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Welcome To Warrier's COLLAGE On Sunday October 2, 2022 Gandhi Jayanti A song 🙏 for the day https://youtu.be/GukgglbNN4Y Know More about India https://fb.watch/fU6hi6GGFe/ (Link Courtesy : Reshmy Warrier Mumbai) Good Morning Happy Birthday to all readers having Birthday during the week ending Saturday October 8, 2022 Ayurarogyasaukhyam 🙏 and Best Wishes to all of you. Nice Day M G Warrier A Messages/Responses 1) Sharad Fadnawis It was a fascinating write up by Madam Jayaraman on the occasion of coming Gandhi Jayanti Day. I am thankful to her for remembering this Mahamanav on his birthday as efforts are being made to obliterate his name from the memory of coming generations. I don't want to discuss this on this platfform but I hold the view that if humanity is to survive and progress , no other path can take us there but the one laid down by Him. As for the new look Collage, though we miss a daily dose, it more than makes up for the daily version. Thanks to Warrier and other distinguished contributors. Sharad Fadnavis 2) P R Srinivasan Already I have become an addict of Warrier's College, which is serving the purpose of earlier years of Readers Digest. And my special thanks to my esteemed friend Mr Badrinarayanan also who was instrumental to bring me to this group. P R Srinivasan (PRS) PRS has recently joined Newexrbites Group. Collage welcomes him 🙏-Warrier 3) Sitendra Kumar An extremely learned and informative article. As stated by you--- We are in Dwapara Yuga and 2532 years of Dwapara yuga is already over and after 60 years that is around 2082 , Treta Yuga will start----- The fact that 2532 years of Dwapara yuga is already over means it started 2532 years back when Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha were born. After that there was Mauryan dynasty, Chandragupta and Ashoka and several others followed by Gupta dynasty---Samudragupta and his successors which is called as Golden period of Ancient History. It was followed by Medieval period with Shah Jahan's region classified as the golden period and then after a century and a half the English came. Through out this period, there was an appreciable growth and expansion in the fields of literature, science, fine arts etc; and with the recent inno9vations being carried out, one may not be surprised to enter Treta Yug after 60 years. Our grand children will reap the harvest, there's no doubt. AI will truly make it a better Yug. It's said, in Satya Yug people used to speak 100% truth which became 75% in Treta Yug, 50% in Dwapar Yug and 100% in Kali Yug. We have no recorded history of the period dating back beyond 2500 years except epics and Shruti or numismatic evidences and excavations. However, we can safely say people speak 50% truth as even the total lies can be to considerable extent detected by electronic devices. Thanks for the eye opening article. Sitendra Kumar 4) Vathsala Jayaraman Today's (October 1, 2022) Collage was crowned with a beautiful take on letter writing, a disappearing art these days. Even today I am proud to possess a few post cards written by my father in 1960s and 70s. As the internet abbreviations have developed, probably due to space constraint, it has become customary to use abbreviated expressions which are found in plenty in Google. Today's children use nothing but such terms notwithstanding the emotional content. I have strictly told my childeren/grand children not to use abbreviations unintelligible to me. I would receive an immediate reply TTYL( talk to you later) There are certain expressions pertaining to parents PAW (Parents are watching) PITR (Parent in the room) PBB (Parent behind back) POMS (Parent over my shoulder) KPC (Keeping parents clueless) PAH (Parent at home). The craziest thing is that today parents also use abbreviations to chat with their friends. However, sometimes their messages make us blush and even fofl (falling on floor laughing). Emojis do a wonderful job for Thanks, appreciations, condolences etc HIFW – (How I feel when) is a very common expression these days TFW – That feeling when. TFW internet slang often goes in a caption to an image. MFW – My face when MRW – My reaction when IFYP – I feel your pain IDC – I don’t care QQ – Crying For me, the origin of QQ abbreviation is really surprising. According to Urban Dictionary, at first, QQ meant to quit the game Warcraft II by pressing the hotkey Alt+QQ. Hence, when a player started whining, others offered him to QQ. Soon, it was associated with crying eyes and used in texting and tweeting as well. Previously we were ignorant of medical terminologies. But today there is a medical website that provides information both for doctors and the general public. Today's authors like Gardiner may not be interested to preach about 'Good Letter writing ' but write models of personal letters and business correspondence in abbreviated form. Stenography has taken a metamorphosis of computer language available in the hands of every citizen. Poor me! I am deprived of such a gift! Vathsala Jayaraman B Babusenan's Column Letter writing One month ago, I wrote something about letter writing which, I am happy to learn, has evoked some interest. I had a friend who was much interested in Malayalam literature and was a good speaker. We were members of a reputed discussion group in the capital city. Suddenly he became a heart patient and withdrew to his village 25 km away. I used to write letters to him enquiring about his health. One day he hesitantly suggested :"You may just telephone. Why do you take the trouble of writing letters? " My answer to him was this. "Agreed. But imagine. Vexed by a headache, you are lying in your bed hoping to snatch some sleep. Then the telephone rings. With a curse you get up and take the receiver .