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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On FRIDAY May 6, 2022 Neelakurunji flowers https://youtu.be/dRD7GQIh4Ik (A once in 12 years wonder) Ottamthullal https://youtu.be/1fPnW3R19go (May 5 is observed as Kunchan Day in honour of Kunchan Nambiar) Good Morning Today Kiran Warrier's son Govind has Birthday. Best Wishes and Ayurarogyasaukhyam to him 🙏-Warrier Nice Day M G Warrier Response E Madhavan Liked Babusenan bringing out the literary values and other unique aspects of Krishnagadha. The linguistic explanation regarding the place names and Erisseri, Pulisseri etc was indeed interesting. The game which Udayavarman and his friend were engaged in must be Chathurangam, the Indian version of chess . . A Current Affairs Child Labour : Madras Courier https://madrascourier.com/opinion/elimination-of-child-labour-must-be-at-the-forefront-of-global-policy/ 2) UNICEF on Child Labour in India https://www.unicef.org/india/what-we-do/child-labour-exploitation According to data from Census 2011, the number of child labourers in India is 10.1 million of which 5.6 million are boys and 4.5 million are girls. A total of 152 million children – 64 million girls and 88 million boys – are estimated to be in child labour globally, accounting for almost one in ten of all children worldwide. B Books with Blue in the title https://www.ranker.com/list/books-with-blue-in-the-title/ranker-books Colour Symbolism in Literature https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/books/features/colour-symbolism-in-literature/amp_etphotostory/74552689.cms Colour Symbolism in Literature For years, authors have been using the concept of colour in literature as a symbol to help readers get a better understanding of characters and events. Colour symbolism in literature is when a writer uses colour to represent something outside of its literal sense. Colour is an essential tool in storytelling having the power to instantly set a tone and mood. Used symbolically to infuse a deeper meaning in writing, it creates a richer reading experience. Fascinating and memorable experience is created for readers by attaching an emotional state or character to colour. It tends to be an easy way for writers to send subliminal messages to their readers through the shades and guide their feelings about certain characters, places and events while allowing them to visualize complex subjects. We all interpret colour in certain ways used to express ideas. Colour symbolism, therefore, plays a pivotal role in literature, without us even noticing much. Bonus 1) Blue Lotus https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/blue-lotus-flower#what-it-is 2) Doctor Inside (& Outside) A book in Malayalam by Dr Jo Joseph https://www.thecue.in/books/dr-jo-joseph-book-hridayapoorvam-doctor-review-anvar-abdullah C Collage Colour Science Krishna's colour : Blue or Black? https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/health/did-lord-krishna-really-have-blue-skin--55392 The world has depicted Lord Krishna as a baby stealing butter and a charming youth holding a flute, with a peacock feather on his head. And in all these depictions, there’s one common link: the blue colour of his skin. The question as to why his skin looked different from ours must have nudged you? The legends tell us that Lord Krishna had drunk poisoned milk given by a demon when he was a baby and that had caused the bluish tinge in his skin. Bonus Sands of time https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/raghavi/sands-of-time-42854/ Everyone has a path different from others due to which their journey is unique. The essence of it, I would like to quote, ‘Lives of great people remind us that we can make our lives sublime and, departing, leave behind footprints in the sands of time.’ by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. So, to sum up, each moment in life is precious. One should enjoy their lives to every bit of it. D Blue Birds https://wildbirdrevolution.org/top-25-wild-bird-photographs-of-the-week-blue/ We are in a day-and-age during which more bird species are threatened with extinction than ever before. The Wild Birds! Revolution aims to publish the “Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week” to 1 million people every week by the end of the year. That is a revolution that will change the world! Join thousands of other weekend naturalists, photographers, birders, experts, hikers, nature-lovers, guides, scientists, conservationists and artists that share the thousands of wild bird photographs submitted to the Wild Bird Trust website and Facebook page. Thousands of wild bird enthusiasts are going out every day to photograph our planet’s beautiful birdlife. Pick up your camera, fill your bird feeder, open your heart, and join the Wild Birds! Revolution!! E Colours in Collage : Vathsala Jayaraman It is great pleasure to see the colourful collage. Colours tend to evoke many meanings. In nature there are three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. They cannot be formed by mixing any other colors. These colors come from Earth itself. You can mix these together or mix them with black and white to get almost all of the beautiful colors that we have today. It is not that the colors themselves have meaning, it is that we have culturally assigned meanings to them. For example, red means warmth because of the color of fire. Likewise, it means anger because of the increased redness of the face when it flushes with blood. Purple symbolizes royalty only because the only purple dye that was available for many centuries Biologist Timothy H. Goldsmith explained that, “color is not actually a property of light or of objects that reflect light. It is a sensation that arises within the brain.” And those sensations can be incredibly powerful. Colors can change our mood, impact our memory, and even increase or decrease our heart rate. Given the mighty powers colors possess, it’s no surprise that all sorts of industries leverage color to influence potential customers. Food purveyors, for example, have been using color to make their products look more appealing Colors carry different significance in different countries or regions. In America, the color predominantly associated with mourning or grief is black. But in China white is more commonly associated with mourning and often worn at funerals by family of the deceased. Religious affiliation: Depending on which religion you practice, you may interpret purple as a symbol of suffering, royalty, or intuition, among other things. Not everybody will react the same way to the same color. Red is typically associated with a sense of urgency. It represents danger and forces us to become more alert, more active. But it might also be one of the colors in your grandma's kitchen, making you feel warm, loved, and safe instead. Cool colors such as blue, purple, and green provide