Family's Challenges Part V Philosophy & Spirituality

Friends This is the concluding Part in the 5 Part Series on Family's Challenges. Those who missed earlier Parts, please access my Face Book page or blog. In first four parts, we briefly covered Family System, Education, Relationships and Resources Management. Here we look at the role of Spirituality & Philosophy in life. M G Warrier Philosophy Spirituality Family's Challenges Part V Spirituality & Philosophy Básics All of us are born into families with no option to choose geography, religion or economic status. What happens subsequently is called life. Once this is realised pursuit of self-realization or meaning of life becomes much easier. This is my experience. Each one's perception can be different depending on the opportunities received for learning. A Spirituality : Speaking Tree B Family & Spirituality,is%20really%20important%20to%20them Among the keys to a successful family life mentioned in The Family : A Proclamation to the World are the spiritual values of faith, repentance, forgiveness and prayer. Strong families share a belief in something greater than themselves. They agree about what is right and wrong and what is really important to them. These shared values give families purpose and help them unite on goals. Spirituality is thus a powerful source of strength for these families. C Bonus I Nobel Prize in Literature goes to : French memoirist Annie Ernaux wins the Nobel Prize in literature II Poetry : By R Jayakumar Birthday Wishes to P P Ramachandran Mumbai who turned 87 on October 6, 2022 Many Many Happy Returns of the Day ,🌹💐 You are the brightly shining star In this honoured EXRBITES Parivar. We as families, though living afar Are united in one roof without any war By your daily messages of love and pyar Filling in our hearts no hate and no scar; And standing by your side is your dear yaar To add commentaries on songs and filmstars Who makes us all SitAndWonder what a Kumar*! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🌹 R Jayakumar *Reference to Sitendra Kumar


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