(He despised mobile phones) I don't want to be that caller." As a means of communication, letter writing has its own merits. Of course, like several other things, in some persons' hands, it becomes an art and quite a beautiful art at that. Normally, one will not be taken to task for writing letters, but rarely it happens. Esteemed readers may remember the case of Bertrand Russell who wrote a moving letter to the American President Woodrow Wilson requesting him to intervene to stop the first World War. The whole England shouted at him. It often happens that those who take their own lives write letters seeking forgiveness or protecting the innocent from harassment or very rarely to entrap the innocent. Seldom is a person put to death for writing a letter. Yes, there was one such occasion which I propose to narrate here. War is always a villain, never a bore. Yet, there was a Boer war fought at the end of the 19th century for the rich gold deposits of two states in South Africa whose people called themselves 'Boers', though they were originally Dutch people. The fight was between them and the imperial Britain. The incident is supposed to have happened when Lord Kitchener was commanding the British Army. A young soldier, the only son of a widow in far off London, was in jitters as he could not write a letter to her during the whole week. He could not bear the agony any longer and, come what may, decided to write that night itself. The entire camp was under strict orders of blackout. When he felt sure that all were asleep, he carefully lit a small candle and, in its feeble light, started writing the letter lying down. After the first few sentences he looked up and, to his utter consternation, saw the commander standing before him. He grimly asked only one question : "To whom are you writing this letter, young man?" "To my Mom" replied the lad tremblingly. "Okay. You complete the letter and add one more sentence : 'Mom, this is my last letter' ". C Sunday Collage I Sunday Collage : V T Panchapagesan Chennai All Pervading Meditation upon the five doors is a part of Brahmopasana. Five deities mentioned are Brahmapurushas. They are the door keepers of Brahman. They lead us to Supreme Brahman.. Sage Sandilya declares that The Paramatma is the Doer of all actions and is possessed of all Auspiciousness…. It resides in The Heart and This Paramatma Is the same as Brahmam. However action performed is decided by the destiny of every individual's way of living by the Supreme force. V T Panchapagesan II Dr Charan Singh https://twitter.com/CharanSingh60/status/1575214813428744192?s=20&t=GdXAelKu2IG9qQ8tvD3T2A Unity in Diversity - 389 फरीदा थीउ पवाही दभु जे सांई लोड़हि सभु इकु छिजहि बिआ लताड़ीअहि तां साई दै दरि वाड़ीअहि Searching for sighting God everywhere? Be like grass on path - some will trample, others will cut, Only then, entry to Master's door will happen Farid, 1378, SGGS D Publications : M G Warrier Notion Press https://notionpress.com/author/m_g_warrier Online Sales Outlets Amazon.in/Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/M-G-Warrier/e/B079ZC3JKX%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share Restoring Trust in Governance : India's 2020's Challenge https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08NT36GB2/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_3K48HPZDCJ5PCDC9FATF E Vathsala jayaraman's Column Four Yugas & their periods I read with interest the First Part of the Series on Ancient Wisdom. It was very nice to learn about details of chapters in Rig Veda. It has been dinned into our ears for a long time that Sathya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kaliyuga run for 17,28,000, 1,29,6000, 8,64,000, and 4,32,000 years respectively and there are lakhs of Kaliyuga years remaining to be spent as envisaged in Shrimat Bhagavatham. But historical evidences suggest that Rama ( Treta Yuga) lived somewhere 7000 years back and Krishna ( Dwapara Yuga) ascended to heaven around 3102 B. C, a few years later than Mahabharatha war for which there exist evidences. In the sankalpas taken during rituals and poojas we talk of kalpa, manvanthara etc etc. On detailed analysis it seems that the yugas running to lakhs of years might have been a misrepresentation taking the years as divine years and multiplying them into 360 for converting into human years. This discussion came into focus in 19th century itself and many books have been written on the subject as early as 1894. According to them scientifically taking into account the rotation of the earth, Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga & Kaliyuga can be for 5184, 3888, 2592 and 1296 years only- that is one Chathur yuga consists of 12960 years only and not 43, 20,000 years as conveyed in earlier texts. That is it will take 12960 years to complete half the rotation for descending and once again the travel will run on the reverse- Kaliyuga, Dwapara yuga and Satya yuga and the cycle will continue. As per this calculation Krishna's ascent to heaven...........................3102 B. C.