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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Saturday October 15, 2022 Back to music (By Casteless Collective) https://youtu.be/TRfb1c_9Qic First Week @ Ashoka University 2022-23 https://youtu.be/Q9h0IRpXtx8 (Link Courtesy : Kiran Warrier. This year Kiran's son Govind has joined Ashoka. Best Wishes to him & Prayers 🙏-Warrier) Move Up, When You Move On ... https://photos.app.goo.gl/qKjA8vxjMntHYXT76 Good Morning Nice Day M G Warrier M Maneesha Panchakam https://youtu.be/RVMGU2GT0MA https://templesinindiainfo.com/manisha-panchakam-lyrics-in-english-with-meaning/ A Messages/Responses 1) K Balasubramanian Coimbatore Do listen to this excellent TED talk by an engineer and a railway man. So well spoken. A proud feeling for all of us as an Indian. https://youtu.be/YvDLYZ1tm7A Unmissable 2) C V Subbaraman Message shared by S Nallasivan Dear Shri Nallasivan I am opening my mail box after a lapse of 14 long days. I had gone to a village called Pareeka in Udupi district to participate in a Yoga and Naturopathy program in a celebrated Naturopathy Hospital called the Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital (of which the main trustee is the well respected Shri Virendra Heggade) . I was totally cut off from outside world. After the program was over on 9th October, I visited Udupi temple and from there went to Sri Dharmasthala to pay respects to Manjunatheswara Bhagawan and returned to Mysuru only this morning at 3. I gratefully acknowledge your description of my work and participation. I am duly doing my humble duty to my friends and collegues in RBI and fighting for justice anf fairplay and opposing injustice in any form. I am sorry that our Bank management has been weak, emaciated and does not display an elementary degree of courage to tell the Finance Ministry to keep off the RBI's personnel policy and the related decisions of the Bank despite strong legal and logical force backing its independence in this regard. I am extremely sorry that we pensioners have lost many good friends and colleagues without getting their legitimate dues. And one crusader has been the late Shri PRR Nayar. I am sure that their souls will haunt the corridors of the RBI. This is not a curse. This is a convictioin. Regards Subbaraman 3) Sitendra Kumar Daily messages from M G Warrier : Thanks for the coverage a la encyclopaedia on Chennai (Metro Tourism). I have stayed in Nungambakkam and Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai and so was so near the well known temples which I had the good fortune to visit. Your Collage has revived the memories on Chennai. Wish there is some get together of the retirees for a week in Chennai at Staff College just like what we had during our active service. Your Collage enlivens us. Sitendra Kumar 4) S Thyagarajan It is heartening to note that Bangalore Office resumed the practice of convening a get together of retirees this year wherein LC and Savings proof will be accepted. Bangalore Office meeting is on 5th November. Also, Pensioners meet at CAB Pune is scheduled on November 1,. 2022. Hope all other offices will follow suit. S. THYAGARAJAN B Collage Poetry : R Jayakumar (A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...) A poem for the three red roses in S K Gupta's garden : Is there anyone who wouldn't admire a rose? Even without eyes, one can smell it by nose, And touch and feel its softness like a tiny mouse. Lucky are you to have roses outside your house. A kitchen garden, all for yourself to grow The queen of flowers in pots kept in row. Thorns surround a rose sharp as an arrow But do thorns tell us life is both joy and sorrow? No, thorns come with roses as protective cover From hands of crushers but fall on a lover Who ere in few days the life of a rose gets over Will happily use the petals on friends to shower. R Jayakumar C Babusenan's Column Nostalgic thoughts about the Garden City I was transferred from Tiruvananthapuram to the Garden City, to wit, Bangalore, in 1976. To borrow a hackneyed idiom, much water has flowed under the bridge since then and the city has changed its name. In my first letter home, I wrote to my sons in capital letters : "HERE, IN FRONT OF EVERY POLICE STATION THERE IS A LOVELY GARDEN. That cured them of their fear of our uniformed brethren. Shri P R R Nayar, who passed away a few days ago, was at that time the head of DNBC (Department of Non-banking Companies), Bangalore. He affectionately pulled me down from the Island Express at the Cantonment station and put me up at a modest lodge near the station (In those days, a transferee had to fend for himself until accommodation was provided by the Bank) He then took me to a restaurant where almost all the tables were full. He said : "This is a popular eating place of middle income people, clean, inexpensive. Kamat Restaurants are there in many places in the city.". I looked around and my eyes got riveted on a board that announced : "NO FRACTIONAL SERVICE" Guessing my curiosity Shri Nayar said with a smile : "It is a common practice here that youngsters come in small groups and order for coffee 'three by five' or 'four by six', like that. The former fraction means 'For five of us, bring three cups of coffee with additional two empty cups.' The Kamat group is not willing to oblige". "Why this practice? Are these fellows stingy? " asked I. " Not at all", he laughed. "These youngsters are an affectionate, fun-loving, lot. Coffee is their weakness, but it acts as a bond of affection among them. When friends meet on the pavement, someone will say : 'Let us have coffee.' This is repeated many times in a day and, to save themselves from too much of it, they adopt this