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Welcome to Warrier's COLLAGE On Tuesday September 7, 2021 Story of Vamana & Bali retold* https://youtu.be/pnuF3bs7NT8 (*Interesting new dimensions) Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier Thought* for the Day : "Communication is the lifeline of any relationship. When you stop communicating, you start losing your valuable relationship. So, disturb everyone everyday!" *Received from V Rangarajan A The Power of No : Reader's Digest https://www.readersdigest.in/better-living/story-the-power-of-no-127329 Many of us get sucked into saying yes—even when we'd really rather not—to avoid conflict, because we feel sorry for others, or because we even feel ashamed when we put ourselves first. If you have difficulty figuring out when, or how, to say no, here are some tips for breaking the cycle of what one psychologist calls “the disease to please.” Prioritize your time Learning how to take better care of yourself often goes hand in hand with learning that you're allowed to put your own needs and wants first, and that doing so doesn't make you a jerk. In fact, consistently putting yourself last is likely to leave you drained and annoyed—a sure path to jerky behaviour. B Current Affairs Case Study : Coming Together of Equals (Indian Bank & Allahabad Bank) https://bfsi.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/financial-services/harvard-business-publishing-features-successful-merger-of-indian-bank-allahabad-bank/85603278 ''Merger of Equals" narrates the entire integration process, which comprised of rigorous strategic planning and execution by Indian Bank, with impetus on the challenges faced and their answers found. The merger has made Indian Bank a pan-India lender with significant presence in southern, northern and eastern parts of the country. Padmaja Chunduru, Managing Director and CEO of Indian Bank, said the merger has given Indian Bank a distinct experience of building synergies between two banks with vast legacies." C Follow me at : M G Warrier Mumbai 1) Blog dedicated to Collage www.warriersblog.com 2) Times of India Reader's Blog I Govinda Warrier @WARRIERSVIEWS After opting for retirement from RBI in 2003, M G Warrier has been responding in the print and electronic media on banking and social issues. Has published some books including "Banking, Reforms & Corruption" (2014, Sampark, Kolkatta) "India's Decade of Reforms" (2018, Notion Press) and "Restoring TRUST in Governance" (2020, Notion Press Chennai). Was writing regularly in the monthly Business and Finance Magazine "The Global ANALYST" (Published by ICFAI, Hyderabad) from 2012 to May 2021. Now regular at Blogs. II Latest Post @WarriersViews : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/missing-the-bronze-and-winning-the-gold-36222/ III Books* by M G Warrier : Notion Press https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier 1) Restoring TRUST in Governance (2020) 2) India's Decade of Reforms (2018) 3) Chasing Inclusive Growth (2018, eBook) *All books available at major online outléts. D Collage Interview : Vathsala Jayaraman Vathsala Meets Ganesha Part IV (Concluding Part) As promised Lord Ganesha was before me for final interview. His visit having become normal, I started asking questions straight. (Continued at H1) E Reader's Digest : Triumph of an Olympian https://www.readersdigest.in/features/story-triumph-of-an-olympian-127328 Relaxed and loose, oblivious to the intermittent roars of the huge crowd, the two were feeling less and less like rivals in a high-stakes Olympic match and more like buddies at a daily practice session. As time went on, however, both jumpers seemed to be tiring from the prolonged competition. Bob, long accustomed to watching his amiable acolyte with a critical eye, had winced when the Canadian had hit the bar and knocked it off on his last jump. As Duncan readied himself for another try, Bob walked over to him. “Dunc,” he said, “you've got to get that kick working. If you do, you'll be over.” Bob would lose if Duncan succeeded, but he never gave it a thought. Duncan hadn't been conscious of the problem with his kick. Now that he was, he focused on it. He crouched, fixing his eye on the bar. Then, springing forwards, he hurtled ahead to his take-off point. He planted his right foot and kicked like he’d never kicked before. He exploded upwards into the air, his arms outstretched like wings, and in one suspended, unforgettable moment, he was free of the earth and over the bar. Bob then took his jump, taking the bar with him into the pit. Duncan had won the gold medal with a first jump clearance of 1.97 metres. It came to him not as a flash of euphoria or flush of triumph but as utter surprise. What happened here? he asked himself as the stadium erupted in cheers. At his side was his tired friend and temporary rival, Bob, smiling a generous “well done”.Then an exuberant Australian shouted congratulations for “beating the hell out of those Yanks,” and Duncan came back to earth, appalled. Those were his teammates the Aussie was putting down. And more to the point, it was Bob's last-minute advice that had helped him win. It was a selfless gesture, and with it, Bob had expressed the highest ideals of Olympic competition. F Leisure Seriously, do you miss jokes? https://www.nytimes.com/2005/05/22/fashion/sundaystyles/seriously-the-joke-is-dead.html "The joke died a lonely death. There was no next of kin to notify, the comedy skit, the hand-buzzer and Bob Newhart's imaginary telephone monologues having passed on long before. But when people reminisce about it, they always say the same thing: the joke knew how to make an entrance." "Two guys walked into a bar"; "So this lady goes to the doctor"; "Did you hear the one about the talking parrot?" The new humor sneaks by on little cat feet, all punch line and no setup, and if it bombs, you barely notice. The joke insisted on everyone's attention, and when it bombed -- wow. "A joke is a way to say, 'I'm going to do something funny now,"' said Penn Jillette, the talking half of the comedy and magic duo Penn & Teller* and a producer of "The Aristocrats," a new documentary about an old dirty joke of the same name. "If I don't get a