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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Friday May 20, 2022 1) Relax https://youtu.be/AKy6Jx59fis (Music...) 2) Bougainvillas https://youtu.be/VB33QfHP0VA 3) Papanashini, Thirunelli Waynad https://photos.app.goo.gl/VrKViBvBtGFNDPX78 ( Prize-winning Painting by Paediatrician Dr Kishore. Shared by T V Surendran Mananthavady. See E1) Good Morning 🙏 Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) T N C Rangarajan Employee mistake reminded me of a story. A worker at a site digging an oil well dropped his spanner into the narrow well and blocked further operations. So the company spent a million retrieving the spanner and the boss handed it over to him and said: Here is your spanner. You're fired! The worker said In that case I don't need it and threw it into the well!! 2) S W Fadnawis Pune All the writings on the subjects of retirement and death make an interesting reading. Coming from eminent personalities, it gives deep insight into the subject. While on the subject of death I am reminded of a book 'Tuesdays with Morrie'* by Mitch Albom. Though it may be slightly besides the subject discussed among the group members, it deals with a Professor in the shadow of death, imparting his favourite past student, Mitch, the philosophy of life and death, every Tuesday.The professor is suffering from a dreaded dease ALS, in which a petient looses the strength in all the organs of the body, beginning from the limbs upward. The affected part becomes as if it has been melted. Morrie bears this with fortitude and though he becomes incapable of sitting, he manages to lecture his student as if he is engaging his class. On the last day of his discourse, he goes into coma and dies 2 days after. His disciple, Mitch has narrated the story of his beloved and brave teacher in this book. It is a story of a very learned teacher who, knowing that death is lurking nearby, goes on teaching his disciple as if he was engaging a full class. It is unlikely that our learned participants have not read this book but if by chance someone has, please read it. *Tuesdays With Morrie : Book Review https://www.njkinnysblog.com/tuesdays-with-morrie-by-mitch-albom-review-nonfiction/ "What was it about him that made Mitch think that he was worth writing a book about? The answer to that question is that he didn’t think any such thing. Morrie’s only claim to fame had been an appearance on a show called “Nightline”. And it was through this that Mitch came to know that his old professor whom he had not met for some twenty years was dying of ALS. So, it saddened Mitch and he decided to meet him. What was initially a reunion of an old professor and his student became a final lesson on life’s complexities." 3) R Jayakumar Leisure The Other End of the Pendulum Shri Kelkar ji has forwarded to the group an item printed in the ET dated 16th May, in its daily column 'JUST IN JEST'. Kelkar Sir has rightly compared the emotional attachment of senior citizens to their families to that of a pendulum, may be, because at one end the seniors are eager to save and save by way of bank balance, investments in gold and property which they eagerly want to pass on to the next generation before they died. On the other hand they also expect their grown up children to compensate them for the amount they had spent to bring them up and for giving good education, once the children settled in a good job.. JUST IN JEST compares this type of expectations to the Company Law provision relating to Return On Investment (ROI). It is OK for parents to demand from children who are placed in good jobs to give certain amount of cash as return gift for their monthly expenses. But to demand legal compensation for not producing a child within six years of marriage, that too Rs 5 crores, is really weird and funny. The parents who sent the notice demanding 5 crores seems to be not aware of the basic needs to produce a grandson by their son. Certainly it can not be like baking a bun in an oven for the daughter-in-law to bring out a son. Whether five thousand was spent or five crores was spent for the children's marriage celebration by parents, many couples struggle to conceive for many years after marriage. Parents assume that their children are capable of producing heirs for them instantly, and there is no practice of insisting upon fitness certificate before marriage that the couple will consummate the marriage. If a child is not conceived in time there is blame game that the other one is not capable for the job. Even if both are physically fit there are various causes why the DiL don't conceive. One of my neighbour's only son when married could not find signs of a child for eleven years. There was frustration in the family. After eleven years the daughter-in-law conceived and gave birth to a girl child. The parents are very happy. Another neighbour's daughter-in-law did not conceive for six years. Now after visits to a fertility centre she is on the family way. So before demanding 5 crores from their son for not providing a son within six years the parents could have found out the reason for delay in conceiving and gone for remedial measures which will be JUST AND JUST. And the pendulum never stops swinging. R Jayakumar B Retirement Planning Reverse Mortgage https://www.moneylife.in/article/retirement-planning-how-to-generate-what-you-need/32813.html Excerpts : "Since a lot of savers today have large home loans, they may end up saving less for retirement. They will have the bulk of their investment in real estate. Mr Basu said, “Reverse mortgage is an option for them, but it has failed as a product in India and may pick up