technique. Cinema is their other weakness. Kempagowda Circle, near the Bangalore Main railway station, has an amazingly large number of cinema theatres. The index of the mass appeal of a film is decided by the the quantum of damage caused by stone throwing at the shops adjacent to the theatre, where the film was released, by the angry film-lovers who could not get entry into the theatre. The shopowners are not unhappy as they are more than compensated by the producers for obvious reasons." My later experience convinced me that Shri Nayar was absolutely right. Much the same way as Chennaiites were proud of their MGR, Bangaloreans were proud of their MTR, the only difference being that the latter acronym is not that of an individual but of a very very popular restaurant known as Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, located close to the lovely Lalbagh garden. It was, perhaps, the cleanest eatery in the world. It would invite you to enter through its kitchen (offering a chance to watch the culinary care being taken by it) and request you to wait until all of you get seats at one place. Its speciality was rava idlis that melted in your mouth. Its popularity was such that, when the Urs government forced the hoteliers to reduce the cost of eatables, it took the firm stand that it would not compromise on quality and the government had to exempt MTR from the order! Established in the twenties of the last century, MTR's reputation remains unsullied and is said to have branches in Singapore and London! Who can be unhappy in such a place?Being a modest lover of Carnatic music, allotment of a house close to the violin-shaped Choudayya Hall added to my happiness. These memories of the Garden City are about half a century old. It is really a sad thing to know that the superfast development of Information Technology has left ugly scars on the beautiful face of this unique city. D Vathsala Jayaraman's Column Dubbawalas, you are great! When I went to Bombay in 1966, I saw these dubbawalas for the first time. I was totally amazed to know that they are catering to nearly two lakhs customers daily,taking home made fresh food prepared at home to the respective offices. They have built in a zero defect delivery system Continued at H1 E Collage Life Have compassion towards professionals https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/have-compassion-towards-professionals-45662/ Through this blog post, I am sharing a writeup received through social media. I’m honouring the writer’s request not to edit before sharing. The writer is not known to me personally. Sharing his concerns, because I am convinced that today many professionals irrespective of their background and skills are facing similar dilemmas. Many of them do not have the time or inclination or resources to withstand and fight the kind of allegations and attacks they face in the course of performance of their assigned duties. Admitted that no rules or regulations can insulate a professional from consequences of mistakes or errors in judgement. But, as individuals, each one of us can refuse to add insult to injury when we come across a genuine mistake or error of judgement on the part of a trusted professional, leaving the law to take its course. Read on : F Leisure Subject : 'Short' is really tall. A great but short scholar was mocked at by a lawyer. The lawyer : "I can keep you in my shirt pocket." The scholar : "I don't mind. Then people will say 'the brain in your pocket is more powerful than that on your head. Shared by Vathsala Jayaraman ASTROLOGER'S PREDICTION Mr Rao went to a leading astrologer paid his fee and asked him a question " when will I die and under what circumstances?" Astrologer thoroughly analyzed the horoscope gone through some books and said "See Mr Rao, your horoscope is excellent. You have a long life. Very clearly you will live upto the same age as your father, die at the same place he dies and in the same circumstances "...... Even as the Astrologer was continuing, Mr Rao ran from the place went to the old age home and brought his father back home. .. *********************************** SOORYA DAILY BULLETIN 11 TH OCTOBER 2022 ........................................................... G Quotes on Birthdays https://bucketoflove.eu/birthday-wishes-more/ Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. H 1) Continued from For the past 30 years we are talking about supply chain systems coined by system experts for the safe and soft distribution of products through the chain commencing from acquiring materials> producton> testing product efficiency> advts> sales promtion>sales> customer satisfaction. All these are done by post graduate engineers and mangerial experts. Here more or less similar job, product prepared in lakhs of kitchens with love and affection, to be delivered to their kith and kin. Dubbawallas who are not much educated or illiterate are behind the success of the delivery system. The bottomline is : For running a successful business, you don’t need a degree in business management. You don’t even need to be literate. Sound common sense, good stamina and good memory are enough, if these are backed by clarity of focus and a generous dose of self drive. In any business, customer satisfaction, quality control and the overall success are not the exclusive domain of the educated managers or the privileged lot. In July 2005, Mumbai was battered by unusually heavy monsoon rains. In just 12 hours, more than 25 inches deluged India’s business capital. People found themselves stranded at railway stations, in trains, and on roads and sidewalks. On the second day of the flooding, even before the city had limped back to life, the dabbawalas were