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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Monday October 17, 2022 Poems for kids https://youtu.be/4UVozY9dq58 (Don't tell me it's repeat, because it is!) Good Morning As we'll be traveling, Collage is taking a short break. Will try to share Sunday Collage regularly. Nice Day M G Warrier M 134 Thoughts for the Day By Dr T V Gopalakrishnan My pilgrimage has ended today with a visit to Kasi Viswanatha Temple. Tomorrow we will be back in Bangalore. The visit was wonderful with performance of rituals for ancestors and several dips in holy Ganga as part of rituals and boat ride in Ganga. One gets a sense of the otherworld and some idea as to what happens after death. Allahabad Varanasi and Gaya visits teach us to seriously think of the unworthiness of having ego and other possessions proudly held in the materialistic world. If there is a will there is a way to improve the environment, economy, living conditions of the people has been well proved and established in Varanasi and Gaya the way Temples and surroundings have been rebuilt, maintained and taken care of though lot remains to be attended to . How religion helps to contribute to the economic development can be a serious subject to be considered for a in-depth research and study by the academic community. The dream of five trillion economy can be a reality and India being on top of the world economy is a sure possibility if the full potential of the economy and the Human Resources is put into optimum use removing the negatives present here and there. Some random thoughts after the visit to these places. (Thanks 🙏 for the update and for sharing these inspiring thoughts -Warrier) A Obituary : N E Balakrishna Marar https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/founder-of-poorna-publications-ne-balakrishna-marar-dead/article66012045.ece/amp/ N.E. Balakrishna Marar*, founder and owner of the Kozhikode-based Poorna Publications, passed away here on Friday of age-related ailments. He had celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday. *During 1960's when I was studying in Government College Madappalli he used to come there with a bagfull of College books for sale. His rise was slow and steady. Prayers 🙏-Warrier B V K Krishna Menon & Books Publication https://amp.scroll.in/article/770738/how-a-young-man-from-calicut-became-the-publisher-who-helped-change-british-thinking How a young man from Calicut became the publisher who helped change British thinking In the process, VK Krishna Menon spread the idea of affordable books. C Nostalgia O V Vijayan & Shankar's Weekly https://www.britannica.com/topic/Shankars-Weekly Excerpts : O V Vijayan graduated from Government Victoria College, Palakkad, and received a master’s degree in English literature from Presidency College, Madras (now Chennai). He started his career as a lecturer, but in 1958 he left Kerala for Delhi to pursue an interest in the world of cartoons. Initially he joined Shankar’s Weekly (1948–75), a magazine founded by the legendary political cartoonist P. Shankar Pillai. Subsequently, Vijayan became a staff cartoonist at the The Patriot. He also worked as a journalist with the The Hindu and the The Statesman. D Indian English Authors https://booksloveme.com/indian-authors-list-of-top-21/ The team of booksloveme has scrutinized the Indian English authors list and brought to you the top 21 Indian authors in English. E Sports WOMEN'S CRICKET* Women Cricket Team lifted the Asia Cup at Bangla Desh beating Sri Lanka! Harmanpreets Team India won the Cup for the Seventh time! Batting first Sri Lanka was in total troubles against our Indian bowlers led by Renka and were all out for 65 runs in a procession! Mandana led IndiA to victory with unbeaten 51 runs! The match hardly lasted for 30 overs totally! It is very unfortunate that Women in Cricket do not get the praise and hype men have in Cricket! We are ALL Indians proud of Women Team! Kudos to Indian Women! *Report received from S Venugopal Chennai F Leisure Govt of/by/for the people*🙏 Those who think a sarkari job is boring must read this. "Many many years ago, the Station Director of All India Radio, Calcutta spent 2 ½ Annas on a mutton leg to entice the tiger to roar during the recording of a children's program on a zoo visit. Audit objected it stating that he had no authority to incur expenditure on such an item. He was asked to remit the money, fix responsibility and take steps to prevent such defaults in future. The station director's office replied that he had the delegated powers to spend on the entertainment of artists who participate in recorded programs. Citing the definition of an artist from the official manual that there should be a contract between the AIR and the artist, Audit asked the station director to produce a copy of the contract signed with the tiger. The station director's office replied that the manuals allowed him to waive the requirements in the case of VIPs who are requested to participate in programs, and since the tiger was a Royal Bengal Tiger (certificate of the zoo authorities attached), the station Director after careful consideration had decided to waive the execution of the contract considering that the tiger had not insisted on any fee for its performance. The Audit Officer accepted the reply and dropped the objection in view of the clarification. Lights Times! *Shared by S Venugopal Chennai (Down the line, during 1980's, I was working in Premises Section in RBI Thiruvananthapuram. There were some limited powers to sanction expenditure. When I started exercising the powers, someone asked why I was not marking such sanctions for the information of the OiC. I said there was no such requirements. But, I learnt how small I was when I reached Mumbai. I was asked to fill-in a form and get approval from next higher level for taking Xerox copy of a five page document! 🙏-Warrier) G Quotes on Indian Literature https://www.quotemaster.org/indian+literature Like : Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it. C S Lewis


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