laugh at the end, I'm a failure." It's a matter of faith among professional comics that jokes -- the kind that involve a narrative setup, some ridiculous details and a punch line -- have been displaced by observational humor and one-liners. Lisa Lampanelli, who describes herself as the world's only female insult comic, said that in the business, straight jokes were considered "the kiss of death." *Watch this show : https://youtu.be/LGCDGNw-yMA G Maintaining Good Health https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/good-health-quotes Like : "I have been very blessed in my life and rewarded with good friends and good health. I am grateful and happy to be able to share this." Eric Idle (Eric Idle is an English actor, musician, writer and comedian. Idle is a former member of the British surreal comedy group Monty Python and the parody rock band The Rutles, and is the writer of the music and lyrics for the Broadway musical Spamalot.) H 1) Continued from D1 Part IV Me: “Can I ask my doubts?” Lord: “Please go ahead. It is usual ritual between two of us. Besides torturing me, you also torture the group members by writing about our conversation /" Me: “Lord, how do you communicate with your family members and others in Kailasam and Vaikuntam? Do you have verbal communication or you also have social media like Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, Instagram, etc. Do you post your status”? Lord: “I don’t know whether it would make sense to you if I explain how things work in Kailasam and Vaikuntam. All our conversations are recorded only for teaching something to the humanity. In real terms, no one speaks to each other nor we post our status. Everything is known to everyone and there is no need for communication among the Lords. We are all close to each other always. I understand humanity is distancing itself with the real-life family members and friends to establish friendship internationally with unknown friends and that too with a brand-new social media ID? Is that correct?” Me: I blushed a little while thinking how to answer the Lord’s counter question. “Sometimes, it is easier to communicate with unknown friends to share some of our life issues and share the status, Lord”. Lord: “Please remember what I said in our first meeting. I am always available in every corner of the street and you can either come and talk to me or think about telling all your problem to me. I am everywhere to listen to your problems and eventually, you will find a way to solve it yourselves”. Me: I wanted to quickly change the topic. “Lord, earlier people who wanted your statue,used to order it with the sculptor. Now a days, with just your image, we can three D print your statue. Life is becoming easier to get your statues but only invoking you to appear is still a lot of effort”. Lord: “You haven't changed one bit and perhaps you were born with your stupidity. I wonder whether you grasp everything I say to you in each meeting. I am just a symbol of your self-confidence and by invoking me, you just wake your own self-confidence. For doing anything in life, you need self-confidence and that is why I am being invoked first. Regarding making my statue through Sculptor or 3-D printing, it makes no difference to me. My existence is to remind you about what you could achieve if you put your mind to anything. Praying to me thinking I was going to fix all your problems without you making any effort is sheer waste of time. Me: I was wondering what one question I could ask that would have the Lord smile again. “Lord, please help me understand how my mind works and how to liberate my soul from the strangulating influence of my mind?” Lord: With a smile, he started his answer. “Your ignorance is eliminated when all your doubts are removed. All your doubts arise from your thoughts. Cauldron of thoughts is your Mind. Your mind is filled with a lot of desires and attachments. Desires and attachments are the root cause of pain and suffering. Watch your thoughts distancing yourself from them, attempt to silence your mind from agitation, perform your actions with no expectations, reduce your desires and attachments and accept all that happens, as is. You will liberate your soul. Achieving Paramananda from your inner core called “Self” or “Consciousness” relinquishing the need to have the wrappers (such as body, mind and intellect) of your gift called life is liberation. When all your obstacles are removed and you gain true knowledge, that is Ganesh Chaturthi”. Me: Scratching my head, “My namaskarams to you, Lord. Thank you for clarifying all my doubts”. Lord: Getting ready to leave said, “Did I? then why your mind is asking what is my Gathi (Destiny)? Please tell your mind Saranagathi (Surrender) is the best option”. Me: Thinking what I can hide from the Lord, I closed my eyes and started singing a bhajan. Suddenly I heard a voice.Why are you singing bhajan from your bed.It is already 5.30.Get up.Today is Ganesh Chaturthi.We have a lot to do. Everything is a dream!I felt ashamed. I assure you my conversation with Lord Ganesha is intended to create self-learning lessons. It is an exercise reconciling my spiritual mind with the rational mind. Vathsala Jayaraman 2) Obituary : P K K Nair, Bangalore Message from K V Padmanabhan, Bangalore : "I regret to inform you that Shri P K K Nair, (81 years, GM Rtd, NABARD) passed away yesterday night due to Cardiac Arrest. He was earlier working in RBI and later moved to Nabard. He was staying with his daughter in the outskirts of Bengaluru (near Hosur). I pray for his soul to rest in peace and attain moksha. K V Padmanabhan September 6, 2021" Heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family and Prayers 🙏-Warrier Note : P K K Nair introduced himself as a copoclephologist to Collage. See this report : https://gulfnews.com/uae/a-penchant-for-keychains-1.412272 A penchant for keychains "I am a copoclephologist," proudly claimed P K K Nair, a retired senior GM of a bank in Mumbai, India, and went on to clarify that this meant he was a collector of keychains. And proudly displayed the 4,000 keychains* in his possession. *He had more than doubled his collection by 2020.


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