a sense of calm and relaxation because they are a visual reminder of elements of nature like water, sky, and grass. Warm colors are associated with heightened emotions. They are intense and they bring forth joy, playfulness, and happiness. Warm colors are good for rooms that will have a lot of activity because they are known to stimulate. Cool colors bring about calm, relaxed, refreshing feelings. Cool colors are good for places that you go to unwind such as your bedroom or your restroom. What is color, first of all? The color of any substance is not because of what it is, it is what it rejects or what it gives away or reflects. Something looks red not because it is red, but because it holds back everything that white light contains and reflects red. So red does not mean it is red. Red means it is not red! Whatever you give away, that will be your quality in the world also. Blue is the color of all-inclusiveness. Anything which is larger than your perception tends to be blue because blue is the basis of all -inclusiveness. It is based on this that so many gods in India are shown as blue-skinned. Krishna has a blue skin. Rama has a blue skin. It is not that their skin was blue. They were referred to as blue gods because they had a blue aura. The Meaning Of The Color Orange : Why people who walk the spiritual path choose orange as their color, at least in this country, is because orange suggests so many things. When a person is moving towards Agna, it can be very visibly noticed that the color of Agna is orange. In the Bible, the Hebrew word for red is Oudem. Its actual meaning is “red clay". Many biblical names (Adam, Esau and Edom) are derived from this Hebrew word which means flesh. Thus, it is the root word for mankind as stated in the Bible. The second primary color is yellow. Yellow is associated with fire, which in turn, has always been associated with the purification process. Blue is the third primary color. It spiritually signifies the Healing Power of God. Secondary Colors and Biblical Meanings Green is obtained by mixing yellow (trials) with blue (Word of God). Therefore, the biblical meaning of the color green is immortality. Orange is obtained by mixing red (flesh) and yellow (trials). The result is a color of fire which represents the Fire of God, deliverance and passionate praise. Purple is obtained by mixing red (flesh) and blue (Word of God). The resultant color meaning in the Bible is royalty or priesthood. Let us move on to understand the meaning of colours. Red: Red is considered the colour of assertion, romance, strength, excitement, vitality, ambition, impulse and physical prowess. Orange is the shade between red and yellow. It is flamboyant, lively and cheerful. It signifies youth and being fearless, spontaneous, dynamic and assertive. This colour stimulates the brain while also promoting mental activity. Yellow is often associated with sunlight. This colour creates a feeling of hope, happiness while also denoting wisdom. Green is the colour associated with harmony, security and balance. It creates a sense of peace, gentleness and modesty. Blue is the colour of the sky and its reflection on water surfaces. Thus, this colour is often used to show a kind of expansiveness, similar to the skies and oceans. Born from the mixture of blue and red, purple is a regal colour considered to be associated with dignity and hence to be used with discretion. The paler tones of purple are restful and serene but the darker ones can make it harder to focus. Lavender is a lighter shade of purple which signifies the refined things in life that are creative, witty and civilized. On the flip side, purples can also be tiring to the eyes. Sad and gloominess can also be portrayed using this colour. Brown is the colour of living wood and the earth. Calm and soothing to look at, browns are extraordinarily restful to look at. This is a colour that symbolizes steadiness, dependability, the conservative nature of things and is cool and warm, both, at once. Gray is considered as the colour of compromise and caution. Gray also gives a sense of peace to the viewer. White symbolizes safety, cleanliness and purity. It emanates innocence, youth and perfection. It also means simplicity and freshness. Black is often used to symbolize mysteries and secrets. But black can also give a morbid feeling so it should be used carefully. In most Western cultures, blacks symbolize grief. However, black can also resonate with someone being dignified with a hint of sophistication. Vathsala Jayaraman F Leisure A Suspense tale in dreams* She woke up to her daughter screaming out loud, "Mummmmmmmy!" Quickly, she sprinted towards her daughter's room. The little girl was lying at the corner of the room, panting, and holding her hands over her head, covering the face, as if she was trying to hide from somebody. She hugged her and yelled, "Sweety! Sweety! It's me! Mom has come! Don't worry! Calm down! Calm down! Relax! What happened?" The little girl cried out loud, "Mummy! Mummy! There's someone roaming around in our house!" Placing her over the chest and brushing her hands into the little girl's hair, she replied, "No Sweety, there is no one! You just had a bad dream! Calm down! Stop crying! I'm there!" Pointing towards the door, the little girl screamed, "Mom! There it is! See! Mummmmmmmy! There!" She turned back to see a silhouette, holding a knife in hand. Her eyes went wide. She hugged her daughter all over and tried to scream out for help, but no words came out of her mouth. It moved close to them, and looking into her eyes, it said, "Sometimes, you have to listen to little kids! They speak truth!" And, stabbed her right into her heart with the knife. She squealed, "Aaaaaaaahhhh!" Her husband woke up and shouted, "Hey! Hey! Relax! Calm down! May be you had a bad dream! Relax! Relax! Cool!" She looked around, up and down, hugged her husband, and mumbled, "Oh! That's a very bad dream!" She got down the bed and moved towards her daughter's room. The little girl was still sleeping. She smiled, kissed her daughter on the forehead and returned to her bed. Her husband asked, "Where did you go?" She smilingly replied, "I just went to have a glance of our daughter, Sweety!" He whispered, "Are you mad? We don't have a daughter!" *Received from S Venugopal via Group mail G Quotes on Blue https://everydaypower.com/blue-quotes/ Like : . “Blue is the color of peace. Water is blue. I like the color blue because it just puts me at peace. The patriotic symbol is blue. I just like blue.” – Antonio Brown Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr. (Born 1988) is an American football wide receiver who is a free agent. Raised in Liberty City, Miami, Brown attended Miami Norland High School. He played college football at Central Michigan University, where he earned All-American honors in 2008 and 2009 as a punt returner.


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