in near future” My online comments then (9 years ago) : "Planning one’s finance and savings is becoming an area which should get attention of Investment Advisors and financial planners. While still serving and earning post-retirement planning is ignored by the individual. The common excuse being the non-elasticity of savings. The net-worth of the saver as on the date of retirement (including the ‘present worth’ as on that date of pension receivable for the next 15 years) could be taken as the retirement corpus. A minimum amount adequate to insulate the cash flow against inflation should be saved on an ongoing basis, for the next 15 years (assuming retirement age at 60)..." Response Mohan Krishnan Thiruvananthapuram Reverse mortgage is linked to how much the children are dependent on the pensioners. If it’s pvt sector (non pensionable) only a crisis can lead one to that thought process. Reverse mortgage goes with the presumption that after the death the children won’t need the house mandatorily. Otherwise, I think, if in average health, post 75 needs are very less. C V Babusenan's Column Hiring & Firing Soon after the 2014 General Elections, appeared a spate of media eulogies on our immensely rich among which I recollect one that contained the following incident : One of the novel schemes implemented by a big business magnate failed resulting in a huge financial loss. The person whose innovative idea he fully trusted and implemented got upset and wanted to resign. He went to the boss, profusely apologised and gave his resignation letter. The boss said with a smile : "In a successful business, sometimes, there will be failures too. Do you think I will allow another business man the benefit of your expertise? No man, you are remaining with me and will continue to give me your ideas. Take back this letter and go to your cabin." Now, let us go back in our memory to another industrial magnate who made history. He knew, by name, every worker in his huge factory. Once, while standing outside his office, he saw one of his workers engaged in conversation with another man, perhaps his friend. He watched for some time and then called the manager of the factory. To the latter he said : "George, you see that Peter Armstrong working in the conveyor belt section. I don't want his services any longer." The Manager hesitated. He said "Peter is a diligent worker. In what way he offended you? " "May be, he is a good worker. Hear what he did. While talking to the other man, he took a match box from his pocket and started igniting the matches one after the other. He was not holding any cigarette on his lips." "I think it is too small a thing to justify the dismissal of a worker. Moreover, he has not done any damage to us. He has ignited away his own matches." "Exactly, George, that is my point. If one senselessly destroys one's own property, do you think such a person will have any compunction to destroy another's? Send him away. I don't mind your offering a handsome handshake." It was Henry Ford who needs no introduction. D Book Review : Crime and Punishment https://eternalisedofficial.com/2020/09/07/book-review-crime-and-punishment/ Crime and Punishment remains the single most widely known Russian novel as well as one of the greatest works in world literature. It is first and foremost a fascinating detective novel, but one in which we know from the very beginning who committed the heinous crime. It focuses on the mental anguish and moral dilemmas of Raskolnikov, an impoverished law student in St. Petersburg unable to pay for his studies. He can be viewed as a materialistic rationalist, an oddity at that time and taken by the idea that God was dead. He was convinced that the only reason that anyone acted in a moral way was because of cowardice and tradition. E Faith/Spirituality 1) Thirunelli Temple Waynad http://thirunellitemple.com/importance.php Papanasini It is a wild stream that originates from the Brahmagiri Hills which later joins River Kalindi. It is almost 400 mtrs away from the temple, on its western side. Literally it means, extinguisher of sins. It is believed that River Ganga and River Saraswathi join in Papanasini. Therefore Papanasini is called the Southern Kashi. A ritual dip in Papanasini is believed to wash one away, of all worldly sins committed in a life time. If we immerse the ashes of the dead in Papanasini, it is equivalent to that of doing Karmas(Rituals ) in Gaya. 2) Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1527009452351975424?s=20&t=iK3-F0roR1aDd6ou_uC0lA Unity in Diversity - 256 अपना जनमु न जूऐ हारे असुर नदी का बंधै मूलु पछिम फेरि चड़ावै सूरु अजरु जरै सु निझरु झरै जगंनाथ सिउ गोसटि करै Does not gamble away life Plugs evil tendencies Sun rise of Knowledge Bears the unbearable Finally, chats with God Beni, Ramkali, 974, SGGS F Leisure Lawful jokes https://kidadl.com/funnies/puns/best-lawyer-puns-and-jokes-for-you-to-judge A lawyer went to his local restaurant to wind down after a complicated trial. "What would you like with your orange juice?", the waiter asked. "Just ice", he replied. **** The semicolon who committed the neighborhood robberies was administered two consecutive sentences by the lawyer. G Quotes from "Crime and Punishment" https://bookanalysis.com/fyodor-dostoevsky/crime-and-punishment/quotes/ A number of quotes in ‘Crime and Punishment’ capture most succinctly the motivations, passions, and emotions of the characters in the book. These quotes are profound not only insofar as they help remind us of key moments or illuminate important plot points, but also because they contain great value outside their immediate context.


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