( Kaliyuga Begins) Now we are in.................................................2022 A. D. Total period spent ........................................ 5124 years Kaliyuga -Descent 1296 Kaliyuga Ascent 1296 Total period of Kaliyuga .............................. 2592 years Remaining period consisting of Dwapara yuga 2532 years As per this calculation Kaliyuga is already over by 510 B. C( 3102-2592) We are in Dwapara Yuga and 2532 years of Dwapara Yuga is already over and after 60 years that is around 2082, Treta Yuga will start and run for 3888 years followed by two sets of Satya yuga of 5184 years each. This coincides with Krishna's words in Mahabharatha that the earth will have a prosperous period, around 10,000 years later. It is said that the earth rotates around a centre called Vishnu Naabhi. Whenever earth is nearer to Vishnu Nabhi the etherial atmosphere is very high and human mind is at its highest capability, people's ability to know past and future is at its peak and the there is efficient means of communication. All these had been possible in Sathya yuga. As the earth moves away from the centre, etherial content becomes lower and lower and human beings start behaving like animals. It is said that only on account of this inability to do tapas, meditation etc on account of low calibre, easy Naama Smaran has been suggested to people of Kaliyuga. As per their calculation two phases of Kaliyuga are over by 510 B. C. and the earth is moving towards high etherial atmosphere and that is why so many developments in architecture have taken place for the past 2000 years and recent developments in Physics, Chemistry and Communication Engg, invention of Electrical, Electronic equipments, thorough understanding of various energies etc point to the nearness of high etherial atmosphere. We are not experts to come to any conclusion. However it is a matter of delight that we are approaching Treta Yuga- (the period of Ramarajyam ) in around 60 years and our children/grand children may have an experience of a better life ( in terms of ethics and morality) In conclusion Satya yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwaparayuga, Kaliyuga, Kaliyuga, Dwapara Yuga, Treta yuga and Satya Yuga completes one full cycle and again starts Satya yuga. Very interesting study. If it is a fact that Rama lived just 7000 years ago and Krishna lived 5000 years ago and that they lived in Trethayuga and Dwapara yuga respectively,how to account for 12,96,000 years of Treta Yuga and 8,64,000 years of Dwapara Yuga while hardly 7,000 years have lapsed since Rama lived? It is total confusion. There are historical records dynasty wise since Yudhishtira's period till date ranging about 5000 years. Though it does not really matter to us which Yuga we live, the topic is of great importance and my grandson Aditya starts questioning me about the approximate period when Rama and Krishna lived and why there is huge difference of lakhs of years between what is stated in the purana and what is stated in historical records. "Which is correct. Tell me, Patti," he insists. I have to blink. Then he asked a valid question about sankalpam 'Kaliyuge, Bharata Varshe etc' ( A few years back we conducted his Upanayanam in the presence of Krishna Premi 'Anna') If it is not Kaliyuga, is it not necessary to change the mantras, he asked me. At least for the sake of telling our grandkids we have to keep ourselves equipped with certain information. The message that we are living in Dwapara yuga is slowly spreading among the intellectual elites and they quote from various sources from history. I think that Satguru Jaggi Vasaudev and Shri Ravi Shankar ( Art of Living) are spreading such messages. I read a comprehensive text about Yugas by Satguru Jaggi Vasudev. Now that I have passed on this confusion to you also, pl consult your friends, interested, if any, and revert when time permits. vathsala Jayaraman F Current Affairs Media Response September 27, 2022 Disinvestment blues* This refers to the report "More CPSEs to go on the block, Govt starts process" (The Hindu Business Line, September 27). Recent years have seen Centre and some state governments fast-tracking divestment in loss-making public sector undertakings (PSUs) to improve own funds management. Some of the PSUs have come into being because certain industrial and services sectors in certain geographical areas are avoided by private sector for low return on investment reasons. Government stepped in to fill the gap. Unfortunately, governments subsequently forget the reasons for the evolution of public sector and do not even provide a level playing field for PSUs. A large percentage of the losses of PSUs can be attributed to the neglect from the government side. In all fairness governments should think in terms of cross-subsidizing loss-making PSUs by profit-making ones. Where possible mergers should be thought of. In any case institutions built up to serve society should not be closed down looking at profitability considerations alone. M G Warrier Mumbai *Published in The Hindu Business Line on September 28, 2022 : https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/article65943252.ece G Leisure : Iranian restaurants in Mumbai Mumbai Nostalgia (Shared by R Jayakumar) Irani cafés Did you know that the Irani cafés of Zoroastrian Irani immigrants to India in the 19th century, now a vanishing cosmopolitan heritage, still offer creative menu of ‘brun maska’ (bread and butter) and ‘paani kam chai’ (a special Iranian tea with less water), or khari chai (very strong tea), apart from other dishes? Irani cafés were originally opened by Zoroastrian Irani immigrants to India in the 19th century, from the Iranian provinces of Yazd and Kerman who fled the persecution of the murderous rule of the Islamic Qajar dynasty (1794 - 1925 CE) of Iran especially during its first hundred years in power. These cafes are a fast disappearing feature, which were an indelible part of Mumbai's cosmopolitan heritage, Pune, and Hyderabad; as against 350 Irani cafes in the 1950s the number has dwindled probably to less than 25 now. One of the most popular joints is the 102-year-old Kyani café which is a kind of heritage landmark in south Mumbai. Hyderabad too boasts of many Irani cafes which are very popular for Irani Chai (Tea). It is said that next to Pearls, Hyderabad is synonymous with Hyderbadi Irani Tea. The creative menu of ‘brun maska’ (bread and butter) and ‘paani kam chai’ (a special Iranian tea with less water), or khari chai (very strong tea), Mutton Samosas, and the delicious Kheema Pavs, all fresh, delicious and unique; akuri (a scrambled egg preparation perked up with spices), fragrant Berry Pulao, vegetable puff, Veg/Chicken Dhansak (a spicy broth acclaimed for its nutritive values with lentils, pulses) and Biryani, cherry cream custard, cheese khari biscuits, coconut jam and milk biscuits and the legendary Dukes Raspberry drink are still staple fare in many cafes in Mumbai. The Parsi Bhonu (meal) is available at most Irani restaurants. They also offer a mind-boggling and innovative spread of sweet and salted biscuits like Rawa (semolina) Coconut, Til Rawa Coconut, the traditional nan-khatai (sweet, crisp and flaky Irani biscuits), Madeira-Cake (tutti-fruity biscuits), etc. The interior decor of an Irani café with a a subtle colonial touch; has the trade mark red and white checked tablecloths, straight backed wooden chairs and the aroma of freshly baked bread and sweet cake, and the homely atmosphere, old world ambience and affordable prices catering, with hazle free service, to people of all denominations, the cafes have a nostalgic memory to many Mombaikars (a colloquial usage for people of Mumbai), Punekars and Hyderbadis. Many of them still have huge glass mirrors on the walls to create a feeling of space and visitors are greeted with eagerness and a whiff of baking. All of this is well becoming a thing of the past. A quirky Nissim Ezekiel poem based on instruction boards found in his favourite Irani café in Dhobi Talao, Mumbai reads: "No talking to cashier/No smoking/ No fighting/ No credit/ No outside food/ No sitting long/ No talking loud/ No spitting/ No bargaining/ No water to outsiders/ No change/ No telephone/ No match sticks/ No discussing gambling/ No newspaper/ No combing/ No beef/ No leg on chair/ No hard liquor allowed/ No address enquiry/ — By order.”: Kayani Cafe one of the oldest Iranian cafes in Mumbai (Bombay) Forwarded by R Jayakumar H Social Media Find me here also : M G Warrier 1) Readers' Blog, Times of India https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/readersblog/warriersviews/learning-from-elders-experience-44540/ More than 100 posts, many of which are based on personal experiences, can be accessed here. 2) Warrier's Blog www.warriersblog.com Started 14 years ago, now there are over 6000 posts with a record of 5 lakh plus Page Views as of October 2, 2022 : First Post : https://www.warriersblog.com/2008/09/jyotirgamayah.html?m=1 September 29, 2008 Jyotirgamayah The traditional wisdom tells you that if you remove lack of awareness(agyan) knowledge(gyan0 will emerge. Same thing about light. Once darkness is removed, light dawns. All good things such as wisdom, harmoney, light, good food, appropriate arrangement for all creatures to live in this universe and timely changeover of one form to another are all built in in the making of the universe. It is man's greed and curiosity that has altered the balance. So it is the responsibility of man to set it right, now. To site one example, the ongoing efforts to find out the secrets of the biginning of the universe in which scores of countries with billions worth of resources and thousands of scientists are engaged are leading to waste of all types of resources, which properly diverted could have helped millions of people on the surface of earth now living a miserable life. Same is the case with resources wasted in war and a multiple of that much in preparing for wars which will never be fought. We find out justifications for all wrongs we do. The other day someone ranked nations according to their corruptibility. On a perusal of the word corruption, one finds that the dictionary meaning of the word 'corruption' itself is corrupt. It reads, dishonest or illegal behaviour! The yardsticks for honesty and legality that is commonly used, we all know. The first will depend on the social and financial status of the person concerned and latter, legal validity will depend on the money one can spend in arguing one's case. Rights and wrongs depend heavily on the muscle power and money power, whether it is about individuals, groups or nations. A reading of newspaper anyday will testify for this. Page Views(As on October 1, 2022) : All time500190 Today257 Yesterday255 This month257 Last month5192


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