Life's challenges Part I Family

Today we start the third 5 Part Series after the daily Collage took a break. First two series we rushed through Indian History and Mythology and Pre-Religion Indian Wisdom. As we move forward, selection of subjects will become more difficult, but whenever you find it boring I'll come to know about it and you will find a change in track. This week we'll touch upon Life's journey and challenges. M G Warrier Life's Challenges Part I Family A It's easy to quote others : Excerpts : You can't deny that every family comes with its challenges. But as the influence of technology has spread, so has the distance between family members. The family unit has been one of the biggest casualties in the technological expanse that happened over the past decade. Family dinners are an integral aspect of many families throughout the country. Today it’s nearly impossible to see a family out at a restaurant without at least one person on their phone, though. Devices interrupt family time for both parents and children alike. Still, a family is one of the most important parts of life. Whether it is blood family or chosen family, everyone needs a solid group of people they can rely on. How can you keep your phone from distracting you during family time? B Family in Ancient India Excerpts : "Family during Ancient India : Family was like a social organization during ancient India. It was usually a joint family back then including brothers, uncles, cousins, nephews which were living under one roof as a one group and were closely linked with each other. They even had an immovable property in common. Role of children in ancient India : Children were considered precious and very important as they were the future of our Nation. It was important for them being healthy, intelligent, well mannered, socially active, well-educated and were considered very essential. Joint Family System in India : Indian Joint Family includes three - four generations, including grand-parents, parents, uncle, aunts, nieces and nephews all living together under the same roof utilizing kitchen in common family and contributed by all the family members. The entire family members are bound mutually and have one common ancestor." C Looking forward : Where do we go from here? Life's what happens when you plan your future. Looking around, I can see the society quickly adjusting to the quicker changes in the environment. When my generation (born during the first half of last Century) mourn the disintegration of joint family younger generations have already invented new methods to develop and maintain social contacts and relationships. The rituals and celebrations or the assets and liabilities that brought into being and later disintegrated joint family system are no longer relevant. People invent other common grounds to come together, meet occasionally, socialise and keep the thread of mutual contact and help live. Social Groups in housing colonies/Residential Associations, Occasional Family Get-togethers, Meetings of "Batch of 1970" or closer ties among alumni of reputed educational institutions are all examples. We are on the right track, I believe. 🙏-Warrier


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