AAP : What we said a decade ago

AAP : M G Warrier https://www.moneylife.in/article/aam-admi-party-dilemma-of-accepting-current-political-practices/30092.html This is what we said about AAP a decade ago. Please see my online comments, copied below : M G WARRIER 9 years ago AAP, or for that matter, any political party or social organisation in India, in the present situation, may not be in a position to insulate against the kind of infiltration or misuse of platform of the kind mentioned here. What could be tried is, transparent functioning, vigilant approach to feedbacks like this and online corrective measures. It may not be teething trouble and may last longer. But let us hope, as competition from new generation banks compelled old banks to provide better services, the vision and mission being announced by AAP will give opportunity for introspection and reform for major political parties which are trying ‘coalition’ tactics on a day-to-day basis.


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