back on the job, wading through the water. They quickly became a symbol of gritty resilience. Amazingly, the dabbawalas—semiliterate workers who largely manage themselves—have achieved that level of performance at very low cost, in an ecofriendly way, without the use of any IT system or even cell phones. The dabbawalas’ success is proof that with the right system in place, ordinary workers can achieve extraordinary results. They may not know the technical terminologies like productivity, creativity, risk management,clock work design, Regulatory Sytem. They have simple codes intelligible to them in large bold numbers and striking colours sufficient to crack the dubba code. Congrats, Dubbawallas! You are really great! Vathsala Jayaraman S Nallasivan adds : The Dubbawalas, indeed were honoured by the Royal family. When Prince Charles was introduced to Dabbawalas during his Mumbai visit he was highly impressed of their service. When Prince Charles was married to Cammila Parker Bowles in 2005, two representatives from their Association were invited as special Royal guests,to the Wedding. The other guest invited from India was the Maharani of Jaipur, Padmini Devi. Of course the Dubbawala had sent 9 Yard saree for the bride Camilla and traditional Marathi dress for Prince Charless. These representatives from DabbĂ wallas' Association shared breakfast twice with Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family at Birmingham Palace and the venue of Marriage at Windsor Palace. The Marathi speaking Dabbawallas could not converse with the Queen, though she was inclined to interact with them. Jaipur Maharani the guest to the marriage had acted as the Translator, another rare privilege enjoyed by them. Though they could not attend Prince Williams marriage, when he arrived with his Bride in Mumbai the Dabbawala Association treated them as the family guest and offered a similar traditional gift as they did to Prince Charles. S Nallasivan Part II It is true that these Dabbawalas of Mumbai garnered name and international recognition. They even had been honoured by the Royal family.. Drawing inspiration from these Dabbawala a beautiful film was made, the Lunch Box. Almost every other Metro had some or other system to reach lunch from home to the Office goers At Madras Office of the RBI there was no compelling need for reaching lunch from home as the Canteen served sumptuous tasty meals cheap at Re.1 But in my case it had changed when my parents joined me when I took an independent portion, a self contained house at Triplicane. The stout arguments that Bank Canteen lunch took care of my needs was not good enough for my mother and she decided to serve me home meals for lunch too. My friend Mohamed Ali Jinnah living in Pudupet, Egmore whose meals reached the Bank through one such Dabbawala, sent him to my house. Unlike the Bombay well organised chain of Dubbawala here they were independent and catered exclusively at the best 10 customers confined to a single Office. This old man was frail and weak and the young woman who accompanied him, he introduced as his daughter. Though married was deserted by her husband as she had dark complexion, short statured and obese. They promised that either of them would arrive around 11 A M to collect the Meals Carrier and assured that the Meals carrier would arrive unfailingly arrive by 1-15 PM near the Annex We could easily gauge that the entire burden would be on the young woman who looked melancholy and spoke less It was rather a miracle how they managed to reach out to the houses of these many customers and reached Egmore Suburban Station to arrive at the Fort Station The heavy head load would prove a challenge to even a professional weight lifter. There was a reason I could see in the the ever melancholy look on her face.. The only time anybody saw a trace of smile on her face was when my mother gifted her with a new sari on the eve of Deepawali. The unwritten understanding was not to return the Meals Carrier empty. The collection of these left over food in these Meals carriers unfortunately served as the staple food for the two miserable souls. My mother, the kind lady she was, understood this and always generous to load the Meals carrier to capacity so that it filled the stomach of not only her son but the other two human who looked upon with anxiety the Carriers when returned. This arrangement continued even after my marriage and my wife proved to be an worthy successor to my mother and ensured enough food was packed to satiate hungry stomachs. It was more than a week, strange and unusual that both the young woman and her father failed to turn up to collect the meals carrier When we were planning to make alternative arrangements the old man arrived and looked totally devasted. He was trying hard to control himself. He had conveyed that his daughter who was admitted at rhe Egmore Womens'Hospital could not make it. The doctors treated her conveyed that young woman suffered a long history of heart ailment and when admitted was beyond recovery to respond to treatment. We were shocked, to recall in retrospect that she was carrying heavy load of Meals Carrier and was always on the run when her heart, the failing heart cried loudly for help. But then she was conscious that the heavy head load alone kept her frail weak father eat something and survive. When in the midst of his tragedy he .promised to make alternative arrangement, yes another Dibbawala we were so moved and in no mood to think about eating meals carried by any such unfortunate young woman That was the end of my days of engaging Dabbawalas and I started carrying my own lunch box. S Nallasivan


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