Zero loss theory

In a Media Response S K Gupta says : "Congress must introspect* It was quite interesting to learn that Kapil Sibal, one of the key members of the ‘G-23’, thought it wise to resign from the Congress party. While such a worrisome development does not augur well for the already sagging image of the grand old party, there could be many more similarly placed highly aggrieved senior Congressmen who may be waiting for some worthy opportunities before jumping ship. The sudden migration of Sibal to the SP’s fold must ring some alarm bells for Sonia & Co. But will she carry out some honest introspection or forget Sibal as some bad dream, remains the moot question? SK Gupta New Delhi" Public memory may be short. But the grand old party lives on memories mostly these days. So, there's a "Zero Loss Theory" KS invented during 2G days. One man's loss is another woman's gain. Net loss is always zero. One party's loss is another party's gain. So for us, net loss is zero. Just some thoughts in the context of Gupta's response. M G Warrier *The Hindu Business Line, May 27, 2022.


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