulpit, he was appointed preacher at the Chapel Royal, Savoy, London, in 1641. He officiated there until 1643, when the deteriorating political situation, which had led to the first battles of the English Civil Wars a year before, forced him to leave London for Oxford. For a time during the fighting, he served as chaplain to the Royalist army and, for nearly two years, was in attendance on the household of the infant princess Henrietta at Exeter. He returned to London in 1646 and wrote Andronicus, or the Unfortunate Politician (1646), a satire against Oliver Cromwell. In 1649 he was given the parish of Waltham Abbey, Essex, where he became a friend of the other leading biographer of the age, Izaak Walton. D Readers' Contributions Story Time with Vathsala Jayaraman A small story An uneducated village girl gets married to a labourer in Chennai. He brings home nearly Rs 100 daily, gets whatever she asks for. He has no vices. He keeps her as happy as possible. Whenever he returns from bath, the entire hut is full of fragrance. (Continued at H1) E Blogs & Links Random Selection I https://charukesi.contently.com/ Charukesi Ramadurai about cooking : https://asia.nikkei.com/Editor-s-Picks/Tea-Leaves/Honoring-past-generations-through-culinary-memories TEA LEAVES Honoring past generations through culinary memories Three Indian women gather long-forgotten recipes to revive and preserve forgotten culture Three young women who recently graduated from FLAME University in Pune have set up an online archive to collect recipes that are being forgotten amid more modern cuisine trends. (Photo courtesy of the Indian Community Cookbook Project) Charukesi Ramadurai "Recipes are more than detailed lists of ingredients and cooking methods, they are about memories, communities and connections. One of my biggest regrets is not having sat down with my grandmother -- or even now, my mother -- to note down their takes on "special" traditional recipes. It is not as if I couldn't find such recipes in a cookbook or somewhere online, if I really tried. What I miss is the way she would have described the process itself, with a slight disdain for specifics, urging me to measure with my eye and taste with my nose. "A pinch of thing, a handful of that" is how she thought of recipes, and that is hard to find in printed cookbooks." II Times of India Reader's Blog https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/justcorporatethings/man-often-becomes-what-he-believes-himself-to-be-37166/ Excerpts : "The positivity in you will make your life easier. If you believe that you are a loser and you will never succeed in your life then I must say you will never because these negative thoughts of yours will never let you get what you truly deserve. Your believing power has to be much higher than these negative thoughts then only you will be able to achieve your dreams. Always be true to yourself. One should believe in one's own self more than anyone else. This will change your life and take you on the path of optimism. I believed in my own self and I improved my flaws. I determined myself which helped me in boosting up my confidence and this automatically led me to focus on my career more and also made me a better person. Be brave enough to find out your own flaws and bring courage to deal with them effectively. Never lose hope, no matter what happens or what life surrounds you with. Be a warrior and not a coward." Posted online comments : ' i consider the recent rise in the number of blogs with positive content as a good beginning. the gennext is trying to put the thought process on the right track. articles like this one carry the message that we need not always accuse or criticize others to bring the desired changes in the thinking of people around us.'-M G Warrier F Leisure What is Luxury* Luxury is not getting treatment from the most expensive hospital in USA. Luxury is being healthy. Luxury is not going on a cruise and eating food prepared by a renowned chef. Luxury is eating fresh organic food grown in your own backyard. Luxury is not having an elevator in your house. Luxury is the ability to climb 3-4 stories of stairs without difficulty. Luxury is not the ability to afford a huge refrigerator. Luxury is the ability to eat freshly cooked food 3 times a day. Luxury is not having a home theatre system and watching the Himalayan expedition. Luxury is physically experiencing the Himalayan expedition. In the 60s a Car was a luxury. In the 70s a Television was a luxury. In the 80s a Telephone was a luxury. In the 90s a Computer was a luxury... So, what is a Luxury now? Being healthy, being happy, being in a happy marriage, having a loving family, being with loving friends, living in an unpolluted place...Or, some of these (🙏-Warrier) All these things have become rare. And these are the real "luxury". *Forward received from R Jayakumar Mumbai. 2) Smile* 1) Scotsmen are notorious misers and the English press was full of jokes on their parsimony. So much so, an irritated Scotsman wrote to English daily “If you don’t stop commenting on us, I shall cease borrowing your paper” 2) This Scot family had 4 brothers. The eldest went to America to make good and returned after 3 years. All his 3 brothers had their beard flowing to their knees. Asked why by the eldest brother, they replied in one voice-You have taken away the razor 3) The notorious Scottish billionaire stunned everyone with announcement of a donation of one million pounds to a charity. He wrote to the charity fund-Since I want to be anonymous, I have not signed the cheque. *Received from A P Ramadurai Cheñnai G Charity Begins at Home https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/thomas_fuller_151889 Like : "Charity begins at home, but should not end there." Thomas Fuller (Thomas Fuller, (born June 19, 1608, Aldwincle, Northamptonshire, Eng.—died Aug. 16, 1661, London), British scholar, preacher, and one of the most witty and prolific authors of the 17th century.) H 1) Continued from D One day she searches his bag when he is away and finds five soaps and two bottles. She takes those soaps and the bottle to the house where she is working as a servant maid and tells them that she has taken these from her husband's bag kept concealed in a corner of the hut. The house owner reveals that the soap is the costliest in the city and the bottles also contain scent which even rich people cannot afford to buy. The girl feels that her husband is extravagant and he may not be able to protect her if he continues to spend on such lavish things. With an idea of dragging him to a quarrel she hurries towards her hut. On her way she meets her husband only with a small loin cloth, his body fully covered with black soil with nauseating odour. He has just come out of the drain, removed the blocks and is ready to take bath in the roadside hand pump with the same costly soap in his hands. She realises that her husband works as manual scavenger and he immerses into dirt and filth to make others relieved of their tensions. She finds out the real cause of her husband's using the costly soap and scents. All her anger vanishes and she starts feeling proud of her husband. Some may wonder how a scavenger could buy such costly soaps and scents. In Chennai, we have to pay heavy labour charges to the manual scavengers when we need their services to remove the drainage block. Especially in Chennai, the drainage system has not developed well and the rain brings along with it the drainage problem too. We have paid Rs1500 or even more some twenty years back, since the drainage block will create a mental block and nothing can move in the household unless the block is cleared. It is not the cost of the soap/scent that is important but the intensity of the filth and dirt amidst which the person has to work, which makes him fix up a priority on fragrant things over the essentials. Lack of education and other job skills land some people in this pitiable job. Vathsala Jayaraman


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